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Grace Logan was a Jedi, formerly in the Jedi Order. She was married to Jim Logan and mother to Kitty Logan, Jack Logan, and had a third child on the way.


Early life and the Jedi Order

Childhood and training

Not much was known currently about Grace's childhood. She was born on Coruscant and it was implied her father left her mother shortly after her birth. Grace was given to Mace Windu for a better life. During her training she would meet Nalek Jim Logan and although they didn't know it at the time, they would marry, and during their friendship, they would share a long, yet unnoticed kiss. Years later, with Jim being a Jedi Master, they would meet again and conceive a child. Jim wouldn't know this and wouldn't know for six years. After their meeting, they wouldn't see each other for about that amount of time, she would quietly move to Tatooine to raise the children.

Making the family whole

Meeting Jim again

Years later in 21 BBY Jim would be stationed on Tatooine where Jim would stumble upon Grace, Kitty and Jack while fighting the Confederacy of Independent Systems. There Jim and Grace would be happily re-united while Jim discovered they had children. Days later Jim would bring Grace, Kitty and Jack back to the Temple for training. In 20 BBY Jim and Grace would be happily married on Naboo. In 19 BBY after 2 Master changes for Kitty post-graduation, Grace along with Kitty and Jack. Later in the year, when the family met Jack Swordmenace, it was revealed Grace was expecting another child.


After making plans to see Kitty's friend Kat, Jim, Grace and Kitty were abducted during the night by Imperials and placed on the Empirical When Jim busted Kitty out, Jim found Grace being tortured by Darth Vader(at this time it is unknown what about), when Jim walked in, Vader had broken her neck, killing her, and her child she was carrying. Months later, when Jim was trying to resurrect her, Grace ordered him not to.

Behind the scenes

This character was created by Jim Logan based on Duchess

Grace's death was called a "Harsh mistake" by Matthew during writing, but was forced upon when developing a sequel. It is possible however, Grace will be revived.


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