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True glory springs not from the silent conquest of ourselves, but the violent conquest of others.
Darth Viea

The Great Territorial War, sometimes referred to simply as the Great War, was a major galactic conflict fought thirty years after the Jedi Civil War between the oppressive forces of the Third Sith Empire and the Jedi Order. Also involved in the devastating conflict were the forces of the Galactic Republic, the Mandalorian Clans and the Chiss Ascendancy. The conflict was fought primarily to acquire new territory throughout the galaxy.

The conflict traced its origins to the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War when the Sith Empire of Darth Revan and the Jedi Order were in shambles. Only a few hundred remained on each side and both were desperate to gain a foothold in new territory. Because the Galactic Republic was still attempting to rebuild after the events of the Mandalorian War, they paid the initial conflict no mind as they felt that it was a Jedi affair. However, once the Mandalorians and the Chiss entered the conflict, the Republic knew that it would have to defend its territory. Despite putting up a fight, there was a span of over one month where the Sith controlled Coruscant.

The decisive confrontation came when the Third Sith Empire split into two factions, the loyalists and the Macabre Alliance, and began fighting within their own ranks. The Jedi and the Republic were able to take advantage of the situation and launch an offensive aimed at pushing the Sith out of Republic territories. The conflict was not over until Coruscant was liberated and Empress Viea was killed by a group of former Sith Lords. When the battle ended, the Sith limped back to Korriban where they did not become involved in another conflict until the Great Rim Lines War.



At the end of the Jedi Civil War and the Sith Civil War, few Sith or Jedi remained alive. Following the regrouping of the dozens, perhaps even hundreds of Jedi that had survived the purge, the Jedi Order knew that in order to rebuild itself and maintain the mandate of guardians of peace and justice they would be forced to accept older students who were already tainted in the ways of the outside world. This led to many Jedi Masters interpreting the pre-Mandalorian Wars way of the Jedi differently than they should have, which in turn also caused many of their students to accept misinterpretations as the truth about the Force and the Jedi. Many teachers encouraged their students to strive to achieve goals that should not have been achieved, such as honor and glory in battle. Some also taught that love, specifically romantic love, was essential to all life and the Jedi Code should not be able to restrict it. These teachers continued to teach these ways for thirty years.

In the first twenty years after the end of the war, the remnants of Revan’s Sith Empire and the Sith Triumvirate were in complete and total chaos. There was no one true Dark Lord of the Sith that presided over a Sith Empire. Instead, it had split into two powerful factions. The first faction was led by Darth Sin and the second by Darth Midknight, two of the more powerful Sith Lords of their time. Because of the infighting that the factions created, the threat that the Sith had posed to the galaxy during the war was no longer existent and many even began to forget about the Sith altogether.

As the two halves fought against one another, a third ambitious Lord of the Sith called Darth Devlen allied himself with Mandalore the Deceitful. Mandalore promised to help Devlen become the Dark Lord of the Sith, but only if Devlen agreed to help the Mandalorian Clans in another conquest against the Galactic Republic. Devlen agreed and plans were soon put into place that would allow him to usurp the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith. However, when he launched a campaign to destroy Sin and Midknight, he found Mandalore’s forces on the opposing side. Devlen’s forces were crushed by the combined strength of the two Sith factions and the Mandalorians, but Devlen himself barely made it out alive. With that, the two factions of Sin and Midknight continued in their civil war.

Devlen, however, continued in his attempt to become the Dark Lord of the Sith. He led a race of people known as the Dematri to Onderon and became what many experts said was an insane megalomaniac after disposing of the reigning Queen Talia and becoming sole ruler of the planet. Accordingly to the reports he received on an almost daily basis, the Galactic Senate began to think of him as a true threat, specifically because of his prized possession called the Hex Cannon. The weapon, which he set up in numerous parts of Onderon, was capable of inflicting massive amounts of damage against anyone who dared to oppose him. It was the only reason he was able to control Onderon, as the people were forced to bow before him in fear.

Devlen was also in control of what he referred to as “The Diamond”, a diamond-shaped cluster of star systems that he had placed Hex Cannons on. If anyone was to venture into the diamond, they would always be in range of one of the weapons. Despite this control, Devlen was not comfortable in dominating only the Diamond Systems. He therefore began formulating a plot to take over systems in the surrounding sectors, though the intelligence stating so leaked into the hands of the Republic. Within weeks, the threat of Devlen seemingly disappeared. No one was able to ascertain why he would simply disappear from Onderon, though it was assumed that there was a good reason and that Devlen would return, as he had set up defenses around his weapons and his palace in Iziz.

Sin and Midknight were certainly pleased with Devlen’s disappearance. However, their interest quickly turned to information they had both received about one of the students of Darth Revan still operating within the galaxy. After making written contact only with the supposed disciple, Midknight and Sin decided that if they wanted to create a new Sith Empire for the Sith to destroy the Jedi then they would need to unite under one single banner. Therefore, they decided to put their differences aside and come together to hear what the supposed disciple of Revan had to say.

Midknight and Sin led the strongest of their numerous Lords of the Sith to the abandoned Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban where they found the supposed disciple waiting for them. The disciple revealed himself to be a Lord of the Sith called Darth Alumnus and promised to bring about a new era for the Sith with an Sith Empire under his complete control. Sin and Midknight initially and immediately refused the thought of an unknown Sith becoming their Dark Lord, though they realized that they would not be able to learn anything else about what he had to offer unless they complied for at least a few months or years. Therefore, they accepted Alumnus into their ranks and crowned him the Dark Lord of the Sith.

For years on end, the new triumvirate of Dark Lords formed a new Sith Empire for the Sith that they called the Third Sith Empire, as it was based on the ways and teachings of the Old Sith Empire and Revan’s Sith Empire. They also worked on plans for a massive invasion of the Galactic Republic and a new purge of the Jedi Order. Their plan was simply to make the Jedi and the Galactic Senate appear weak and incompetent in the eyes of the citizens of the Republic. When the time came when the people finally had no more faith in their government, the Sith would strike with the fury of an empire reborn from the brink of annihilation.

Over the next few years, the Sith began to form treaties with minor corporations in order to build supplies. They formed the treaties under the guise of other, fictional organizations in order to keep the existence of the Sith hidden and the chose the minor corporations for supplies to keep the transactions off of the Republic Intelligence radar. Many of their supplies, including warships, fighters and ground weapons and transports were built far into the Outer Rim, and some within the Unknown Regions, to avoid detection by the Republic. The plan was moving along successfully, much to the delight of Sin and Midknight who knew that one of them would take over as Dark Lord of the Sith in due time.


Ten years after the formation of the Sith Triumvirate on Korriban, Coruscanti Senator Stavan Jetzt was elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic on the promise of renewed military strength. He was able to trump his opponents because of his experience in fighting in the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, the latter even bringing him face to face with Darth Revan and Darth Malak once during his military career. Some were skeptical about his ability to lead the Republic politically, though they had faith in his ability to act as Commander in Chief if and when the Republic was thrust into another deadly conflict.

One week after his election, Jetzt requested that the Jedi Council send a delegation to his office to speak with him about a matter of extreme importance. The Jedi Council agreed and sent Jedi Masters Kit Corwin Rendar, Dexon Kyjar, Damien Nightblade and Jedi Knights Remer Ather and Ussej Padric Bac as the members of the delegation. When they arrived, Jetzt relayed his concerns that the Sith had returned and were preparing a massive invasion of Republic worlds, perhaps even with the help of the Mandalorians. The Jedi, however, could not believe his concerns as they refused to believe that the Sith could have built up such a massive force without them knowing about it. In order to try to persuade them, Jetzt pointed to intelligence sources that claimed that massive amounts of armor had been shipped to worlds once believed to be Sith strongholds in an effort to conduct underground operations. He went so far to suggest that the economic woes the Republic had been facing had something to do with the maneuverings of a new Sith Empire. Though the Jedi did not feel it was the workings of the Sith, they agreed to send a team to look into it.

