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Post-Legacy era

Great Universal Supernova Wars, was a galaxies-wide military conflict lasting from 100,001 ABY to 100,040 ABY which mostly participated all of the galactic nations and nearby galaxies, including all of the greater coalition forces, organised into two opposing military alliances: the Galactic Coalitions and the Unconquerable Combine. It was the most widespread war in dimensional history, with more than 800 trillion military personnel mobilized. All the major participants placed their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities at the service for war efforts, erasing the dividend between civilian and military resources. The war itself has been estimated in resulting 11 trillion to over 1 quadrillion sentient fatalities.

Course of War

The start of the war, originally, began when the Galactic Senate, officially, appointed Aua Skywalker as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic people; including Yuuzhan Vong invasions

Vong trying to occupy the capitol skyscraper

near the Outer Rim planets, with Icon Star Galaxy and other nearby galaxies, which declared war on the Universal Galactic Federation Alliance, two days later. They started deploying an airborne invasion on Nar Shaddaa,where supposedly Death Watch was sectrely selling top secret weapons with Icon Star Trading Military Bases stationed there.

The War Becomes Universal

Yuuzhan Vong Campaign

Four years after the UGFA was defending the galaxy, Aua officially commissioned the Dreadtrooper Military Core or a mixed sentient soldiers and droids(with the help of the DC).Also, on 100,004 ABY, he commissioned the 3-14 SuperStarfighter, thus became the most frequent and usefull starfighter in the galactic cluster, starting with the c

Yuuzhan Vong city with labratories surrounding it.

ampaign of YD-DAY invasion when the UGFA invaded and attacked the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy. As always, the UGFA Navy always fought space battles while they planet hopped througout the Yuuzhan Vong galaxywide. After capturing their capital and approved of the green resources the Yuuzhan Vong produced, he used A cosmic radiation from their labs which protected

Yuuzhan Vong space battles were confusing withfreindly fire

skin, food and other enhanced items from lasers, gamma rays, other radiation and etc. It was the right resource for his billions to trillions of battleships, spacecraft carriers, battlecruisers, heavy cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers and 1 billion space stations.

Icon Star Core Campaign

Icon Star Core galaxy, near the Udlibixus Galaxy, was as always about the same

Icon Star assassin

planet hopping strategy except more space battles than the other two galaxy space battles combined. Icon Star Chancellor had a deal of trades with the Galactic Senate before the an anounciation of a Supreme Chancellor. He also despised Aua for his love of liberty and not of power to anyone. He sent spies to kidnap some sentients in the galaxy and bring them

Azan space battle

back the Icon galaxy to interrogate and clean every memory cell out of them. The Icon Star Core Navy doesn't go straightoward the galaxy, but, actually, assists with the Yuuzhan Vong and also counter attacks the UGFA galaxy during the distraction. Icon assassins came close to assassinating Aua, however, they couldn't ever catch up, since he was one step, while holding the stress back througout the wars. With Tattoine neutralised,Icons Star began a space superiority seige over the Galactic City to prepare for a major space assault. The campaign failed, and the

Azan ocean beach aftermath

invasion plans were cancelled by the UGFA Navy armadas lead by Aua Skywalker in order to go through a hyperspace wormhole. Icon Star Core Navy armadas increased, its blockade in the Icon Star Galaxy wide especi

UGFA flag on top of the Icon star Capitol Sphere

.ally, main chemical and supernova laser weaponry labs in several bases in the outer rims of the isolated Icon Star planet of Azan. Both galactic Navies crashed into each other through hyperspace wormholes and all havoc broke lose near Azan. The Icon Star Navy was when first with interception, however, 4 hours later in battle the UGFA NAVAL reiforcements finally came through the hyperspace wormhole made reared the Icon Star into oblivion and flight to the Icon Inner Core. After years and years of planet hopping the Icon Star galaxy, they finally reached the Icon Star Capitol near the center of the galactic core. The Icon Chancellor was vaporized in an escape space station, however, the Icon Star Core galaxy sentients were treated as normal sentient civilians and amnesty.

