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The Ghralaz-class bomber was a Sith fighter that carried an enormous payload of weapons and explosives. It was almost exclusively used in combination with other fighters for escort, due to its slow speed and relatively lack of maneuverability.

Unique among Sith fighters, the Ghralaz was designed as a double-ovaloid shape, with one "egg" sitting atop and to the rear of the other. The fore pod housed the pilot, who controlled two of the laser cannons and the ion cannons, as well as the ship as a whole. The rear pod housed the gunner, who controlled the missile payload and a single laser cannon which could be used as a last-ditch counterattack against a fighter attack from the front. The missiles and torpedoes were mounted on wings that curved off the joint connecting the two pods. The Ghralaz could be flown by a single pilot and the ordnance linked to his controls, but this drastically decreased targeting capabilities and effectiveness. As a last-ditch attack, using the Ghralaz as a suicide attack could create a massive explosion, often more effective than the fighter by itself could be.

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