Despite the agreement of the delegation to send a small team, the Jedi Council refused to send anyone on what they believed to be a fool’s errand. However, Rendar sensed that there was something else behind the plot, so he was able to convince the Council to send Damien, Remer and Ussej on the mission. Within a day, the team boarded their ships and made their way into the Outer Rim Territories, though they did not know specifically where to look.

The team’s investigation into the matter eventually led them to the sister worlds of Uvena Prime and Uvena III. They discovered that the worlds were secretly housing underground shipyards and weapons manufacturing plants in an effort to rebuild their faltering economy. However, trade disagreements between the two worlds had erupted. The Shistavanen living on Uvena Prime wanted to sell the arms to a corporation known only as The Consortium, a company that operated off of Ord Mantell that had less than noble intentions. The Shistavanens of Uvena III, however, wanted to sell them onto the open market.

The Jedi team believed that the disagreement would lead to a war between the two sister planets. However, by the time they realized that it was inevitable, it was too late to do anything about it as the two worlds had started to mobilize their troops. Damien contacted the Jedi Council and pleaded with them to allow the team to intervene, but the Council refused the request. They believed that there was no reason to lose three valuable Jedi in a small civil war, especially one over something as trivial as a trade dispute.

After days of spatial warfare between the two planets with the Jedi hidden on the sidelines, Uvena Prime won the conflict and began to sell their arms to The Consortium. The team followed the weapon’s flow through a maze within the Outer Rim until it led them to Korriban where it was picked up by a group of Sith Knights. Posing as Sith Lords, the team cautiously penetrated the security of the Sith Temple and made their way to the throne room of Darth Alumnus whom they learned was the Dark Lord of the Sith and the sole surviving student of Darth Revan. The Dark Lord was able to expose them as Jedi, however, and a large battle erupted between them and the Sith. Though it had seemed unlikely, the team was able to escape and report their findings to a very disturbed Jedi Council.

As the Jedi Council endlessly debated the matter, another threat began to make its way out of the woodwork. Devlen reappeared with the Dematri on Onderon and began using the Hex Cannons against Kyra Maans, the woman that he had allowed to become Queen of Onderon in his absence. He led his limited amount of forces to the palace where he expected to be allowed in, but he realized that things had changed and the people would no longer tolerate his rule. He led his forces against the palace guards and the royal security forces, but his endeavor failed. As he turned his Hex Cannons onto the palace, a small squadron of Jedi Knights led by Kavari Antrell broke into the base of the main control center of the weapons and was able to stop Devlen’s men before they fired it. They decided not to destroy it, however, but rather shut it down as they would be able to figure out some kind of defense for it so they could protect against the cannons in the Diamond if they were ever reactivated. Unfortunately for the Republic, Devlen escaped, though the vast majority of his men were taken into custody.

As the events on Onderon continued to unfold and become public knowledge throughout the Republic, a small cryogenically frozen pod drifted through space within the Unknown Regions. The pod was found by the Chiss Ascendancy on a vessel under the command of Matron Lirreka of the Chiss House of EbonClaw. Lirreka brought the pod onboard her vessel and discovered that it was carrying a young, cryogenically frozen Human woman. Once she was unfrozen, Lirreka waited for days for the woman to come out of her catatonic state. When the woman finally did wake up, Lirreka began to question her. However, the woman suffered from amnesia and knew nothing about her past. Even so, Lirreka recognized that the woman was able to recall numerous unknown and well-thought out tactical strategies so she appointed her as a Vice-Matron of the House of EbonClaw, a title that was mostly symbolic.

A few weeks later, the amnesia began to pass. After a few days, the woman remembered her name to be Adena Qel-Droma and that she was a member of an ancient order known as the Order of the Jedi Bendu of the Ophuchi. However, she refused to explain anything else to Lirreka as she had a change of heart regarding her position within the House of EbonClaw and the Chiss. She wanted to help end the fighting in the galaxy and was dismissed by Lirreka. However, Lirreka had already planted many darker seeds into Adena’s mind, ones that the EbonClaw felt would serve her well in the future.

Adena immediately made her way to Coruscant and was taken before the Jedi Council. After a series of tests, they were amazed to find that such an ancient figure stood before them, though she did not tell them what she knew about the ancient Jedi. After much deliberation, she was granted the rank of Jedi Master and was assigned to help oversee the rebuilt enclave on Dantooine. However, despite her newfound position, she continued having visions of Lirreka, visions that she did not know how to stop which greatly disturbed her.

On Onderon, the Dematri returned with another sizable force of warriors in an attempt to reacquire lost territory. Devlen brutalized the citizens of Iziz in an effort to draw Kyra out of hiding, but she refused to negotiate with terrorists. Once the Jedi received word of what was happening, Adena volunteered to lead the mission as she was once the Watchman of Onderon and felt that it was her duty to protect the planet, even after thousands of years. While en route to the backwater planet, a man named Tamir, who was the leader of a group called the Nem’Vaah, became interested in Adena and began to stalk her. During the battle in the streets of Iziz, Tamir watched from afar as Devlen sent his HK unit droids to help carry out suicide attacks.

Adena quickly made her way to the throne room and fought off attackers alongside Kyra. During the battle, Adena was injured and Tamir arrived at the scene. Adena knew that he had been watching her ever since she had volunteered for the mission on Coruscant and got into a heated exchange because of it. Devlen also appeared in the throne room, hoping to kill Kyra once and for all. However, Lirreka reappeared in Adena’s mind and told her to kill Devlen. Adena managed to pushed Tamir away from her and make her way to Devlen. After a brief engagement, she slit his throat. When it was announced that Devlen had been killed, the citizens of Onderon finally felt that the days of war in their streets were over.

After the battle was over, Adena finally made her way to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine for rest and recuperation. When she arrived, she was introduced to Ussej Padric Bac and Dexon Kyjar who had been assigned to oversee the training of the younglings that were assigned there. The two Jedi greeted her with open arms and provided her with quarters to regain her strength in. Days later, she felt that they were open minded and that she could trust them, she told them what she believed to be the true history about the formation of the Jedi Order. She claimed that a man called The Skywalker had spoken to the God of the Universe and formed the Order of the Jedi Bendu of the Ophuchi. After eight-five thousand years of existence, a schism caused by Supreme Chancellor Fillorean broke the order into two different factions: the Jedi Order and the loyalists. Not believing a word she said, they chose not to report what she told them as they felt it wouldn’t make a difference. Adena was distraught that they did not believe her, though she tried to put it behind her.

Months later on Korriban, there Sith were becoming frustrated with the inaction of Darth Alumnus. Midknight confronted him about it, but Alumnus stated that all would happen in due time. Refusing to wait any longer, Midknight challenged Alumnus and struck him down, thus becoming the new Dark Lord of the Sith. Midknight then took a student named Darth Boli as his apprentice. When Sin received word of this, he was outraged that it was not discussed with him, but even more outraged that he was not even so much as made the heir to the throne. When he learned that Midknight was planning on using his forces to attack Dantooine and prove his might, Sin gathered his own forces and prepared for battle, claiming that he would help Midknight in his onslaught against the Jedi.

Sin led the ground forces against the enclave itself, forcing Ussej, Dexon and Adena to lead their minimal forces against the Sith. However, the Jedi were relieved to see that the Sith had become cocky and did not bring a large ground force of dark side users, but rather regular Sith soldiers. Ussej and Dexon fought through the fray, making their way to Sin. When they engaged him, Sin held his own for some time, but his goal was to usurp the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith. He knew that there was a chance that a Jedi Knight and a Jedi Master could defeat him, so he called his forces back to their vessels as the Jedi celebrated their victory.

The Jedi tracked the Sith ships back into orbit. They intercepted a transmission between Sin and Midknight where Sin vowed to declare himself Dark Lord of the Sith. When Midknight asked why Sin would kill him, Sin told them that the Sith needed a strong leader once again. Sin’s ships then fired on Midknight’s and destroyed them, leading the Jedi to report the news of a new Dark Lord of the Sith to the Jedi Council on Coruscant.

