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I do not wish to be bound by such power. I wish to be able to weave it to create beauty, not pandemonium. Stability.―Geist Weiss[src]

Lord Geist Weiss was an alchemist of the resurgent Sith Empire that eventually rose as Shadow Hand of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vereor. He was born on Empress Teta, hailing from the noble House of Weiss, one of the political rivals of the House of Es Cade, the royal bloodline. Before his Force sensitivity was recognized and acknowledged, the Cinnagaran nobleman spent a significant amount of time in the Sage Halls of Empress Teta, reading up on the Force, something that fascinated him. However, this fascination would eventually lead him on the path to the Sith.

After the death of his father, he joined the Sith where he would be trained under Lebon Schwarz and later Darth Kayos. At a very young age, Geist mastered Sith alchemy and Force Illusion, a magnificent achievement that would lead him to several offers to become a Sith Lord and be seen as a master of illusions. Though he never officially became a Sith Lord, his power was considered that of the level of a Sith Lord, though was rarely demonstrated as the alchemist preferred to avoid fighting himself. His abilities in espionage and alchemy helped the New Sith Imperium greatly in the Sith Insurrection and the Third Galactic Civil War, where Weiss crushed the Imperial Knights and framed the Galactic Alliance in the assassination attempt of a Mandalore. He would don several personas such as Christian Shepherd and Dmitri Valentyne over the years and eventually become Shadow Hand to the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vereor.


Early life

Jedi Council, I am in lament. I mourn the illusion that I had of the Jedi when I was a kid on Empress Teta. Defenders of peace. Protectors of the galaxy.―Geist Weiss, pretending to sadden while addressing the Jedi Council[src]

Geist Weiss believed that the past dragged people down, causing them to miss opportunities and chances in life. When he joined the Sith, he worked hard to erase most of the traces of his past. The only known surviving records were in the possession of the House of Es Cade. As such, most of his past was shrouded in mystery.[1]

What was known was that Geist was born on the world of Empress Teta sometime before Darth Aevum and her Sith cohorts took over the Elyurius Empire, an empire once known as the Fel Empire. His father had been the Lord of Weiss, one of the ruling nobles on Empress Teta. It was believed that as a child, Geist visited the Sage Halls of Empress Teta multiple times during his childhood, reading up on the Jedi. Geist never joined the New Jedi Order due to personal beliefs that if one could use the Force, they should use it whenever they wanted.[1]

Geist's father was upset about his son's decision not to join the Jedi. Geist had developed an ego over his Force sensitivity and was baffled why his father wanted to order him around. His father was not Force sensitive, so the boy did not believe his father had the the right to choose his fate. While arguing with his father one evening, Geist accidentally flung his father out a window, in which the lord's body painted the ground below red. Geist was shocked by two things: first, about what he had done, not meaning to throw his father, and second that he found himself caring little that his father, one not "chosen," died.[1]

Fleeing Empress Teta and finding the Sith

Do you really think that by waltzing in here, we'll just give you a pair of yellow contacts and a shiny new lightsaber? We're not desperate like the Jedi. If you really intend to join the Sith fully, prove it.
Dr. Barrel challenging Geist Weiss' choice to join the Sith

Geist felt that he could not stay on Empress Teta. Emperor Caye Es Cade may have hated the Lord of Weiss, but he respected him. The Weiss heir didn't stand a chance if he was caught. Thus, the boy immediately grabbed as many credits as he could and stole his father's space yacht, Teta's Pride. He fled to look for the group of people he felt would accept him: Sith. With the Sith in hiding and not even knowing if the Sith existed, it took him some time before he found Sith on a space station called Lacrima. The inhabitants were skeptical of a nobleman hailing from deep within Galactic Alliance space would want to join the Sith. The director of the space station decided to send Geist to Ziost as to make him their problem.[1]

Geist was shipped to Ziost. The Sith on the icy planet treated the boy as an outcast. Many of the acolytes played pranks on the Empress Teta nobleman and one Twi'lek acolyte even attempted to assassinate Weiss, with the latter killing the former; this demonstration showed the headmaster of the Ziost academy at the time, Darth Crysis, that this Sith hopeful's talents lied in manipulation of the Force.[1]


Power. Such an interesting concept. Power seems to be the motivation for the Sith of all ages. Power is always good to have, as long as two things are done: not getting too greedy which results in betrayal, and not being too paranoid that you take out useful people in attempts to keep power.
—Geist Weiss answering Lebon Schwarz about the Sith's view on power.

