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Gem Reytal was a Drakonus female. She was a cargo transporter-turned-political appointee who was married to Shaydow Tynblade.


Gem was born on Rykar in 23 ABY. At roughly age thirty-seven she took to piloting. Finding that she actually enjoyed being out among the stars, she started to travel farther and farther.

In 134 ABY she had taken a young Drakonus under her wing and brought the boy to Nar Shaddaa with her. At this time she met Shaydow Tynblade. Finding the other Drakonus to be annoying and egotistical, she continued to travel widely, returning to Rykar from time to time. Over the next eight years Shaydow continue to pursue the woman. Seeing how her constant refusal of the "the Drakonus messiah"'s advances had actually stopped Shaydow from pursuing anyone else, she began to talk to him on occasion.

By 142 ABY she was on a consistent talking basis with the man. In 145 ABY she finally showed the other Drakonus her homeworld of Rykar. She was surprised to find that he was interested in the place. He left the known galaxy behind to settle on Rykar, leaving only to offer his homeworld to Rin Sakaros's Golden Empire.

In 147 ABY Gem moved into a home of Shaydow's. She fought in the Defense of Rykar during the Nightmare War, and in 150 ABY Gem and Shaydow were finally married with Rykar firmly part of the Golden Empire. In the same year, Gem began a sort of apprenticeship with Noelle, Consul of Rykar and Shaydow's governing partner. Though she initially had little interest in politics, Gem's work developing a spaceport on Rykar slowly nurtured her desire to lead. By the time Noelle assumed the role of Procurator of the Kelltae sector in 152 ABY, Gem was ready to be named her successor as Consul.

In 151 ABY, Gem delivered twin boys, Tenebrous and Draze.

Appearance and personality

In Human form, Gem stood 1.70 meters (5'7") tall, and had tan skin, brown hair, and deep blue eyes. In dragon form, she grew to 1.91 meters (6'3") and had black skin, wings, and tail.

Both Shaydow and Noelle, two of those closest to Gem, considered her headstrong and determined. Noelle and Rin Sakaros both also saw Gem's latent leadership talents, and Noelle took it upon herself to coax them to the surface.

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