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Greer Anagle Jon Davis was the wife of Dak Jon Davis, the mother of Rahm and Rorali Jon Davis, and a Jedi Knight who fought in the Core Sith Wars, the Core Galactic War, the Kalastian-Sith War, and the Sith Extinction War.


Early Life

Um... Dak?"
"Where were you last night?"
"My dad thought that I was spending too much time with you and decided to make me study instead of playing with you."
"I was just kidding, I wanted to make something for you, Happy Birthday Greer!"
"You made me a lightsaber? With a green blade?"
"You told me that you wanted to become a Jedi Consular, so I made it with a green blade."
"Oh Daky. (smooch)(smooch)(smooooch) This is the nicest thing you've ever done for me! Mmmmmm...

Dak giving Greer her first lightsaber on her 12th Birthday.

Greer was born a year before Dak. She was 5 years old when she joined the Jedi Exiles. After a year in the Jedi Exiles; She meets Dak.

Behind the scenes

Greer Anagale was modeled after Marvel comics hero, Greer Nelson (Earth-2301). To see what see looks like; go to Greer Nelson (2301).

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