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This article is about Jack Nebulax's article on the Gray Force. You may be looking for Darth Ultima's Gray Force article.
The Gray Force is not binded—or blinded—by the teachings of the Jedi or the Sith. There is no light; there is no dark. There is only the Force, as gray as it may be.
Revan, through the Gray Holocron

The Gray Force was a religious view that claimed there were no sides to the Force. Instead, the Gray Force was a combination of the light and dark sides. Therefore, users utilized both light and dark side Force powers, but with much greater control. The ability to control the Gray Force was rare, as it required students to perform long hours (sometimes even days) of meditation.

Users believed that individuals corrupted the neutral Gray Force to create the teachings of the light and dark sides. As a result, the few people in the galaxy who followed the ways of the Gray Force disliked both Jedi and Sith.

Users of the Gray Force are not to be confused with the Potentium-following Gray Jedi.


Through the Gray Force, I came to see the universe through a newborn's eyes. Infants have the power to see the galaxy through their own neutral point of view. It is a shame that infants grow up seeing the galaxy through older, more 'experienced' beings.
—Revan, through the Gray Holocron, to Jack Nebulax

It is believed that, during his hunt for the True Sith in the Unknown Regions in 3,955 BBY, the redeemed Revan came across teachings of the Gray Force by coming into contact with an unknown alien race. The teachings intrigued him, and he eventually settled on Had Abbadon, where he converted an ancient Jedi temple in which he explored the nature of the Gray Force.

In order to expand the Gray Force, Revan combined the light and dark side teachings he had learned as a Jedi and Sith respectively. He saw that many of the teachings could be used by either a Jedi or a Sith, further "confirming" that the Gray Force was the Force itself. Furthermore, he came to realize that many teachings belonging to either Force-wielding faction could be adapted to be used by a light- or darksider. Revan came to the conclusion that one's point of view on the Force was to blame for the different sides of the Force.

For an unknown amount of time, Revan continued to study the Gray Force in his solitude on Had Abbadon. He created a holocron, known as the Gray Holocron, in which he stored both the original information on the Gray Force and his own findings. He later departed Had Abbadon to defeat the True Sith, and it is believed that in doing so, he came to drop the Gray Force in favor of the light side.

Jack Nebulax would later discover the temple and the teachings of the Gray Force during the Galactic Empire's colonization of Had Abbadon. Nebulax, under Revan's tutelage, would go on to become a master of the Gray Force during the New Jedi Order era and teach many apprentices.