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Golden Age of the Republic
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Aban Fiolli


January 2009


Peace and prosperity comes at a price, a hefty price.


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Golden Age of the Republic


718–699 BBY

Peace and prosperity comes at a price, a hefty price.

Golden Age of the Republic is a fanon series by Aban Fiolli that highlights a portion of the Galactic Republic's Golden Age and its struggles during the Seswenna Security Crisis. In an age of relative peace and prosperity, the price of the stability is paid by those who keep the peace. The principal protagonist is the Governmental Investigative Network Special Agent Evening Delwynn, a woman who had experienced the loss of her family years prior. Those events shaped her view but also proved to be foundational to how the galaxy destabilized. Delwynn found herself in the cross-hairs of a Republic-wide conspiracy that had originated in the Outer Rim Seswenna sector. Other major characters in the series include Supreme Chancellor Anwis Eddicus, GIN Director Pelmar Aiden, Senators Alta Eddicus and Servius Valorum, political figures B'Rhea and Cos Peradhi, GIN agents Waron Danstari and Asana Lani, business men Avar Zranik and Hazar Tordana, Jedi Sidian Greystone, Fay, Yoda, Shalli, m'Ord Vinka and Starbuck, as well as the bounty hunters Ko and Sans Venret.

Currently, there are two novels in first release and a third that is being written with an expected first release by January 2012. A set of Fact Files and a series of articles on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki also accompany the series. The series is furthered by the creation of short stories, called Snapshots that highlight from the persective of one of the principal characters a key event that shaped their lives. For Chancellor Eddicus, it was the death of his wife in The Passing. For B'Rhea, it was the day he executed his political rival in The Suppression.

Works and chronology

Chronologically, the events of the series begins circa 718 BBY and progresses through a period of nearly twenty years.

Title Chronology Medium Release date
The Passing AR 289 (711 BBY) Snapshot, as told by Anwis Eddicus 2011-07-04
The Call AR 289 (711 BBY) Snapshot, as told by Pelmar Aiden 2012-01-23
The Suppression AR 295 (705 BBY) Snapshot, as told by B'Rhea 2011-04-25
The Discovery AR 298 (703–702 BBY) Snapshot, as told by Sidian Greystone Planned
Hidden Truths AR 298 (703–702 BBY) Novel 2010-01-11
Secret Agendas AR 298 (702 BBY) Novel 2011-04-05
Ghostly Images AR 298 (702 BBY) Novel In progress
The Fall AR 298 (702 BBY), concurrent with part of Ghostly Images Snapshot, featuring Shalli Planned
The Rise AR 299 (702–701 BBY) Snapshot Planned
The Return AR 299 (701 BBY) Snapshot, as told by Dawn Starskipper Planned


The author of the Golden Age of the Republic series intended to expound upon a gap in canon coverage to create a story that fit together the politics of the Seswenna sector, the history of Anwis Eddius, and the shifting landscape of the Jedi Order into an entire metastory. As a result, it was created to not conflict with canon, barring dramatic changes to the era by LucasFilm Licensing. Stories set in the Golden Age of the Republic series, as well as articles on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki receive the desiganation P for level of canon. It refers to its plausibility and as an homage to the term "pasta bowl" that the author used when reviewing articles as an Inquisitorius member on Wookieepedia. Fiolli has an expressed interest in referencing other individual's fanon creations, if they fit into the LFL-designated canon and do not conflict with the arcs in the series.


All terms in the Star Wars franchise are property of LucasFilm Licensing and not the creator of the Golden Age of the Republic series. The creative content is released into the CC-by-SA copyright of the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, but all terms property of LFL remain their intellectual property.

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