Dull periods

When Sin returned to Korriban, he officially proclaimed himself to be Dark Lord of the Sith, effectively removing Boli from the equation. Boli, however, did not take kindly to the idea of someone other than himself being the Dark Lord, so he and his supporters began to launch revolts against Sin and his followers. The infighting began to drag on for weeks, though nothing changed as both sides were evenly matched in combat and Sin and Boli never came face to face. Some believed that to be cowardly while others simply believed that they were waiting for the right moment to strike out at one another. Regardless, the fighting continued.

Not all of the Sith were eager to take sides. Darth Taz, a powerful Lord of the Sith and one of the people on the short list to become Sin’s apprentice, left to seek out the Mandalorians. For his entire life, he had known that he was a Mandalorian by birth, but his heritage only began to call to him when he saw that the Sith were destroying themselves and that it was possible that he had no future with them. Therefore, he traveled day and night across the galaxy in search of the Mandalorian Clans to learn about his past and to take power in whatever way he could.

After days of searching, Taz landed on Concord Dawn and found a Mandalorian settlement. When he arrived, he was brought before Mandalore the Deceitful and immediately challenged him for the title of Mandalore. Mandalore, however, thought that the idea was laughable, but decided to humor Taz regardless of his opinions. Mandalore and Taz appeared to be evenly matched, but because Mandalore agreed to allow anything in the fight Taz was able to beat him using his superior powers with the Force. At the last moment, Taz beheaded Mandalore and proclaimed himself to be Mandalore the Conqueror, the new leader of the Mandalorian Clans, effectively stripping himself of his Sith title and his past within the Third Sith Empire.

Shortly thereafter, the new Mandalore took his fleets on routine patrol in the far edge of the Outer Rim Territories to view their skills in combat and under pressure, as he hoped to find a species foolish enough to engage him. While they were near the Unknown Regions, the Mandalorians were intercepted by the fleets of the Chiss House of Ebonclaw, as well as Matron Lirreka herself. The fleets engaged in a small skirmish that lasted for hours on end. Impressed by the others skills, Mandalore and Lirreka held a meeting where they formed an alliance and trade deals with one another, though Mandalore did not trust Lirreka at all.

After the battle, months went by without any battles or conflicts between any sides. The Mandalorians and EbonClaw remained stagnant as they traded with one another, the Sith continued fighting within their ranks and the Jedi Order and the Republic were simply pleased to see that they had time to regroup and re-strategize. To some, however, the time of silence seemed to end as quickly as it had began. After Adena and Kyra agreed to meet with one another in Iziz, Lirreka appeared before them, but only them, in a sort of visionscape. Lirreka spoke about death rites and returning the skulls of the EbonClaw that could be killed by the Republic in the future, though what was being said was unclear to them. However, Lirreka did tell Adena to meet with her in the Tomb of Freedon Nadd on Dxun, as she said it was the only way to end the madness that Adena ahd been feeling with Lirreka constantly on her mind.

Despite Kyra’s strong disagreement, Adena made her way to Freedon Nadd’s tomb on Dxun. However, she quickly realized that it was nothing more than a trap. Within her mind, Lirreka forced her to let some of the darkness in the tomb overtake her. Adena was triggered into letting her rage and frustration over the events of the Jedi Bendu schism out, and she lashed out at the vision of Lirreka to try to kill her once and for all. However, Lirreka was able to use her own abilities within Adena’s mind to reverse the attack, effectively putting Adena into a coma. Kyra, who had been watching from a distance with her guards, rushed to Adena’s side to find her help. However, after only a few minutes, Adena emerged from her coma. Even so, she had distressing information about how Lirreka had searched her mind and learned of many sacred Sith and Jedi sites throughout the galaxy. Adena and Kyra both reported the events to the Jedi Council and they both made their way to Coruscant for safety. The Jedi Council quickly began sending Knights and Masters to the sacred sites throughout the galaxy in an attempt to track Lirreka, though only the EbonClaw knew that it was simply a trick meant to break up and scatter the Jedi to draw their attention away from their true enemies.

On Onderon, Ussej Padric Bac had been assigned to be a Jedi Colonel and lead the Republic Task Force there in Kyra’s absence. While he was on the planet, Ussej uncovered intelligence about another rebellion by the remnants of the Dematri. When they learned that Ussej had uncovered the intelligence, they captured him in his sleep and dragged his unconscious body to their underground base of operations a few kilometers outside of Iziz. When they arrived, Ussej was brought back to consciousness and placed into a Force cage to drain his powers while holding him. They hoped that the Republic would agree to give up the planet in exchange for Ussej’s return, but the weak Ussej told them that they had to be incredibly naïve to believe that. Ussej was proven right, as he was held in the underground bunker for weeks on end.

When Ussej had disappeared, Kyra decided to return to Onderon for the safety of her people. However, she soon decided to begin training in the ways of the Jedi under Kit Corwin Rendar, as she had always known that she was sensitive to the Force. Therefore, she allowed her young daughter, Arael, to succeed her as Queen of Onderon. Shortly thereafter, Kyra left to return to Coruscant, leaving her somewhat angered daughter to attend to her new and overwhelming duties as queen. However, within a few weeks, Kyra contacted Arael in the hopes of keeping constant communication, though she found that Arael had rejected her for leaving her as queen at only twenty years old. Arael’s rejection proved to be an emotional blow to Kyra, one that the Jedi Council was well aware of.

On Korriban, events in the Sith infighting continued to unfold at what they believed was an alarming rate. Sin was forced into hiding due to the loss of many of his forces and Boli crowned himself Dark Lord of the Sith, though Sin vowed to one day return. Boli also made his intentions known to the Jedi Order and promised to usher in a new era of darkness across the galaxy. However, the threats seemed baseless as weeks based by.

Shortly thereafter, Sin came out of hiding and, in an attempt to regain some of his power and prestige, attacked Concord Dawn, despite the fact that the Mandalorians had helped him defeat Devlen years earlier. He moved his fleet into position around the Mandalorian world and soon began attacking clan outposts on the surface. Everything went as he planned it until the House of EbonClaw arrived and obliterated his fleet, though Sin survived the attack and agreed to rejoin the Sith Empire under the reign of Darth Boli, though Sin naturally had another agenda of his own in mind.

After Sin returned, Boli held a meeting with Adena in an attempt to gain information about the Jedi, as he believed that Adena had fallen to the dark side. However, the rest of the Sith knew that he was wrong, and Sith spies reported to Sin that Boli not only tried to befriend the Jedi Master but he had tried to romance her as well. Many Sith became outraged at such an act and turned to Sin to find an answer, effectively overwhelming Boli’s forces. The change of allegiance caught the attention of Stavan Jetzt when it was reported to him, and it was there that he decided to react.


Days after Sin launched his rebellion against Boli, Jetzt summoned Kyra to his office at the Galactic Senate under the guise of wanting to speak with her about recent corruption charges in the Republic. Once she arrived, Jetzt began using his seductive ways and told her that Rendar was planning on killing Arael to sever all attachments from Kyra’s life before she became an apprentice. Wanting nothing more than to win back the heart of her daughter, she refused to allow that to happen. At that moment, Jetzt revealed himself to be the reclusive Darth Myst, a Lord of the Sith, and told Kyra that he had used his position of almost absolute power to deflect any possible suspicions people might have had about his true intentions. Kyra was shocked, but even more so because Jetzt asked her to join him as his apprentice. When she refused, Jetzt told her that he would kill Arael before Rendar even had the chance of she did not agree to join him. Because of his promise, Kyra had no other choice but to join him. Jetzt dubbed her Lady Selae and sent her back to the ranks of the Jedi where she would secretly follow the orders of her new master while he remained in his position as Supreme Chancellor. Kyra, not having fully given in to the darkness within her, was able to keep up the guise of being a mere Jedi Padawan, though her thoughts were slowly poisoned. The only Jedi to notice anything about her was Adena, though she said nothing and did nothing to stop it.

