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Golden Age of the Republic

Granhar Cantina was a dining establishment on Qina. It was situated with an entrance to the main square in the Rin settlement. A blue and purple sign hung above the doorway and shrubs lined the outside. The facility had a main bar area and private seating along the side. It was the location where the Commenori Senator Hanik Regueny met with Catiene Gallien and "Grems" Lind to discuss what he had uncovered as a scheme by Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises executive Avar Zranik. Shortly thereafter, GIN Special Agent, investigating Regueny's actions, met up Senator Servius Valorum and her newly assigned team for the task, comprised of Lieutenant Waron Danstari and the Jedi Knight Shalli. Forensics expert Asana Lani, already a member of the team, was also present.


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