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The term General referred to a military rank used in the faction of the Imperial Remnant known as the Dark Order of Korr. General was the second highest rank that could be obtained by the Order's military leaders, outranked only by the Warlords and Jaden Korr himself. Although the Warlords commanded significantly larger forces, there were fewer Generals than Warlords. This was due to Korr's promotion of his Dark Jedi into the ranks of the Warlords, his reasoning based solely on their abilities with the force. As a result, all but a few of the Warlords were Dark Jedi, while the more properly trained and experienced leaders were forced down into lower ranks.

Generals typically commanded fleets consisting of eight Imperial-class Star Destroyers, fifteen cruisers, and forty-six corvettes. These task forces, dubbed "General Fleets", were primarily tasked with the expansion of the Dark Order's territory and the capture of enemy planets, while protection of the Order's planets was tasked to local sector forces commanded by lesser military leaders.

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