Once Jetzt finished with his preparations, he contacted Kyra and informed her that it was time to unleash their fury. They immediately left for Korriban where Jetzt said that he would face Darth Boli for the throne. When they arrived, Jetzt wasted no time and immediately challenged Boli in the Valley of the Dark Lords. They exchanged a few words, ones that made Jetzt feel that Boli had been somewhat “corrupted” by the light side of the Force. Outraged that such a supposed weakling could hold the entire Sith Empire in his hands, Jetzt made the first move. The duel was brutal and lengthy, as their skills with their blades were immense. While Jetzt had the superior skills with a lightsaber, Boli’s power with an ancient power called Mancery was second to none. However, Myst defeated Boli, leaving his shattered body to be covered by the sands of Korriban. Despite the defeat, when those who had been loyal to Boli later went to recover his body, it was nowhere to be found.

Adena had been on Korriban as well, watching the events unfold. When the duel was over and Jetzt had proclaimed himself to be the new Dark Lord of the Sith, Adena returned to the Great Jedi Pyramid on Coruscant and began to accelerate the training of her students, stating that she would need them to help combat Jetzt when the time came. Shortly thereafter, Jetzt made an announcement over the hologram revealing that he was truly Darth Myst and that he had played every citizen of the Republic for a fool for his entire time as Supreme Chancellor, a position which he did not need to openly relinquish as everyone knew that the would never return. The revelation caused a great deal of outrage throughout the worlds of the Republic, leaving many to wonder whether or not the Republic would be able to protect them from the threat of the Sith.

Within days of the HoloNet announcement, Senator Urus Columba was elected by the Galactic Senate to serve as the new Supreme Chancellor and Commander in Chief, albeit with greatly diminished military powers due to Jetzt’s betrayal. However, Columba worked with the military to put together a plan to destroy the Dematri on Onderon once and for all and, if possible, save Ussej Padric Bac. Days later, the plan was put into action and the Republic and Onderonian forces invaded the Dematri hideout, foiling their rebellion and crushing the Dematri once and for all. After taking the few surviving Dematri leaders into custody, Kavari Antrell rescued Ussej from his Force cage and they destroyed the hideout. When they returned to Coruscant, Ussej immediately began working with the Jedi Council to put new action plans into place, and he was also told and shocked by the news about the true identity of Jetzt and Kyra's betrayal.

On Korriban, despite having taken the throne, Jetzt recognized that many of the Sith were hesitant at yet another change of leadership for the Sith Empire. Many Sith Lords that had served under Boli also were not quick to lay down all in honor of their new Dark Lord. At that same time, Myst received many communications from an ancient woman who called herself Plak’la Uss. She was able to play on the supposed fears of the Dark Lord, though his resolve was not shaken and he showed no fear. Because she felt that he was ready to be the Dark Lord, she began providing him with highly classified information about the Jedi Order to dispense into the ranks of the Sith to help with the war effort.

Darth Myst and Lady Salae on Korriban.

Shortly after receiving one of his final messages from Plak’la Uss, an ancient Sith Lord thought to be dead reappeared in the Valley of the Dark Lords. It was Exar Kun, the famed Sith Lord from the Great Sith War, who said that he had returned from the Realm of Chaos to usurp the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith from Jetzt. However, Kun did not come to Korriban alone. He was flanked by the Nem’Vaah Master Ranka Darkbroode and a Sith Lord loyal to Kun named Darth Invidius. The three met Jetzt and Kyra at the entrance to the Sith Academy where Kun and Jetzt clashed blades in a fierce duel for the throne. As the two Dark Lords fought, Ranka and Invidius made their way to attack Kyra, who they had also learned was the Dark Apprentice Selae. She found herself overwhelmed by the skills of the Sith Lord and the Nem’Vaah and was unable to help her own master against Kun. Wanting to save her own life and in fear of death, she fled and left Jetzt and the Sith behind. Knowing he was no longer with an apprentice and close to defeat, Jetzt fled the battle and slowly disappeared into the darkness, no one knowing where he had vanished to. Shortly after he fled, Plak’la Uss revealed herself on Korriban and murdered Kun, revealing that he was nothing more than her pawn and an imposter of the true Exar Kun. She had sent him there to test Jetzt’s power, and it was clear to her that Jetzt had failed his test. Because of the betrayal and realizing he was played for a fool, Ranka formed a deep-seated hatred for the Sith and sought out Jedi Master Damien Nightblade, an old friend of his.

Seizing the power vacuum, Plak’la Uss crowned herself Dark Lady of the Sith, becoming the first official Empress of any of the three Sith Empires. It was then revealed that Plak’la Uss was an ancient Sith term that meant “Golden Huntress” and that she was truly the highly corrupted Adena Qel-Droma. She had turned to the dark side months earlier, though she was able to keep it a secret and ensure that no one had sensed it or noticed it. Shortly after crowning herself Dark Lady, Adena took on the name of Darth Viea, though she did not yet reveal herself to the Jedi Order. Instead, she left them with a mystery as to where Adena Qel-Droma disappeared to.

Turning tides

Shortly thereafter, the Jedi Council learned that rogue Trandoshan slavers had captured a Human girl and a large group of Wookiees with the knowledge or consent of the Trandoshan government. The Jedi Council assigned Ussej Padric Bac and Remer Ather to deal with the situation. At first, they made their way to Kashyyyk and spoke with Zaalbar, the chief of the Wookiees, who told them that they had last seen the traders bring hostages deep into the Shadowlands. When Ussej and Remer arrived there, they were able to track the slavers, but when they found their encampment they found that only a few Trandoshans remained and were clearing everything out. After a brief interrogation, the Jedi learned that the prisoners had already been taken to slave camps on Trandosha for processing. Ussej and Remer made their way back up to the surface and thanked Zaalbar for his help, though they denied his request for them to take a group of Wookiee soldiers with them as they did not want to add to the number of Wookiee slaves should they have failed. When they arrived on Trandosha, they were able to break into the slave camps and save the girl and the Wookiees. Shortly thereafter, Republic forces arrived and arrested the Trandoshans that captured the Wookiees and the girl while Ussej and Remer made their way back to Coruscant. Ussej was then assigned to oversee training at the Jedi Academy on Corellia along with Kit Corwin Rendar.

During that time, Viea recognized that she did not yet have the loyalty of the Sith, much like her predecessor. Because many had not yet sworn loyalty, Sin emerged once again and attempted to finally take control as Dark Lord of the Sith for himself and challenged Viea for the throne. However, after a lengthy duel, Viea was able to defeat and kill Sin, hoping that she had effectively put an end to the era of infighting amongst the Sith ranks as the defeat of Sin proved to the other Sith that she was worthy of her title. The Sith were quickly able to see a leader who would follow through on her promises, and because of the newfound loyalty she began to teach many of her disciples and carried out numerous small attacks on Republic convoys and the like.

The Mandalorians and the EbonClaw also felt the need to begin gaining more territory and supplies. Therefore, they captured the uninhabited Outer Rim world of Kal'Shebbol where they began to build bases and construct trade routes between the planet and Mandalorian worlds such as Mandalore and Concord Dawn. In an attempt to disrupt these trade routes and disrupt the communication between the two allied factions, Viea had her forces easily conquer Af’El. She also had small groups of Sith launch surprise guerrilla attacks against numerous durasteel production facilities, greatly inflating the price of durasteel throughout the Republic in the hopes of making it so they could barely afford it as a replacement part.

When the Jedi Council learned that the EbonClaw had taken over Kal’Shebbol, they did not tell many people about it. However, Jedi Knight Enishi Xagan did learn about it and was furious that the Jedi Council would simply sit by and allow a supposedly dangerous faction to build up their forces. Acting as if he was on orders from the Jedi Council, Enishi took command of a small group of the Republic’s forces and led them to the planet. The assault turned out to be a massacre, as Enishi’s small land and space forces were crushed unmercifully by the EbonClaw and the Mandalorians. Barely escaping with his life, Enishi returned to Coruscant where he was arrested by the Jedi Council. After informing them of what was happening on the planet and attempting to explain himself, Enishi was shut out when the Council stated that they disapproved of his knowledge and his actions. Therefore, they expelled him from the order, but before they could take his lightsabers Enishi threatened that his knowledge would lead to their downfall. Jedi Council Master Kain Lightbringer feared that Enishi would ally himself with the Sith, so he attacked the Jedi Knight as the Council looked on. While Enishi’s lightsaber training did prove to rival that of the Jedi Weapons Master, Enishi was outfought. Close to death and with Kain ready to land the final blow, Enishi escaped and was not heard from again.

