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Rebellion era

Grewpsha's cabinet was the New Republic government commanded by Chancellor Grewpsha, who held the office in 21 ABY and 22 ABY, accommodated on the planet of Hosnian Prime.


Upon assuming the office, Chancellor Grewpsha completed her own cabinet, which the former Chancellor Lanever Villecham, Rawse Varta, Bill Cashkeeper, Geem Nasion, Haw Rawba, and Prav Nick became part of as Commissioners for Inferior Affairs, Cultural Policy and Social Policy, Economic Affairs, Education, Health Care, and legal affairs, respectively.

In time, however, due to her dissatisfaction of Villecham's behavior, Grewpsha undertook to search for someone suitable to replace him with. Once she found His Majesty Makewpa, the Monarch of Toydaria, a meeting was scheduled as soon as 21 ABY, though her flight to his place was eventually interrupted by Villecham's problems, who was meanwhile running a diplomatic mission to Naboo, entrusted with the duty to carry out negotiations with the Galactic Minority authorities, illegally governing the planet. The man's failure compelled him to escape, resulting in poleaxing Queen Hallina. Much as Grewpsha overtly contemplated releasing the Commissioner from the cabinet, he himself interpreted her message as though she was meant herself.

In 22 ABY, as the Chancellor conversed with Makewpa following his relinquishment of the exercised power, Lanever Villecham barged in the office, disappointed of the head of government's decision. While all the three politicians argued with one another, the Galactic Minority launched an attack on the Capital of Hosnian Prime, costing Makewpa his life. Grewpsha, on the other hand, whose life was saved by Villecham, decided to keep the Tarsunt incumbent in return.


The composition of Grewpsha's cabinet was comprised of commissioners whom she instituted, responsible for interplanetary affairs, affairs related to culture and art, social issues, topics connected to economy and finances, topics covering the branch of education and high education, health-care-related affairs, and legal affairs. Among the commissioners, no office was assigned for military, as those fell under the competencies held by the President of the Military Council, being the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.


Name Office Duties
Grewpsha Chancellor Supremacy of the New Republic and the government, chairmanship of the cabinet
Bill Cashkeeper Commissioner for Economy and Finances Combination of the budget and care of the public finances
Geem Nasion Commissioner for Education Care of education and high education, education service provided to all the member polities
Prav Nick Commissioner for Legal Affairs Supervision and control over the court system and legal affairs
Haw Rawba Commissioner for Health Care Presidency of the Health Care System
Rawse Varta Commissioner for Cultural Policy Analysis of local cultures and promotion of such.
Commissioner for Social Policy Care of social care
Lanever Villecham Commissioner for Interior Affairs Maintaining friendly interplanetary relations, representation of the New Republic in relationships to akin states
Makewpa (elect)
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