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Grewpsha was the New Republic Chancellor who assigned the Commissioner for Interior Lanever Villecham, Jedi padawan Ben Solo, and barman Dexter Jettster to a mission on Naboo, the planet under the occupation of the Galactic Minority, in 21 ABY. The envoys were supposed to negotiate with the President Broasca Nar. When the Neimoidian was murdered by Uahoo, a user of the dark side of the Force, the ambassadors found themselves in a danger, which resulted in Grewpsha setting off to rescue them. Successfully though their lives were saved, another of Lanever Villecham's failures prompted the woman to replace him with Makewpa, the so-far Monarch of Toydaria. However, the King died in the Galactic Minority's Attack on Hosnian Prime, which both Grewpsha and Villecham survived unharmed. It was then that Grewpsha, accompanied by other high members of the New Republic, went into exile in order to conceive a scheme how to recapture the capital, consisting in a deactivation of the adversary's droids via the Naboo-located panel.

With her term completed, Grewpsha continued being the Galactic Senate's member and died in the Hosnian Cataclysm, executed by the Starkiller Base of the First Order, in 34 ABY.


Early life

Grewpsha was born a member of a human family and engaged in interplanetary politics at some point of her life. Between the years 12 ABY and 21 ABY, the woman was elected Chancellor of the New Republic, one of the successors of Lanever Villecham, who completed his first term in 12 ABY. As the superior of the executive authority, Grewpsha appointed her own cabinet, which involved Lanever Villecham as Commissioner for Interior, Rawse Varta as Commissioner for Cultural Politics, of which Lanever Villecham felt jealous, and as Commissioner for Social Politics at once, Bill Cashkeeper as Commissioner for Economic Politics, Geem Nasion as Commissioner for Educational Politics, Haw Rawba as Commissioner for Health Politics, and Prav Nick as Commissioner for Lawful Politics.

Galactic Minority

Villecham's diplomatic mission

Grewpsha hologram

The hologram of Grewpsha.

In 21 ABY, the planet of Naboo was invaded by the Galactic Minority, a free movement under the presidency of Broasca Nar. The organization managed to get control over the entire system, whose actual monarch, Queen Hallina, distressfully issued a variety of requests to Grewpsha, begging that a unit come to the rescue. At her eventual step, the head of government entrusted Lanever Villecham, one amongst the former chancellors and the then Commissioner for Interior, the Jedi padawan Ben Solo and barman Dexter Jettster, with a diplomatic mission to Naboo.

When on his way towards the planet, Villecham had a holographic talk with the Chancellor. The woman emphasized that her hopefulness for the negotiation to result in a fruitful solution in favor of both of the sides' interests. In spite of the Tarsunt becoming furious at these words and accusing the Minority of being occupying the system lawlessly, she only asked him for calmness in a peaceful way.

At some point of the negotiation's duration, Lanever Villecham realized that he had ruined what was entrusted to him. So as not to allow for the entire failure, he asked Broasca Nar for a word to Queen Hallina. The listless Neimoidian, however, briefly responded that the woman had been beheaded a month before, as a result of people's approval of joining the Minority, expressed in terms of a referendum. As soon as the president said these words, the Tusken Raider named Uahoo, a user of the dark side of the Force, entered the room and murdered the Neimoidian. Resulting from the president being lost, it was he who consequently received his duties and the actual authority. Apart from Nar, the other persons to be killed were James and Olbrych, the Republic Senate guards who arrived upon the planet together with Grewpsha's envoys.

Despite being completely astonished, the ambassadors managed to run away. On their way along the Theed Mansion's hallways, they came across a large chamber, which soon turned out to be the Throne Hall. In the space under the floor, they found the detained Hallina and her handmaidens, arranged in the Padma Elite Quard. It was not until then that the envoys realized that the monarch's penalty had not really been executed.

