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Golden Age of the RepublicRise of the Empire era

The Governmental Investigative Network, often abbreviated GIN, was an investigative arm of the Judicial Forces that handled primarily crimes and investigations against or involving members of the Judicial Forces. The organization was also capable of taking jurisdication from its sister organization, the Republic Protectorate, on larger cases involving members of the Senate if directed explicitly by the either the supreme chancellor or the governing body to do so. It employed approximately 3,700 beings on average.

The GIN became more involved in governmental investigations and terrorism plots during the chancery of Rosock Mekosk. The organization at the time was led by Ula Rekovivnav, until 711 BBY when it was handed over to Pelmar Aiden. One year after the election of Anwis Eddicus, Senator Servius Valorum, with permission from Chancellor Eddicus, instructed the GIN to investigate the dealings of Senator Hanik Regueny of Commenor. The investigation led to the uncovering of the conspiracy behind the Seswenna Security Crisis. The lead agent on the case, Special Agent Evening Delwynn teamed up with a couple members of the Jedi Order, including Jedi Masters Sidian Greystone and Fay, and the Jedi Knight Shalli. The head of the Thyferra office at the time was Eloban Slorfit, a long-time friend of Delwynn.



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