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Annexation of the northern Outer Rim

Great Campaign

13 ABY


14 ABY


Imperial victory


Galactic Empire (Restoration)

New Republic


The Great Campaign was a massive offensive by the Galactic Empire under the Restoration against the New Republic beginning in 13 ABY, launched with the goal of retaking Coruscant and most of the Core Worlds. Striking from the remaining Imperial territories in the Core and the Inner Rim, as well as from the recently acquired sectors in the northern Outer Rim, Imperial fleets converged on Coruscant and other Republic worlds from several directions. The quickness and surprise of the assault caught the New Republic Defense Fleet off guard and allowed the Empire to make rapid gains.

It put an end to the Galactic Concordance signed in 5 ABY and briefly marked the restart of the Galactic Civil War, until the signing of the Chandrila Accord brought about a ceasefire.

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