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The only way to avoid being killed is to become the killer.
—The Gray Assassin

The Gray Assassin was feared everywhere in the galaxy from Coruscant to Polus. He was a Mandalorian mercenary with silver and blue Mandalorian armor. He had a personal starfighter, a MorningStar-C starfighter which he named The Gray Phantom. He killed with ruthless efficiency and he did not leave any trace of evidence behind. He was hired by many crime lords to do what he did best, which was to kill. His biggest bounty was to kill the Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray, but, before he could kill him, Anakin Skywalker slaughtered all of the Trade Federation leaders. His skill with weapons was unmatched and his piloting skills were legendary. He used many weapons that had been used in the Clone Wars which he bought on the black market. He fought four Jedi when he was caught stealing from the Grand Archives and he killed them all. He fled Coruscant and hid for weeks traveling from planet to planet in search of a place to hide from the Republic. He was wanted by the Republic for the attempted murder of the Vice Chairman of The Galactic Senate, Mas Amedda. He was confronted by a unit of clones, who had the order to shoot on sight, but before they could take a shot at him, he threw a V-1 thermal detonator at them and flew away while laying down heavy fire with his A280 blaster rifle.

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