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So this is it? My former arch-enemy comes to rescue me and asks me to fight with him for a greater good? Forget it. I’m not that mad.
—Gladus Tite to Ronan Barec

Gladus Tite had been an assassin, a murderer and wanted criminal with death sentences on countless systems, before he returned to his roots and joined the Mandalorian ranks during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


Gladus by tercado Smallcolors

Gladus Tite, assassin

Although born on Mandalore, Tite had never really shared much with his culture, since he exiled from his homeworld in young years after his whole family had found a mysterious death. Just as his childhood, the next two decades of his life remained shaded in only rumors and speculation. However, even before his twenties, Tite was known to have been in all kinds of prisons. He had made himself a reputation in the underworld as a relentless, coldblooded, but highly efficient assassin and murderer-for-hire. By the time of his late thirties, he had become a wanted convict on numerous systems with a high price on his head that attracted the attention of many a notorious bounty hunter. It was rumored that Gladus had been a key-player in the assassinations of several high-ranked politicians, and that he even had a personal feud with ShenCresh Ops, especially with the Mandalorian Ronan Barec, although the reasons and motives of this remained unknown.

Things changed for the professional, however, when the bounty hunter Crane, who Tite had had to deal with before, caught the outlaw and delivered him to a triple-max prison on the rough planet of Rattatak in 28 ABY. There, he was confronted not only with his past and his legacy as a Mandalorian, but also with hordes of Yuuzhan Vong invading the planet, and once more, it turned out that Tite had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Later, he joined the Mandalorian Protectors and fought alongside other Mandalorian supercommandos like Ronan Barec, Altair Jiriad and Ayden Stone against the Yuuzhan Vong. Barec even welcomed Tite into Clan Barec.

Tite's fate after the war, however, remained shaded in speculation and rumors, just like his life before the war.
GladusTite nTwilek

Gladus, confronted with a Twi'lek Peace Brigader

Physical appearanceEdit

Standing over two meters tall, broad shouldered and with a heavy, burly build, Gladus Tite was not someone you would pick a brawl with. Yet, somehow, due to his twisted and unclear ancestry, he was still agile enough to be a master in sword-fighting, skilled in a wide variety of bladed weapons—a talent that proved to be of great use in combat against Yuuzhan Vong.

In his late fifties, he had long lost the handsome face he used to have as a kid, and a deep, impressive scar scored his forehead and ran through his right eye. Gladus had average short, graying brown hair, and a mustache and goatee around his gruff mouth. His skin was callous, weathered and tanned by years of sun exposure.

Character traitsEdit

Do me a favor and keep an eye or two on Tite. I’m not alone saying that I have done lots of things I regretted later. Questionable things, bad things. But that’s nothing compared to what that… man… has done. Nobody should be in company with him.
Goran Beviin to Ronan Barec
Gladus Tite by Daennika

Gladus contemplating about all the bloodshed

With the past of a coldblooded murderer-for-hire, Tite wasn't the person you would have look after your kids, either. But while being a grim, relentless, cold, and some might even say heartless man, Gladus wasn't a reckless idiot—he was a professional, after all, and although he got any job done without asking questions, he knew where his boundaries lay. Whereas he took all sorts of jobs, he was known not to unnecessary spill innocent blood, unlike others in his branch who left whole massacres behind.
GladusTiteVSvong by itmon andCorranFett

A beardless Gladus taking on several Vong, his face smeared with blood

While he was not a restless man, Gladus did have problems to strike roots. There was no place he could call home—not even a personal ship for that matter—apart from small apartments on various planets the only purpose of which was that of a save house. Possessions one grew close to, which could become trademark features others could easily recognize, were only a careless endangerment in his line of work, something Tite had had to learn the hard way in his early career. But with growing age, even a man with his past starts to consider settling down, and especially after Ronan Barec dragged him back to his Mandalorian roots, Gladus would regard things differently than a few years earlier.

Equipment and gearEdit

Gladus tite face

Gladus Tite

Before joining the Mandalorian ranks, Tite had never worn a Mandalorian armor. Usually, he used different gear and weapons suited best for the operations he had taken as an assassin. However, Gladus had always shown a great penchant for all sorts of knives, blades, and swords. So after his comrade Altair Jiriad, an armorer, forged an armor out of pure Mandalorian iron for him, Gladus kept up that bias.

He painted his armor in matte black, with crimson blood stripes running down its left and the word "kyramud" on the chest—why he chose blood stripes resembling Corellian bloodstripes remained one of the many things Tite has never talked about. Gladus varnished the suit with blades of all sizes, from hidden spikes over retractable vibroblades in his gauntlets to two heavy beskade, ancient Mandalorian scimitars forged out of Mandalorian iron. Under the armor plates, Gladus wore a dark-green bodysuit and a traditional kama.

On the shoulderpads, he bore the Mandalorian insignia and the emblem of a commando squad led by Ronan Barec. His helmet was adorned by the insignia of Clan Tite, in honor to his dead family, as well as the emblem of his new clan, Clan Barec.

Behind the scenesEdit

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His name is from gladius (Latin for "sword") and titus, what is a Roman praenomen or given name that derived from titulous (Latin for "title of honor").

The Appearances listed below are fan-fiction stories by Corran_Fett (me). Gladus's history isn't complete, because it would spoil the stories.