Breaking the mission to Toydaria

With her ambassadors getting in more and more serious troubles with every single minute passing, Grewpsha meanwhile left the capital and went for a mission to Toydaria, the planet upon which she was scheduled to have a negotiation with King Makewpa, whom her plan was to involve in her cabinet as Commissioner for Interior instead of Lanever Villecham, whose last failures were found notable. For this reason, Grewpsha completed her personal crew led by Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo and amassed on the deck of the MC30 star cruiser Shawa'. In the hyperspace stage of the travel, while Grewpsha was standing upon the ship's bridge and starring at a certain point through the glass progressively with her hands crossed back, Holdo went inside to report to her. The pink-haired woman expressed a fear that the negotiation would have to be put off. She reinforced this opinion with an astromech's distress call received from Naboo before a while. It did not take much until Grewpsha recognized Villecham's issue in the reported news. She moreover wished that she had foreseen the mission not to go to plan under Villecham's leadership. It was not longer than a moment later that Grewpsha turned around and headed straight for the door. Upon standing in front of Holdo, she addressed her directly to inform King Makewpa of the unexpected call-off, and then ordered her to organize a route towards Naboo until Lanever Villecham optionally spoiled their peaceful relationship with other words.

Within following minutes, Grewpsha and Vice Admiral Holdo arrived in the space over Naboo's orbit. In the meanwhile, Lanever Villecham had enough time to pan out his own plan consisting in Queen Hallina being knocked out, as he suspected her of being a plastic fake, and the Padma Elite Guard's members being gotten rid of in case they stood by the monarch's side. What was more, the barman Dexter Jettster was left alone stuck in a hole between two elevations of the cruiser placed within the mansion's walls. Unaware of the Tarsunt's actions, the Chancellor sent Vice Admiral Holdo to the planet to escort Lanever Villecham, Ben Solo, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, and the knocked-out Hallina.


On her own cruiser's board there was soon a party upon the mission to Naboo's coming to an end. While the others were dancing and drinking alcohol, Grewpsha felt remorse and therefore sat down some distance from them. When she leaned her cheeks against her both palms, Lanever Villecham noticed her and consequently sat next, holding a wine-filled glass. The Tarsunt confessed that he enjoyed the adventure on the planet, and then asked the Chancellor why she was sad, addressing to her as "virgin", according to his personal custom. The woman said then that, in accordance to her personal conviction, she failed as the Chancellor, because the Galactic Minority saved their authority over Naboo, while the New Republic could do nothing else. After a moment the politician expressed a conviction that she should never have sent Villecham for a mission of that kind. When she mentioned that it seemed to be time for a certain resignation, the Commissioner for Interior interpreted her words as though it was referring to her herself. In fact, actually, Grewpsha was thinking about him. In the face of that, the man lain his left hand across her back and pledged to back her up whatever she was about to do. That move truly comforted the Chancellor, who soon glanced at the Tarsunt and admitted she was not keen on firing her cooperators either, which made Villecham understand who was meant from the very beginning.

War with the Galactic Minority

Attempt at firing Villecham

Though it's a piece of floating insect, not a real politician!
—Villecham's racist comment on Makewpa.

With a new year in sight, Grewpsha had a personal negotiation with the King Makewpa, which was once put off upon Villecham's other failure on Naboo. Present in her study in the Hosnian Prime Senat Building, the woman confirmed that she would appoint him Lanever Villecham's successor as the Commissioner for Interior. Having known it before, Makewpa resigned from the throne.

Then, when the Chancellor was sitting in at her glass desk on her arms, Lanever Villecham entered the room and began insisting that she should not fire him because he meant a lot for the New Republic. She shortly responded that the King had been promised to receive the office and next pointed to the Toydarianin floating on her right. Lanever Villecham then pounced on him with an argumentum ad personam, going so far as a racist comment by calling him a flying insect. Nevertheless, he banged his walking stick in the floor a few times. Knowing the perseverance of her speaker, Grewpsha did not comment on his reprehensible behavior, nor did she criticize it. She mentioned instead that the change had been planned for a long period and if not for his failure on Naboo, it would have come out even earlier. Lanever Villecham then let the Chancellor know his displeasure on her decision by taking hold of his wooden grace with both of his palms and putting it vertically in front to lean against it.

A while later the Commissioner accused the Chancellor of recruiting a new commissioner behind his back and referred to this behavior as to a nonsense. The Chancellor, in turn, leaned her forehead against her palms, and thereafter stood up to get closer to the window behind her desk. As usual, she crossed her arms across her back and turned around to the Tarsunt, who then made an impolite face addressing Makewpa. He secondly asked the woman to give him a chance so he could return things being given one. She, however, was firm and, when turning towards the man, announced that there were not things to return, as King Makewpa, having reigned for three years, had resigned from the throne to replace him honorably.

