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This article is about Had Abaddon. You may be looking for Had Abbadon by Jack Nebulax.

Had Abaddon was a planet within the Ashlan Expanse. It was also Kal'Shabbol's twin world. The Skywalker lived on Had Abaddon during the early years of his life and was responsible for the exodus of the Jedi Bendu of the Ophuchi from the Had Abaddon slave camps to Kal'Shabbol. The planet also was the home of Mount Sky, the region where The Skywalker first discovered the Force of Others and spoke to Yahweh, the God of the Universe. Thousands of years later, Had Abaddon was taken over by Husen Al-Dubrir and Mathias Helsdain of Shadows of the Phoenix. Together, they oversaw the Had Abaddon war effort during the Ashlan Civil War.

Behind the scenesEdit

Had Abaddon was named after Had Abbadon, the original name for Coruscant. It is based on Egypt from the Biblical Book of Exodus.


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