On Corellia, a former Sith soldier that had served on Korriban brought Ussej Padric Bac and Kit Corwin Rendar information about an ancient relic that could be found in a hidden temple in a lost oasis on the Sith homeworld. The relic was called the Medallion of the Saarai-kaar and it had supposedly been forged in the volcanic fires of a lost planet in the Unknown Regions. According to myth, it would grant whoever touched it eternal life in the realm of the living, though it was destined to fall into the hands of a far greater person and grant them eternal life in a far greater realm. Ussej and Kit were given a holocron with the limited information that the soldier had. When the soldier left, Ussej and Rendar spent weeks studying the scriptures and the ancient text within it, though it was hard to make sense of it.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Viea announced that she was the Dark Lady of the Sith and announced to an unsuspecting galaxy who she had once been. She also explained the Order of the Jedi Bendu of the Ophuchi to the people over the HoloNet, though she assumed that few would believe her and simply dismiss what she had to say as a conspiracy theory. After the announcement, Arael Maans debated with her advisers about formally banishing Viea from the world, despite the fact that she had once overseen it. Damien Nightblade, who had become romantically involved with the queen, urged her not to banish the Dark Lady from the world, fearing that there would be a massive retaliation. However, Arael decided to banish Viea and made the announcement over the HoloNet. Within days, a Sith fleet made its way to Onderon in an attempt to unleash its fury. Luckily for Onderon, Damien had foreseen the attack so he ensured that a Republic fleet would secretly arrive there earlier. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Sith ground forces were defeated and the Imperial armada retreated, leaving the Republic to celebrate its victory.

Soon after, Sith soldiers who served Darth Invidius, who had been appointed as Viea’s Grand Admiral, infiltrated Centerpoint Station, a space station orbiting Corellia, though Invidius himself was not present. The Sith masqueraded as Republic technicians and ordered a lockdown of the station to run a test drill, meaning that the staff would evacuate to the docking bay. The Sith shut them in and lowered the shield barriers, causing the staff to be sucked out into space. The station quickly fell into the hands of the Sith Empire, giving them a tactical advantage over the Republic in the sector. Ussej pleaded with the Jedi Council to mount a retaking of the station, but they told him that it would have to wait.

Two weeks later, Rendar informed Ussej and the Jedi Council about intelligence he had uncovered suggesting that the Sith were planning a massive orbital bombardment of Corellia using Centerpoint Station and large strike force. The Jedi Council felt that there was a lack of critical intelligence so they denied Rendar’s request for more forces around Corellia. Rendar refused to accept that the Jedi Council would simply stand aside and watch as Corellia was blown apart. While he and Ussej pleaded with the Council to reconsider their decision, the Council refused to change their minds.

The next day, Rendar left the academy and made his way to Korriban. When he arrived, he allowed himself to be arrested and brought before Viea. Throwing aside his dignity, he fell to his knees and begged her to spare his homeworld. She agreed, but only under the condition that he join her and become her apprentice. Ravinos initially could not come to a decision, but she tempted him by saying that he would have unlimited power and resources to seek out the Medallion of the Saarai-kaar, and that it was the only way that Corellia would be spared. He finally agreed and she dubbed him Darth Ravinos, though she ordered him to return to the Jedi academy on Corellia and find a way to tarnish the image of the Jedi Order from within.

Two days later, Ravinos arrived back at the academy, though he still operated under his former name. Ussej could tell that he had somehow changed and that he was far more shaken than he had been when he left. However, Ravinos was able to brush it off by saying that he had uncovered startling information. According to his “intelligence sources”, the Sith had covertly taken over key technological and manufacturing facilities on Pho Ph’eah and were planning on using them to construct a far more powerful military. After spending two days on fabricating the evidence and coming up with a plan to bombard the planet, Ravinos presented it to the Jedi Council and they decided to act alongside the Republic military in retaking the facilities. Ussej agreed to lead Gold Squadron during the aerial raids of the surface, while Ravinos would lead the attack himself.

While in route to the planet, Ravinos informed the commanders of the mission, who still believed he was a Jedi Master, of the plan to take back the planet. He informed them that the Sith were housed in the main technological and manufacturing plants, meaning the Republic would be forced to sacrifice some of their facilities in order to rid them of the Sith. Ravinos also said that there was a great possibility that the Sith had infiltrated the Galactic Senate-appointed government and taken over the planet politically, so they would have to take out the center of government. La'El Montrose, the captain of the fleet, suggested that when the fleet was close enough to the planet it would be wise to warn Chief Administrator Char’on G’rean so that he would have time to bring his people to safety. When Ravinos feigned worry, saying that advance warning could tip off the Sith, Montrose told him that they would wait until they were close enough so that a Sith fleet would not reach the planet in time. Wanting to keep up the guise as a Jedi Master, Ravinos reluctantly agreed.

When they arrived, Ravinos took his personal vessel and engaged the stealth drive in order to scan the planet. His final run was over the capital city of the planet. Unlike most of the planet, the capital was a bustling urban metropolis located on the coast of the northernmost continent. He used the opportunity to mark targets that could be of possible Sith interest and sent the data back to the flagship to be transmitted to the remainder of the fleet. When the transmission was away, he opened his own channel to his forces and told them that there were no major Sith forces in scanning range, but he would be doing low reconnaissance to make sure. A half hour later, he ordered the fleets to begin the attack.[2]

The fleet above immediately began laying waste to the main targets of interests. Various buildings were destroyed, the sight of which boosted the morale of the Republic forces as it allowed them to feel as if they were making an important stand. Little did they know that, at the same time, the apprentice to the Dark Lady of the Sith was monitoring and taking scans of everything to be used as propaganda tools against the Republic and the Jedi Order. Regardless of that lack of knowledge, they pressed on and continued their orbital bombardment of the city centers and manufacturing planets. Gold Squadron also made their way towards the surface, bombing many targets of interest.[2]

For hours on end after the battle, the survey teams conducted their searches in the major cities. They searched building after building and came to the conclusion that approximately ten thousand people were killed in the attack, though they noted that the number was subject to change. What was even more puzzling was the fact that they could not find any Sith presence from before, during or after the attack anywhere they searched. Even their scans for life in possible underground bunkers came back negative. In their minds, they had no other choice but to come to the conclusion that, for whatever reason, the attack had been carried out using false information. The teams returned to the flagship and relayed their findings to Montrose. Montrose confronted Ravinos by saying that the survey teams found that there was never a Sith presence on the world. Ravinos said that the scouts were mistaken, as there was one Sith on the surface. At that moment, he officially revealed himself to be Darth Ravinos, the apprentice of Darth Viea. He also revealed that he had fabricated all of the evidence in hopes of weakening the image of the Jedi Order throughout the galaxy. When Montrose attempted to arrest Ravinos, the Sith Lord revealed that the men on the bridge had sworn their loyalty to him. The soldiers held the captain down, despite Montrose’s pleas. Ravinos removed a knife from his boots and then proceeded to peel the flesh off of Montrose’ body.[2]

After seeing what had happened, Ussej ordered his men and all of the other people in the docking bay to head for the nearest Republic ship and they did just that. Shortly after they escaped, the flagship made the jump to hyperspace en route to Korriban. On board the ship, Ravinos finished removing the flesh from Montrose’s bones and the captain still lived, though just barely. In a flash, Ravinos activated his lightsaber and beheaded Montrose. When Ravinos returned to Korriban, he presented Montrose severed head to his mistress and she placed it upon her Throne of Skulls. At that moment, she officially dubbed him the Dark Apprentice of the Sith Empire, answering only to her and doing only as she commanded. She also told him that Corellia would be spared from the fury of the Sith, just as she had promised. Ravinos also was free to begin his search for the Medallion of the Saarai-kaar, something that Viea secretly wanted for herself so she would be able to reign as a galactic empress for eternity.[2]

When Ussej arrived on Coruscant, he relayed the information about what really happened at Pho Ph’eah, as well as his distress over so many Jedi falling prey to the dark side, to a shocked Jedi Council. Ussej blamed the code and the training system that was set up after the Jedi Civil War, becoming the first major Jedi to do so, as he felt many of the Jedi were being forced to choose between their hearts and the idea that a Jedi should not know attachment or love. The Council completely disagreed with his assessment, though Ussej continued to believe and articulate it. Other Jedi Masters had formed relationships, such as Damien Nightblade with Arael Maans and Dexon Kyjar with Lara Jace.