Finally, she admitted that she did not see a way to give him another chance, referring to the fact the Galactic Minority was still reigning over Naboo. Then, a loud sound was heard, as though a blaster pistol was activated. Consequently, Grewpsha turned around again to look through the window and noticed a smoking building, once known the public pool.

Having noticed the Chancellor's face, Lanever Villecham said that something was definitely wrong, as he did not remember it when Hosnian Prime was last attacked on. Grewpsha, in turn, opened her eyes wider than usual and admitted that it was true indeed. After the second shot, she reached for her communicator, which she was wearing attached to her belt on her left, and called Vice Admiral Holdo. When she addressed her as Admiral, the Commissioner corrected her, though. She, however, did not pay attention to the Tarsunt's notices and ordered the pink-haired officer to inform the Military Council about the attack on the city, and therefore to carry out an evacuation of senators. When the city had been shot four times, it came to the fifth, which was aimed at the very Chancellor's office. At the last second, the Chancellor noticed a huge, Neimoidian cruiser's barrel directed towards her. She did not manage to say even a word, but her life was finally saved by Lanever Villecham, who, when the barreled had fired, pushed her for an enough distance. The woman woke after a moment and spotted the Commissioner on her left. Their faces were ash-covered. When the Chancellor realized that King Makewpa had not survived the attack, she told Villecham she withdrew everything she had said by then, finally confirming his usefulness indeed.

Escape from Hosnian Prime

Commissioner, I withdraw everything I've said about you. You're really useful.
—Grewpsha having been rescued by Villecham.

In the meantime, the Neimoidian cruiser began launching vulture-like droids, shooting whatever they saw in move. It did not pass ignored by Ben Solo, who ran out from his apartment, and when he reached for his communicator, he contacted to Vice Admiral Holdo, asking her to perform an evacuation of Commissioner Villecham and Chancellor Grewpsha at her earliest move. She informed him that she was indeed approaching there, being present on the Skawa's board, yet she was doubtful to fly close enough to the Senate. Consequently, Ben called Lando Calrissian. The man flew up to the padawan by Vroobel Millennium, and when they landed on the backup landing, they found Grewpsha and Villecham with a walking stick getting out of the building with guards around. They all shook hands, and Lanever Villecham shared a joke he was the only one to laugh over. When they all got onto the board, Ben Solo ran onto the bridge, where Lando had been awaiting him, and told him to contact to the Admiral Gial Ackbar to tell him to get together on Skawa. In the meantime, Grewpsha and Villecham were in the hall, and when the Tarsunt heard the word "admiral", thought that Holdo was meant by this, so he shouted to correct the young Jedi.


There's no doubt it's the Galactic Minority behind the attack. Furthermore, their numerous army and fleet prevent us from recapturing the planet…
—Grewpsha speaks to the Galactic Senate's and the Military Council's members in exile.

Soon, they all ended up on the board of Skawa and got around a table shining blue. Grewpsha stood next to senators and the Speaker Amilyn Holdo together with members of the Military Councils, including Admirals Gial Ackbar and U.O. Statura, General Lando Calrissian, and Lieutenant Foks. Then, the room was entered by Lanever Villecham holding his walking stick and Ben Solo going as near him as possible. Grewpsha, keeping her hands crossed across her back, welcomed the Commissioner, being glad of his presence. Thereafter, she announced there was no doubt that it was the Galactic Minority that invaded the Capital. Moreover, she got worried about the number of their army and fleet, considering their condition would definitely prevent them from recapturing the planet. In response, Villecham glanced at Holdo, letting her know he thought she was to blame, and then suggesting that she was at fault. When the pink-haired woman consequently opted out of the discussion and dropped her head ashamed, the Lieutenant Foks figured out that it did not matter who was at fault, and then he added that, possessing such forces, the Galactic Minority would definitely be terrorizing the galaxy as long as there were any planets refusing to bow to them. It was then when Ben Solo joined the talk. The 17-year-old boy noticed that, what was more, the organization was chaired by a powerful user of the Force, having Uahoo on his mind. Soon, Villecham spoke again and used an undiplomatic word. The Chancellor reacted with a slight move back, though in the wake of such a crisis situation she did not commented on his behavior, in order not to kick up another fuss. She only responded, in turn, that the New Republic in exile owned hardly three cruisers, including the very Skawa, and a few V-wings. She also mentioned Vroobel Millennium, and then looked at Lando Calrissian, like she wanted to make sure that she spoke according to the authentic state. The one who spoke then was Foks. The man noticed that the Galactic Minority possessed a cruiser of a far higher sizes and, what was more, an army of vulture-like droids. As he believed, the Republic in exile did not even have a little chance to defeat the organization. Villecham agreed with Fox, addressing him as "Mr. Foks", and assumed that they would not turn off the whole army just by flipping a switch. After a moment of thinking, Ben Solo suggested that it was possible. Tarsunt, in turn, flatly kept his own opinion that it was not possible for the reason that they were not controlled with a controller. It was then when Ben Solo jumped enthusiastically, claiming they were controlled on the cruiser located into the Theed Mansion, recalling the moment they were getting past the discussed panel when escaping from Uahoo. It still did not appeal to Lanever Villecham, though. It was why the young Jedi directly addressed Grewpsha and said that Senator Villecham, General Calrissian, and he himself were volunteering for this mission to make it possible to recapture the Senate Building with the help of the local police after deactivating the droid-control panel, operating by means of the wireless electricity, a violation of which could cause a permanent interruption of the beam connecting the central to the machines, and coming back to Hosnian Prime. The Chancellor predicted his idea and finished the clause at once with him. She immediately approved of the plan and asked them to let her know as soon as the panel had been turned off so that she could send her people to help. The woman looked around the table and concluded, "May the Force be with us".

