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That Bith was really getting on my nerves, so I shot him. How was I supposed to know he was a friend of the admiral!?
—HZ-071 on Taspir III

HZ-071 was an Imperial stormtrooper serving in the Galactic Empire's 901st Stormtrooper Legion shortly before the Battle of Endor. After the Empire split up due to the Emperor's untimely death, '71 was recruited into the group of Imperials supporting the Disciples of Ragnos.

He participated in several battles near the end of the Galactic Civil war, as well as the Battle of Korriban (Disciples of Ragnos Crisis), and the Battle of Kuat (Dark Order War). During the Battle of Kuat, he was one of the few who managed to escape the orbital shipyard array before it crashed into the planet's shield and exploded. His next and final battle in the Dark Order War was the Battle of Lamaredd. He was sent with the group of Imperial Storm commandos and stormtroopers to attack what they thought was a Republic airfield, but in reality was a trap. HZ was captured by the Republic troops in the skirmish. Afterward, he was sent to a Republic prison, but escaped in a riot several weeks later.

HZ left the Empire, but kept his armor and E-11 carbine, against Imperial Regulations. After that, he went to Tatooine to make a living playing Sabaac. He was extremely successful as a gambler, and became a wealthy freighter pilot during and after the Dark Order War, living many adventures throughout his life.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Of course they deploy the AT-STs where the service manuals specifically say NOT to deploy them. Way to go, commander.
—HZ-071 on the AT-ST Service manuals, shortly after the walkers were deployed in the Battle of Lamaredd

HZ-071 was a decent marksman and over his years in the Empire had become attached to the individual E-11 carbine that he was first given, refusing to use any other weapon if he could help it and often expressing irrational suspicion whenever given additional ammunition from another trooper. He usually showed visible respect only to those who outranked him, but just to their faces. As such, he was disliked by other troopers and feared by most lower-ranking Imperials. HZ had a rather smug attitude toward other troopers, scoffing at and laughing off threats regardless of whether they actually worried him or not.

'71 was known for speaking in detail about trivial topics for up to five minutes at a time. On one occasion, he had a discussion with a slightly unwilling fellow trooper about whether or not people ate the wrapping that various types of foods were packed in. This led to an Imperial investigation of HZ's sanity, but he was still kept in active duty.

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