Continued conflict

Pho Ph’eah greatly weakened the image of the Jedi Order and the Republic in the eyes of the galaxy. When the news came in that a Jedi Master had murdered ten thousand civilians, the approval ratings of the Jedi Order throughout the galaxy plummeted. Everyone wanted someone to blame and because Ravinos was nowhere to be found the Jedi were forced to take it, giving the Sith exactly what they had wanted. Viea used the newfound disrespect for the Jedi by spinning propaganda into the HoloNet, making many people believe that the Sith, despite their previous actions, had changed and that they wanted to help the people of the galaxy. However, there were still a great number of people opposed to both groups.

In the weeks that followed, Viea continued to work on installing fear into the common population. Although she was the one who had the only major source of durasteel in her hands and a hand within the Corellian Trade Spine, Viea explained over the HoloNet that the recent rise in prices and limited supplies was the fault of the Republic and the Jedi. She also explained how the Jedi could reverse the effects, though they had chosen not to do it for their own gain. The Jedi Order reacted by trying to make small attacks on Sith convoys, though most of them proved to gain the Jedi and the Republic nothing.

As Viea’s lust for power grew, another Sith appeared on Korriban who called herself the Sith Witch Sable. Unwilling to side with Viea completely, she offered her services only when it suited her own purposes. Little did she know that Viea had reasons to keep the witch around, as Viea wanted to learn the secrets of the unique abilities that supposedly only Sable and Arael Maans had. That ability was extreme foresight that allowed them to see very far into the future. Sable was also uncomfortable with Arael having the same secret, so she made it known that she would try to assassinate her. Damien Nightblade found himself not only trying to preserve the Jedi Order, as he had been recently promoted to Jedi Grandmaster, but trying to protect the woman he loved as well.

Shortly thereafter, Kain Lightbringer and Jedi Master Sirius Venn located an ancient holocron with the location of the lost planet of Ossus. When they arrived, they found the planet to be reasonably intact, though uninhabitable for long periods of time. The Jedi Council agreed to set up a relief area around the Great Jedi Library where they would be able to stay for longer periods of time. When the actions of Lightbringer and Venn, Ossus quickly became a focal point for the military gatherings and strategy sessions of the Jedi Order, allowing them to plan a counterattack for the bombing of Pho Ph’eah without being discovered by the Sith. The Republic also began to use the world as a staging area, building up larger and more powerful ships in the masses in a shipyard orbiting one of the planet’s moons.

During the building of new vessels, a Sith fleet attacked Corellia in an attempt to take the planet from the Republic. When the Republic forces arrived, they found that the Sith had already done a great deal of damage to many of the cities on the surface. Gold Squadron, led by Ussej Padric Bac and Jedi General Boreguard Madet, led a bombing raid of Sith forces near the Jedi academy on the surface, but Ussej ordered them to break off when he saw Ravinos’ vessel on the surface. Ussej landed and made his way to Ravinos’ old chambers where he found him securing the holocron about the Medallion of the Saarai-kaar. A brutal duel erupted between the two, but Ussej was forced to fall back and made his way back to his fighter where he learned that the Republic was fleeing the battle. The Sith had successfully taken it away from them, thereby gaining major trade routes in the process.

Just days later, Viea sent a terminally ill peasant to Coruscant. The dying man carried a single vial of an airborne virus created by the Sith that had the ability to poison and, shortly thereafter, kill all who were exposed to its deadly toxins. The man entered one of the more heavily populated areas of the city in a common upper-middle class area near 500 Republica and released the virus. The Jedi witnessed what they believed was the senseless killing of thousands of innocent civilians, and they felt that they were unable to do anything to cure or help them. However, a medical organization known as the Silver Cross claimed that they had found an antidote and gave it to all of those who had not yet been killed. When asked who funded the quick research into the virus, the Silver Cross leaders told the Jedi Council that it had been Viea herself. The Jedi realized that Viea had been able to capitalize on a situation that she herself had created, thereby spinning her web of propaganda in a successful effort to continue turning public opinion away from the Jedi Order.

Knowing that they could no longer allow Viea to gain any more advantages over the Jedi Order and the Republic, the Jedi Council ordered Dexon Kyjar, Boreguard Madet, Sabre Aralion and Ussej Padric Bac to infiltrate the Sith Temple on Korriban and either arrest or assassinate Viea for her crimes. They felt that if they had been dealing with anyone else then they would not have allowed an assassination, though they felt as if they could not allow Viea to remain in power. When the team arrived, they made their way to the main audience chamber and told a group of students that they were mercenaries who needed to speak with Viea. As the group had masked their presence in the Force, with the students unable to detect that they were doing so, the students pointed them in the direction of Viea’s throne room. When they stepped inside, they sealed the door and Viea immediately prepared to defend herself, as she obviously knew who they were.

Though initially there was no fight, there was a heated exchange between Viea and the Jedi. Viea sensed the conflict that Dexon held between the Jedi Code and his love for Lara Jace and exploited it. She was able to coax the dark side out of Dexon, telling him that the Republic would fall along with the Jedi Order. She told the Jedi Master that because of that, the lives of the woman he loved and their future children would be in danger. When Dexon asked how to save them, she told him that joining her was the only way. In front of the Jedi, Dexon agreed to join her and was dubbed Darth Brenos, a Lord of the Sith. Sabre attempted to step in and save him, but Viea struck the Jedi Knight down. Ussej and Boreguard engaged Dexon, but when Viea threatened to join in on the fight the Jedi were forced to flee. They were able to make their way back to the docking bay and hijack two starfighters, and when they were out of the atmosphere they immediately made their way back to Coruscant and informed the Jedi Council about what had happened.

Days later, Ussej proposed a plan to the Jedi Council that would lead to the retaking of Centerpoint Station. When the Council questioned him as to why he would propose retaking the station without retaking the planet, Ussej told them that it was leverage in making sure that none of the citizens of Corellia were harmed by the Sith Empire. The Republic would be able to use the principle of Mutually Assured Destruction, as they would be able to tell the Sith that if they did anything to harm the citizens of the world the Sith forces would be obliterated by the station’s weaponry. Feeling that it had a chance of succeeding, the Jedi Council approved Ussej’s plans and placed him in charge of the covert mission. The Supreme Commander of the Republic military also agreed to participate and ordered a fleet to secretly wait in a nearby sector, as the Jedi would need backup if and when the station was secured and back in the control of the Republic.

When the Jedi team arrived in orbit of the station, they did what the Sith least expected: they infiltrated the station the same way that Invidius’ men had. Running a drill much like the one that the Sith had months earlier, the Jedi were able to capture the Sith in an airlock, but they did not kill them. They knew that it would be better to let them escape or for the Republic to arrest them. The last person to leave the station was Invidius. The Grand Admiral lunged at Ussej, trying to kill him, but the rest of the Jedi protected Ussej and Invidius was forced to retreat. Before leaving, the Grand Admiral vowed that what the Sith had planned for the future would make Pho Ph’eah seem like a historical footnote. Ussej and the Jedi remained on the station until the Republic fleet arrived to secure it, and once they did Ussej and his men returned to Coruscant. With that, the Jedi informed Viea of the plan for Mutually Assured Destruction and the Dark Lady reluctantly agreed to the terms. However, out of spite and in retaliation, Viea placed a large bounty on the head of every Jedi in the galaxy.

