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Gibranna was a Hutt crime lord who worked mainly off of Nar Shadaa. He was killed by the bounty hunter Ryluk Shouja in 24 BBY when he kidnapped Lymie Chamna.

Gibranna was an average Hutt; greedy, cruel, and extremely obese. He had, however, enough muscle mass underneath his fat to motivate himself at a decent pace; not fast enough to outrun a humanoid, but fast enough to get from one place to another in a decent amount of time.

The Hutt built a large palace, where he stored his wealth, and built supply depots for his illegal substances on non-Republic worlds, where he could operate without any risk to his supply caches. Gibranna was known to be quite compulsive, which ended up being his bane in the end, although it gained him a lot of money during his life.

After inviting Ryluk Shouja to stay to "watch the festivities," Gibranna took Lymie as a guarantee that the bounty hunter would not try to harm him. Whether the Hutt knew of the assassination plot or was just paranoid is undetermined, but the fact remains that he kidnapped the fiancée of arguably the most dangerous man in the galaxy.

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