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We must unite as one in order to drive back the chaos and anarchy that are the rebels! Join me my brothers!
—Gerear Hilnew

Gerear Hilnew was a human male Grand Admiral who commanded Battlegroup Revenant during his service to the Galactic Empire and in its last days. He would later be betrayed twice, once by Darth Vader, and again by Jorell Lathfer, which resulted in his death.


Military Career

As evidenced by his incredibly high rank of Grand Admiral, Gerear Hilnew was an incredible military officer. In all his time in the navy, it is rumored that he has never been defeated in battle, no matter what he faced. He would eventually become revered for his low casualty rate under his command, even down to his Stormtroopers. Feeling threatened, Darth Vader exiled him and his Battlegroup Revenant in the farthest reaches of Imperial space, where he would hunt pirates and quell rebellions.


After the death of Emperor Palpatine and the losses the Empire had taken from the New Republic, Hilnew was one of the first Imperial leaders to rally the splintered forces. Hilnew and hundreds of other Imperial leaders met at the world of Korrus, where they would plan a strategy to combat the New Republic and put an end to the rebels. though he still clung to old hatreds since he planned on wiping out those who had betrayed him. During the meeting, they were attacked by Fleet Admiral Gial Ackbar, resulting in his betrayal from Jorell Lathfer who saught to create a power vacuum. Jorell would go on and lead the fleet that he had formed after his death.


Following Hilnew's death and the end of the Galactic Civil War, Republic and Imperial commanders would often study his earlier battles in order to utilize his tactics as their own.

Personality and traits

Amongst the soldiers of the Empire, particularly those often considered cannon fodder, Gerear was a hero of the Empire. This status was the cause of his exile from the lime light. This act of betrayal from those he was initially loyal towards geared him towards readying for Vader's downfall, whether it be by his hands or another.

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