Despite the recapturing of Centerpoint Station and the newfound security on Corellia, the citizens of the Republic were still spiritually broken. Viea learned that the Mandalorians had acquired vessels on a trade route that had contained an immense amount of Kolto supplies, so she made a deal with them to acquire some of the Kolto. In return, Viea granted the Mandalorians passage through Sith space and a heavy discount on durasteel. Viea also felt the need to find more sources of Kolto, but because she could find none she contacted the government of Manaan and formally requested that the Sith be allowed to set up a new embassy in Ahto City, despite being banished decades earlier due to the actions of a redeemed Darth Revan. Because Viea had been successful in her art of propaganda, the government believed that the Sith had legitimately changed so they allowed them to return to Manaan, much to the strong and very vocal protests of the Republic dignitaries in Ahto City.

Final battles

A few weeks later, Pho Ph’eah became the center of another brief skirmish. Ravinos’ flagship chased the vessel of the Supreme Commander of the Republic military throughout the nearby sectors, until they dropped out of hyperspace around Pho Ph’eah, as the Sith needed the codes that the Supreme Commander had so they would be able to break through the Coruscant defense perimeter in an attack that they were planning. By the end of the brief skirmish, Ravinos was able to secure the codes and assassinate the Supreme Commander. They reduced the Republic vessel and all aboard it to rubble before making their way back to Korriban.[2]

Two weeks later, the Sith put the codes to use and launched a major offensive against Coruscant using every available vessel that they had. They were able to easily break through the Coruscant defense perimeter, allowing them to land the majority of their landing craft before the Republic was able to bring in the reinforcements needed. Ravinos himself made his way down the planet to oversee the battle, as did Viea. When Viea arrived, she covertly infiltrated the Galactic Senate and held Chancellor Columba hostage, prompting the Republic to erect a massive defense perimeter around the building led by Remer Ather and Kavari Antrell. Damien Nightblade led a force of Jedi Knights in an attempt to thwart Viea’s plans, but they were overwhelmed in the chaos. Damien then came face to face with Ravinos and was nearly killed by him, but Ravinos was forced to flee as he had been given information that someone was trying to break into his chambers in the Jedi Academy on Corellia. While Damien was dueling Ravinos, Remer attempted to coax Viea out of the Senate building, though a massive Sith force arrived in the area and overwhelmed Remer and the Jedi, thereby forcing them to retreat.[3]

During the battle in space, Gold Squadron led the major combat operations under the leadership of Ussej Padric Bac. When there was a clear path, Ussej made his way into the hangar bay of the Sith flagship and killed the guards within it. Ussej made his way to the bridge and spotted Darth Brenos who had been commanding the vessel and a great deal of the Sith fleet. They attacked one another in a violent duel, but in the end Ussej stabbed Brenos in the heart, killing both the Sith Lord whom he had become and the Jedi Master he once was. Shortly thereafter, the Republic issued a retreat order and Viea spoke to the people on the HoloNet where she proclaimed herself to be Galactic Empress, stating that the Third Sith Empire had defeated the corrupt Republic and Jedi Order and that the Sith would watch over them for the thousands of years to come.[3]

As events on Coruscant unfolded, Darth Invidius had made his way to the hidden lava planet of Mustafar. Over the past few months, Invidius had been secretly gathering support for a group called the Macabre Alliance, a covert organization dedicated to overthrowing Viea and instituting Invidius as the Dark Lord of the Sith. When he landed on Mustafar, Invidius uncovered an ancient Sith citadel underneath the surface. Once there, he made his way to a lower chamber where the frozen body of an ancient Sith Lord called Darth Apocalus had been kept. When he arrived, the voices of thousands of dark, departed souls beckoned to him, and Invidius proclaimed that he had found Apocalus’ power worthy of rivaling his own. At that moment, the chamber was unsealed and Invidius brought Apocalus’ body to an ancient medical wing to recover.[4]

Once Apocalus began to regain his strength, he and Invidius made their way to a fortress on Thule that had been constructed by the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos. After Invidius shared with Apocalus the history of what had happened in the galaxy between the Sith and the Jedi since the Great Hyperspace War, Apocalus revealed some, but not all, of the secrets of an idea known as the Sith Battle Lords. Though Invidius initially protested, Apocalus took command of the Macabre Alliance, saying that he would be the next Dark Lord of the Sith and that he would effectively and efficiently implement the Battle Lord experiment. Not long after, they began their first experiment on a Macabre Alliance member named Darth Infernus. They went through the ritual and it appeared that his insubordination had been removed and that he had the forced morale.[5] Within days, however, Infernus was easily slain by Ravinos.[6]

The day after Infernus was slain by Ravinos, a large battle erupted in Ahto City on Manaan. It had been caused by the Sith attempting to capture Laili Jeyna Rendar, the woman whom Ravinos had discovered was his younger sister and the newest student of Ussej Padric Bac. The Republic forces were able to rescue Laili, though in the process they inadvertently triggered a large ground and naval battle between themselves and the Sith. While Laili and Ravinos both escaped separately, the battle raged on. However, the Selkaths threatened to destroy the Kolto supplies if the battle did not cease. Not wanting to damage their claims over the Kolto, the Sith and the Republic both stopped the battle and returned to their embassies. Both the Republic Ambassador and the Sith Ambassador were arrested by the Selkath for allowing such an occurrence to happen, prompting both governments to appoint new ambassadors to oversee their operations on the planet.

When Mandalore learned about the battle on Manaan, he was outraged. The Sith had allowed him to claim some of their Kolto in response to him allowing them some of his own, and he realized that the actions of the Sith nearly derailed the entire operation. Though he did not tell the Sith, he and his upper generals decided to secretly end their alliance with the Sith and agreed to help the Republic in their battles against the Sith whenever that time would arise. Some within the Mandalorian ranks disagreed with the prospect of aiding the Republic, though Mandalore convinced them that it was the right course of action when he told them how dishonorable the Sith had been on Manaan by putting their mutual supplies in grave danger.

Weeks later, Invidius gathered the men and ships loyal to the Macabre Alliance and attacked those who were loyal to Empress Viea. The resulting attack caused a massive ground battle on Korriban. Invidius himself wanted to personally assassinate Darth Ravinos and Darth Mantus, the man who was Ussej Padric Bac before he had begrudgingly turned to the dark side days earlier. Invidius found Mantus with Laili Jeyna Rendar, who was also the woman whom Ussej and Remer had saved from the Trandoshan traders some time earlier. Ravinos, however, had left before the attack began for Coruscant to speak with Empress Viea. Invidius engaged Mantus in a brutal duel, trying to make good on a promise he had made during the retaking of Centerpoint Station in which Invidius said he would have Ussej’s head on a stick before the war was over. However, during the battle, Mantus was redeemed by his feelings for Laili and became Ussej Padric Bac once again. Only moments later, he was able to seemingly kill Darth Invidius and fled with Laili to his nearby ship which they used to escape the planet for Coruscant.

During the battle on Korriban, the Republic and the Jedi launched a campaign to retake Coruscant from the hands of the Sith. During the battle, Apocalus was forced to put his experiments with the Sith Battle Lords aside and launch a coup de tat against Viea’s forces by firing on her fleet. During the battle, Apocalus ordered his forces to fire upon the Great Jedi Pyramid. After a few minutes of orbital bombardment, the ancient monastery was destroyed. Despite his victory over the Jedi, Apocalus’ vessels were overpowered by the loyalist and Republic vessels and were destroyed, taking the Dark Lord with them. Ussej and Laili made their way to the Sith Throne Room at the Galactic Senate where they were able to redeem Ravinos, thereby making him Kit Corwin Rendar once again. However, Viea lashed out at Ravinos for his betrayal and pierced his heart, causing him to collapse to the ground. Ussej engaged Viea and was able to break her leg, causing her to fall to the ground where he would have been able to kill her. Viea told him to do so, though he refused to kill anyone else, though he also refused to save her. He stepped back and the crumbling roof fell onto Viea, seemingly killing her. Ussej, Laili and Rendar, along with Rendar’s pregnant lover Aletra Jekkura who had also been in the room, escaped the throne room and made it back to their ship where Rendar died in the arms of his sister surrounded by Ussej and Aletra, as well as Damien Nightblade, Arael Maans and Ranka Darkbroode.