Geist Weiss was transferred to Yavin IV, which the Sith had refitted the abandoned Jedi stronghold into an academy famous for its art of Sith Sorcery. Darth Mortis, master of the Yavin IV academy, assigned Givin Marauder Lebon Schwarz to teach the new acolyte in the ways of the Sith. Lebon was a high-profiled alchemist and was skeptical about training a boy hailing from a Jedi-filled planet. However, Geist showed great talent with the Force, leading Lebon to bequeath upon the boy the ancient art of Sith Alchemy. Sith Alchemy turned out to be Geist's calling. His proficiency rivaled that of Lebon's colleagues, such as Makkun Telkanin. Geist began to grow an obsession over art during this time, which had developed from Lebon's attempt to find a passion for Geist to feed off of, as power and wealth failed to entice the novice alchemist. During his time as an acolyte, Weiss' greatest accomplishment was creating the White Coffin, a container capable of protecting the person inside or imprisoning someone.[1]

Lebon Schwarz

During his apprenticeship, Geist learned how to create illusions, including the Dopplegänger type. Weiss decided to throw away his past. With the help of a hacker, he had most of the records pertaining to him outside of the Sith Order destroyed. He then developed his signature illusion, in which making his flesh appear metallic and faceless.[1]

Ascension to Marauder and death of Lebon Schwarz

It's not that I tricked you, it's just that I know things are shaky between us and thought it would be best to end things with a 'bang.'
—Geist Weiss after Lebon's lightsaber explodes.

After a few years, Geist Weiss obtained the attention of a Sith Lord named Darth Kayos, Schwarz's former master. She was interested in taken the raising alchemist under her wing in attempt to win more influence in the Dark Council. The Sith Lord obtained retribution by Lebon Schwarz abandoning her by promoting Geist to the rank of Marauder, transforming the Cinnagaran into Schwarz's equal hierarchically.[1]

Lebon Schwarz did not take the news well. He had planned on using his apprentice to raise to the mantle of Dark Master. With Geist gone, his scheme was thwarted. A sore loser, Lebon sought revenge. He could not take on Kayos directly, so he went after his former student. Pretending to want to meet with Geist to give him farewell, Lebon tricked him into meeting at Lebon's private temple on Yavin IV. However, Weiss had sensed the deceit and laid a trap of his own. He gave Lebon a lightsaber infused with Sith Alchemy as a parting gift, claiming it had been enhanced to overcome any normal lightsaber. Lebon accepted it, the gift boosting his confidence.[1]

Geist and Lebon talked for a while. When Weiss went to leave, Lebon ignited the lightsaber his former acolyte had given him, hoping to use the added properties to overcome the illusionist and slaughter him. However, Geist had lied about the lightsaber. With Lebon's mind focused on the betrayal to come, he had overlooked the sabotage to the weapon. When the lightsaber was ignited, it was rigged to explode, incinerating Lebon's left hand and most of his arm. In pain, Lebon struggled to reach his lightpike. However, his dominant hand was gone and thus was in a disadvantage. The Givin attempted to defeat Geist but was outmatched by his opponent, who used an assortment of illusions and doppelgangers to confuse the injured Marauder. Kayos' new student finally used the Force to dislodge a stone block from the temple's structure and crushed the Givin's head, killing Kayos' old student. [1]

Weiss would later use Lebon Schwarz's temple as a base of operations when on Yavin IV.[9]

Chaotic years under Kayos

There is no will of the Force. The universe is chaos. Life is made of random actions that create who we are. Beings cannot be harmonious with one another because they are, in essence, animalistic creatures driven by instinct. Do not avoid this. Use chaos to further your aims and your powers, for chaos brings darkness to existence.
—Lesson from the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, which Kayos was fond of.