Udlibixus Campaign

The Udlibixus Galaxy had another more unusual sentient insect species

ZZZzZ insect sentient

called "ZZZZZZZZzzzZ" in their language with their world- nest ships, but were very powerful and had the knowledge of a thousand Columi . These Sentients also known as the Alpha Zeta insectoids heard about the destruction of their next door Icon Star Core Galaxy and the UGFA, with all its abundance and food and natural resources, the Alpha Zeta Sentients wanted to control it, badly. There was apparently a mis-communication or misunderstanding between the ZZZ insect sentients and the UGFA. The UGFA wanted to know more about the ZZZ sentients before some kind of “assistance” was offered. The ZZZ sentients broke the communication as a refusal, and subsequently destroyed three billion of the trillion UGFA NAVAL Armadas between the Udlibixus and Icon Star galaxies, most of the UGFA Navy ships retreated to the Icon Star Core galaxy. Aua Skywalker was at an Icon Star planet helping to recover a planet city

ZZZz world ships hovering over a Udlibixus planet in datalyzing for more UGFA bases.

back together, when he heard about the ZZZz wiping a third of the UGFA NAVY with a 100,000+ Holocrons perminute. The Alpha Zeta insectoids normal height was 4 meters and large brains. The ZZZz insect sentients were highly intellectual tough bunch and were highly intellectual in other stragetic circumstances, with planet ships which can absorb other planets with gusto. Although, having four exoskeleton legs they had many buglike characteristics.The Insect sentients enjoyed other sentient flesh, and children best, for two reasons. The first is that children don't have the accumulation of pollutants in their bodies that adults do, and when children are put into a state of fear, their energy and field and andrenylin just explodes. The insectoids usually got a "rush" from this stuff. They were highly adaptable and highly flexible in stealth and combat technological strategy, the UGFA actually acknowledges them as the ultimate warrior sentients. They only trust their own kind, other sentients are a buffet. They were one of the hardest sentient species to take over and many more billions of DreadTroopers and UGFA personal died trying to planet hop the infected insect galaxy. Some who were killed in the campaign were many military leaders from the Icon Star galaxy and UGFA galaxy, General Stanx, Aua's cabinet memebers and even the Grand Admiral of the UGFA NAVY Grand Admiral Beldar.The main image template on this artticle is a battle between the UGFA NAVY(left) and the ZZZz NAVY(right) in the Udlibixus Galaxy. A UGFA secret force squad finally captured a silent atom gas bomb from a ZZZ world-ship labratory which will affect anyone with a silent death, only one

Dreadtrooper droids

made person made it allow the secret atom to UGFA use from messaging in a holocron until he died on his ship with half a body.


The UGFA finally use the death atom bomb which wiped out 95% of the Alpha Zeta insectoids in the Udlibixus galaxy.

Ultraoral Galaxy

Ultraoral galaxy was the most unusual out of all the campaigns most of the species were usually living gas-like beings floating around the Ultraoral galaxy, like the force they can bend surroundings and go through walls not even being noticed they are a unique breed to discover and have abilities to shape-shift or force an explosion without cause. However, the resources of fuel and and steam rechargeable systems helps spaceports and Military spacecraft to produce chemical facility around the Ultraoral galaxy stars.

Further Aventure

Throughout, UGFA datalyzing later decades, from the solar galaxies to the radiated galaxies and other dimensional galaxies Aua Skywalker kept spreading to co

mass effect, not star wars. you can see the citadel in back ground and turian ships too.

ntrol to other galaxies with his scare tactics and ambitious steady universal economy, yet to bring balance, liberty, and democracy. Aua Skywalker was the most known legendary Supreme Chancellor enabling a new culture knowledge, wisdom, and parallel time itself. As the nation grew his body started quickly opposite.


After 100,041 ABY most galaxies were rebounded quickly, and enjoyed rapid economic growth

A UGFA city in a galaxy far far away on a distant planet.

, modernization, and were granted amnesty, with free-trade and trade routes through any other galaxy. The infinite of the force and the universe was now evolving in for a lifetime for a new shining grand success in life.

Behind the Scenes

World Wars and other various space explorations.


Star Wars: The Shining Hour (First appearance)

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