In space, the Sith forces were taking significant damage. While they were able to partially hold their ground against the Republic, the Mandalorian fleets arrived and helped the Republic obliterate many of the Sith vessels. Without a clear leader, the Sith all agreed that they would have to retreat from the planet and lose Coruscant. While some protested, the Sith commanders all agreed that it was the best course of action. Shortly thereafter, the Sith forces retreated from Coruscant. With Coruscant back into the hands of the Republic and the Sith forces in shambles, the Great Territorial War was over and the Republic and the Jedi were able to declare victory over the Third Sith Empire once and for all.


Though the Republic had been victorious in the final battle of the war, the victory was bittersweet as it came at great cost. Millions of Republic citizens were dead, the Jedi Order was in shambles and many parts of Coruscant were in ruins. The Republic military had also been reduced to a fraction of the size it had once been, reversing the progress made to rebuild it after the Jedi Civil War. Supreme Chancellor Urus Columba immediately ordered crews to begin rebuilding the city and to begin rebuilding the military, though he knew that the process would be slow as the Republic was also lacking in funds to make it a faster operation. Because the Great Jedi Pyramid had been destroyed by a Sith bombardment, the Jedi Order relocated to Dantooine where they expanded their Jedi Enclave to be able to support hundreds of Jedi at one time.

The Mandalorian Clans, who had helped the Republic defeat the Sith at Coruscant, found themselves in a desperate situation. Many of their soldiers and ships had been killed and destroyed at Coruscant, so they knew that it would be harder to survive and to feed their growing colonies on worlds such as Mandalore and Concord Dawn. Their estimates told them that they had enough supplies to last for only a century, during which time they would be forced to find other means of acquiring new resources or else watch as their people suffered and died.

Two weeks after the defeat on Coruscant, the Sith learned that Invidius had survived his brutal duel with Ussej Padric Bac and had traveled to Lehon, though his reasoning was unknown to them. The Sith gathered a great deal of ships, resources and soldiers to capture him and hunt down the rest of the Macabre Alliance members, but first made their way to Lehon. When they arrived, they captured him in the Temple of the Ancients and brought him to Ziost where they cast away his soul to the Citadel of Sorrow for his treachery. When the process was completed, they began a massive manhunt for the remaining members of the Macabre Alliance, searching all across the known galaxy for them.

During the search for the Sith traitors, many members of the Jedi Order took it upon themselves to launch rogue, guerrilla attacks against Sith forces. For nearly one year, the Jedi continued their assaults until, finally, the Jedi Council placed their support behind the guerrilla tactics. The attacks continued for five more weeks until the Sith forces felt that they had lost too many men, ships and resources in their search for the remaining Macabre Alliance members. Therefore, changing their initial opinions, the Sith put out word that they would accept the traitors back into their ranks in an effort to attempt to regroup and one day begin their conquests against the Republic and the Jedi once again.


To those who were involved, the Great Territorial War proved to be one of the most disastrous yet influential wars of the eight great wars that took place between, and including, the Great Hyperspace War and the Great Sovereign Crusades. Many of the events of the war had a large effect on the wars that followed, some of its aftermath even being a direct result of events in the war. The events of the war mainly affected the events of the Great Rim Lines War of four decades later, the first major galactic war after the retaking of Coruscant. The conflict traced its origins back to the aftermath of the Great Territorial War when the Third Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic were in shambles. The Republic’s infrastructure had been significantly weakened which called for the beginning of a lengthy reconstruction process. The Sith’s numbers continued to fall due to in-fighting and the Mandalorians, lacking allies, also felt the effects of a lack of supplies to continue funding their military. Much like they had during the early stages of the Mandalorian Wars, the Republic initially paid the Outer Rim sieges no mind, but eventually they were forced to enter into the conflict. The Republic lost every major engagement until the end of the war.

The final confrontation came when Cos Jonathan Dashin, a young Republic Colonel, was placed in command of the Republic fleet. He formulated a plan that would lure the entire Sith and Mandalorian army into a massive trap where they eventually ended up being destroyed on Dxun. As the Mandalorians barely limped away from the war, the Sith saw their numbers fall into the range of a few dozen, leaving open a gaping wound that would plant the seeds of the United Pirate Crusades and the Great Sovereign Crusades, the two major galactic wars that took place after the Great Rim Lines War.

The aftermath of the Great Territorial War also forced Ussej Padric Bac, Laili Jeyna Rendar and Aletra Jekkura to exile themselves into the Unknown Regions to avoid detection and execution at the hands of the Sith. They traveled for months throughout the Unknown Regions until Aletra went into labor with her child, who was also the child of the late Kit Corwin Rendar. Ussej landed them on a planet called Kal'Shabbol where they found the Bendu Order. Many within the order believed that Ussej was the one spoken of in an ancient prophecy known as the Prophecy of the Voyager. They said the prophecy foretold the coming of the Shaman of the ancient Order of the Whills, though Ussej was skeptical as to whether or not is true, let alone whether or not he would become the Shaman of the Whills. Ussej also learned that the Bendu Order had been created after a schism broke their original order, the Order of the Jedi Bendu of the Ophuchi, into two orders, including the Jedi Order. Ussej was shocked to find that Adena Qel-Droma had been correct all along.

For years as members of the Bendu order, Ussej and Laili attempted to negotiate with Husen Al-Dubrir, the tyrant of the neighboring world of Had Abaddon. They felt that they had made a major breakthrough, but that was all thrown away when their son, Ussej Padric Bac II, fell in love with Al-Dubrir’s daughter, Tesiana Al-Dubrir. At first, Ussej refused to fight in what became the Second Ashlan Civil War as he had vowed never to fight after killing Darth Viea. However, when his son’s life was in danger, he made his way into battle once again and helped push back Al-Dubrir’s forces. During the last few months of the war, Ussej discovered that Viea had survived and was the one who was truly leading the armies of Had Abaddon. Ussej met her in battle and they were both nearly evenly matched. In the end, Ussej defeated Viea once and for all, though the victor resulted in his own death.

Immediately following his death, he found himself on Ashlan Four in the presence of The Skywalker. The Skywalker spoke to him, saying that Ussej had indeed become the Shaman of the Whills. Ussej remained on Ashlan Four, uncovering the secret that led to retaining the specter bodily appearance after death. He later was able to influence Ussej Padric Bac III, Ussej Padric Bac LXIV and Patrick Keylan Bac in their respective journeys. If the Great Territorial War had not been fought, many believed that Ussej would not have gained any sort of prominence, and therefore would not have become influential as the Shaman of the Whills.

The actions of Stavan Jetzt also proved to be useful to the Sith during the Millennium of Hiding and the Clone Wars. The Sith Lord Darth Sidious became involved in politics under his birth name of Malus Palpatine and was elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic as a guise to deflect any suspicions that he might be the Dark Lord of the Sith. However, at the end of the war, Palpatine revealed himself to be Darth Sidious and brought about the final destruction of the Jedi Order, though with immense help from his apprentice Darth Vader. Years after proclaiming himself Galactic Emperor, Palpatine spoke about how Stavan Jetzt masquerading as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic influenced his decision to become involved in politics and destroy the Republic from within rather than from the outside.

Behind the scenes

The Great Territorial War was the first major conflict role-played by the members of TheStarWarsRP.Com. While elements from the LucasArts Role-Playing Board and Cyris’ Realm did influence the events of the war, the majority of the war was role-played on the old ProBoards site called The Star Wars RP from winter to autumn of 2005. However, a great deal of the role-play did not form a coherent storyline. Therefore, when Brandon Rhea incorporated the war into his Alternative Star Wars Saga, he kept the major events and the major players of the role-play but formed a more linear storyline. He also put his major character Ussej Padric Bac into many of the events that he was not in during the role-play in order to enhance the character’s storyline. Some Sith names have also been changed while others have been left intact. For example, Darth Alumnus was originally Darth Woe and was an homage to one of the original founders of The Star Wars RP. However, Rhea did not believe that the name 'Woe' was symbolic enough, so he changed it to Darth Alumnus which is a play on a Latin word for student or disciple. Other names from the role-play such as Darth Sin and Darth Midknight have not been changed, despite the little criticism that the names have received in the past.


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