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Gold Is A Winner's Dream is a book by Sharpay Sutler, also known as Leia Stone. It explains the story of BFFLAAD Season Two and the people surrounding them. The original ideas behind this book came from the author's childhood experience of playing with Lego. Gold Is A Winners Dream was originally titled BFFLAAD SEason 2, and work on this book began in 2003. It's name changed in 2007 to Gold Is A Winners Dream because of the ending of the book. Many of the Chapter names changed,too. Some new characters were added in the later half of the book. The book sees it's main characters proceed through the Clone Wars and into the Galactic Civil War. A Prologue was initially written but has since been abandoned. The Epilogue, however has remained in the completed text and is the only 'chapter' to explain the title fully.



  • Gold Is A Winners Dream/Chapter One -When The Part Starts
  • Gold Is A Wiiners Dream/Chapter Two-Break Up!
  • Chapter Three -Rain On His Parade
  • Chapter Four -The Purge
  • Chapter Five -Playing By The Rules (initially titled Karate Kid)
  • Chapter Six -Jabba's Revenge
  • Chapter Seven -Double Rescue (initially titled Wonderwall)
  • Chapter Eight -Chapter 8 (8 Ball)
  • Chapter Nine -The Idiot Returns
  • Chapter Ten -A New Hope... Hardly
  • Chapter Eleven -The Idiot Strikes Back
  • Chapter Twelve -The Phantom... Wait
  • Chapter Thirteen -The Boy In The Fett PJ's
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B-1 battle droid (ASWS)


  • Rex leaves to Coruscant
  • Capture of Shade Laonash Kenobi
  • Shade breaks from capture
  • C.I.S Defeated
  • Empire formed
  • New C.I.S formed
  • R2 into exile
  • Shade joins the Galactic Empire
  • Death Star I Destroyed...


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Back Cover (Geonosis)

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