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The Greater Imperatus Class Super Star Destroyer was designed and built by Cerci IV Drive Yards. It served as the epitome of the Imperium's shipbuilding capabilities and as the culmination of the Varino Imperium's flawed expectations for starship design during their isolation. These ships while not produced in large quantities these served to bring fear to the Imperiums enemies, or at least was there intended role somewhat reminiscent of the Tarkin Doctrine. While incredibly outdated by the time of the Infinity War, it still saw service alongside the Imperium's forces.


While most ships in the galaxy progressively got smaller such as the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer, the Greater Imperatus was the Varino Imperium's flawed predictions into what combat would be when they next entered a war after their isolation. At twelve kilometers it was an easy target, to counter this it was equipped with thick armor and heavy shielding alongside multiple redundant shield systems to allow it to take a large amount of firepower. Like it's contemporary Cerci Star Destroyers it had a less pronounced wedge shape, with large superstructures and slopes.

Its weaponry was quite formidable as well, having a large number of guns covering nearly every angle of approach that an enemy may come from. It had a pair of tower-like bridges on the top of the vessel reminiscent of the Venator-class Star Destroyer, however, these were not the only bridges, as with many Imperium vessels, had other redundant bridges, as to allow it to continue fighting for long as possible. These redundant bridges were located below the tower bridges and were connected by turbolifts to the main bridges. It, however, had its flawed as well, the many redundancies did lead to it being quite the complex vessel in some regards, the multiple redundant shields required a large amount of power. While it's hangar complement was adequate it's hangar facility was overcrowded, and with only two exits, deployment of this complement was often slow. It was also equipped with gravity well projectors, but by the time these ships saw service HIMS systems were a more common sight. It also even with redundant reactor suffered greatly from the loss of a single reactor, leading to loss of power to key systems, and when more than one reactor failed the ship would lose almost all functionality except for reserve power for the life support systems.

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