Meanwhile on Hosnian Prime, Uahoo murdered the Queen Hallina, and died himself a moment later, being killed by the defending Luke Skywalker. The very plan, which was developed involving Grewpsha herself, consisted in Lanever Villecham and Ben Solo contacting the Chancellor's cruiser once they had handled the wireless-electrical panel and consequently deactivated the droid army.

Cold war and death

Rawse Varta

Grewpsha behind Rawse Varta a moment prior to their death.

When Grewpsha had completed her term and taken a senator office, in 32 ABY Lanever Villecham was elected the Galactic Senate's speaker again. The Tarsunt tried to stay away from conflicts with the First Order, consisting of the Galactic Empire's relics, and focused his policy on working out an opportune trade relationship with the Trans-Hydian Borderlands, as he believed that any activities addressed to the organization should only be attempted only if the Galactic Concordance were violated. The one who stayed in opposition to the man was Leia Organa, who had formed and was heading a military organization called the Resistance, intended to a secret control of the First Order's threatening activity.

In 34 ABY Leia sent Korr Sella to Hosnian Prime, the capital planet of the New Republic, to introduce the final proof for the New Order's hostility, proved by the attack on Tuanul, to the Senate. While the Colonel was carrying out a negotiation featuring the chancellor himself along with senators Grewpsha and Rawse Varta, the First Order—on General Armitage's command and in agreement with Supreme Leader Snoke—decided to activate and consequently reveal their new superweapon's existence, known as the Starkiller Base. After Hux's speech that was full in emotions, a read beam loaded with a star energy was fired from the station and crossed the galaxy to crash into the Hosnian System at last and consequently end the New Republic's existence. A while prior to her death, 52-year-old Grewpsha went out on the Senate building's balcony together with Villecham, Sella, Varta, and other senators to hopelessly spend the last moments of their life watching the beam incoming.


Grewpsha was a firm and calm person. She could keep serious in situations that required that.

Grewpsha was very attached to people. As a result, it came hard to her to fire her cooperators, even though she always treated the New Republic's good at the first point.

Grewpsha was a soulful person and, despite of not being Force-sensitive, she believed in its existence and activity.

Physical appearance

Grewpsha was a black-haired and light-skinned woman with slant, dark eyes. She used to put on purple clothes both as chancellor and as a senator. Additionally, she had a custom to keep her hands crossed on her back.

Behind the scenes

Grewpsha originally debuted in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. Her name, in turn, was first mentioned in the Polish Ku ciemności (en. Towards Darkness) series by Mustafar29, 2019. The fanart in which she appears was based on one showing Arhinda Pryce. The original governor's features, however, were modified and changed as well as her eye color and clothes.

Excluding the Slavonic r-sound, the word Grewpsha phonetically sounds similar to the Polish adjective grubsza, which has a close meaning to the English adjective fatter when referring to feminine singular persons or objects expressed in the denominator.

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