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Everyone has a past. Some haunt the present.

Golden Age of the Republic: Ghostly Images is the third Star Wars e-novel written by Fiolli. Set in the prosperous period after the Ruusan Reformation, the novel continues the crisis and intrigue within the Republic as individuals attempt to subvert the peace for personal gain.


It was a time when the Republic was at its height. Peace had been achieved with the close of New Sith Wars on Ruusan. The subsequent Ruusan Reformation changed the face of the galaxy, with sweeping reforms in the Republic military and the Jedi Order. Even with the Sith less visible, other menaces lurked within the Republic, aiming for its downfall. In spite of this, the Republic continued to prosper and expand; its wealth burgeoned and its society unaware of true hardship. Such stability and growth, however, came at a price. The price was the lives of the unseen heroes of the Republic's Golden Age: The heroes whose names may never grace the halls of honor.

The smoldering debris and dense smoke obstructed much of her view. The senator, thinking that she was fine, attempted to stand only to realize that she could not. Her legs would not move. 'Come on, Alta,' she mentally chided herself. No response came from her body, as she looked at the slab of duracrete on top of her legs. The senator struggled to maneuver the slab, only to realize that she was bleeding. She whipped off her seared jacket and pressed it hard against her crushed left leg. Fear grew exponentially as the crackling of the fire littered the hallway. Shouting was heard periodically, but no one ever passed by. Had Senators Valorum and Fraajic survived? How big had the blast been? Was her father fine? How could this have even happened? Somewhere, someone in the galaxy was applauding this senseless act. Someone yet to be revealed. Either the conspiracy went far beyond Eriadu, or the Republic was in a state of exceeding turmoil. Neither option seemed pleasant. Of course, nothing was as disheartening at that moment than being essentially paralyzed from the waist down.

Dramatis personae

  • Pelmar Aiden; Director, Governmental Investigative Network (Human male)
  • Palt Bimwera; Medical Examiner, Governmental Investigative Network (Human male)
  • B'Rhea; Governor-general of Eriadu (Human male)
  • Waron Danstari; Judicial Forces Pilot (Human male)
  • Evening Delwynn; Senior Agent and Lead Investigator, Special Case Team, Governmental Investigative Network (Human female)
  • Alta Eddicus; Senator from Taanab (Human female)
  • Anwis Eddicus; Supreme Chancellor (Human male)
  • Catiene Gallien; Financier (Human female)
  • Sidian Greystone; Jedi Master (Near-Human male)
  • Asana Lani; Forensics expert, Special Case Team, Governmental Investigative Network (Twi'lek female)
  • Mithrel Merian; Senator from Alderaan (Human male)
  • MR-A7 (called "Emra"); MR series utility droid
  • Aulus Plinius; Holoreporter (Human male)
  • Shalli; Jedi Knight (Omwati female)
  • Hazar Tordana; Owner and CEO of Czerka Arms (Human male)
  • Servius Valorum; Senator from Coruscant (Human male)
  • Sans Venret; Mercenary (Duros male)
  • Yoda; Grand Master of the Jedi Order (male)
  • Avar Zrakin; Chief Executive, Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises (Human male)



The article is in progress, and is posted as Fiolli deems. Until the novel is complete, portions of the work are subject to significant revision.


This work aims to not conflict with canon, as established by Lucasfilm, Ltd.; although accidental conflicts might occur. All terms copyrighted by Lucasfilm, Ltd. are their sole intellectual property, and the author does not seek to infringe on those copyrights. At the same time, all intellectual rights to other properties, including storyline and prose belong to Fiolli. All comments should be left on the author's talk page or on the novel's talk page. Lastly, edits to the novel should be confined to spelling and grammar corrections. If a conflict of canon arises, please leave a note on the talk page.

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