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The Hadrago-class heavy fighter was a Sith fighter with a multitude of uses. Its primary responsibilities were to dog-fight and attack lesser capital ships. In desperate circumstances, its proton torpedo payload allowed it to function as a bomber.

The Hadrago was designed, like most Sith fighters, with an ovoid cockpit, with all three main engines mounted on the back of the cockpit. A wing curved up, out, and down on each side. The proton torpedo launchers were mounted at the wing-cockpit joint on each side, and the laser and ion cannons at the end of the wings. The two sub-engines were mounted on the back of the wingtips.

Tak Sakaros used a modified Hadrago as his personal starfighter until the Battle of Khar Delba. Given his precognitive Force abilities, he adapted the engines to allow the craft to fly much faster than the standard, as well as adjusting the targeting system to suit his instincts instead of the computer's projections.

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