Darth Kayos was a known rival of Darth Judicar, the personal apprentice of Dark Lady of the Sith Darth Aevum. Kayos, for years, had been working to undermine Judicar and become the apprentice to Darth Aevum. She had put her hands into warriors and sorcerers, even alchemists. However, all of the Sith she attempted to sway to her tended to either die in service or betray her, such as Lebon Schwarz had done. This time, Kayos hoped to prevent the same happening to her latest catch. During Geist's first week on the Emperor's Fist, Kayos kept a close eye on him. However, as time passed, her fears began to lessen.[1]

Geist was trained harshly, as to be more useful to Kayos. He was psychologically trained and tormented, to be able to master his ability to lie and not fear torture. Though the former succeeded, the latter failed. The torments he received he later used on other subjects for experimentation, though it is said Kayos used methods not even the Cinnagaran nobleman dared use. His main areas of focus were alchemy and sorcery. While under Kayos, Geist began training acolytes himself. His most prominent was Sia Zle'tey, a male Twi'lek. Zle'tey would later work alongside his master in several projects.[1]

Fall of an empire

Andy... what are you talking about? They can't have broken you! I mean, for goodness' sake, I'm a jellyfish compared to you and I'm still standing. Come on. I know you have more fire in the belly than that.Orion Rex to Andromeda Delion[src]

The Sith were priming to execute a coup d'etat in the Elyurius Empire.[10] Like many Sith, Geist Weiss was enlisted to aid in the infiltration effort. However, his disappearance after his father's death was an issue. As money had been stolen and no suspects had been found, Darth Kayos and Geist decided to alter events to appear as if it had been a robbery and kidnapping. Hiring a known kidnapper and sending him to a space station called Fallline where he was killed by a security officer under the Sith's pay. Weiss was "rescued" and was brought into the media's lights. The kidnapper was blamed for killing the deceased Lord of Weiss, the missing credits, and the disappearance of the lord's son.

The new Lord of Weiss only stayed on Empress Teta for a week. Claiming that Empress Teta held too much pain after experiencing his father's death, he ventured to the Elyurius Empire, acting interested in science. With the aid of an Imperial Knight under Judicar's influence, Geist was brought into the empire's research-and-development division, which was supervised by the Imperial Knights.

Electra Kadmon

Weiss worked alongside the division's chief, Electra Kadmon, who had felt sympathetic towards the orphan. His main project was working on Project VICE, which created the AI ADIM Kadmon using an ancient prototype and named after the project's leader.[1][11]

One person grew suspicious of Geist Weiss' story: the vice director of the empire's intelligence network, Andromeda Delion. At first, the illusionist thought he would have to eliminate Delion, but with some work, he managed to tempt her over to the Sith's cabal, which led the vice director to turn on her boss, Orion Rex.[12]

When the coup occurred, the Imperial Knights were in a frenzy. Emperor Luthor Elyurius was slain, and his honor guard had been killed or captured. The Knight-Commander, Iona Peller, barely managed to escape, along with many other Imperial Knights, such as the Emperor's Hound, Bellatrix La Rouge. Electra Kadmon, an Imperial Knight herself, was not so lucky. When the pandemonium began, Weiss decapitated Kadmon, quelling the R&D division.[10]

After the coup, Geist led the R&D division for a couple months before handing it over to another. However, his service with the R&D division led to the new empress, Darth Aevum, presenting the alchemist with a project idea. Kayos accepted the challenge for her student, hoping to use this chance to gain prestige in Aevum's eyes.

Project Saligia

Origin of sin

Our experiments are going better than hoped. The children we've warped have been most interesting test subjects. Earlier today, #8 managed to drain the life of one of the prisoners you sent us. #3 and #17 have shown great usage of Force Horror; however, they have little control, affecting one of our researchers. I'd appreciate it if you could send your apprentice, Darth Judicar, to inspect the place and make sure everything is going how you want it to.Dr. Barrel's report to Darth Aevum[src]

Darth Aevum had tasked the alchemist with researching the mind and developing a way to brainwash young children so that they would become ideal Sith soldiers. Geist was brought to Lacrima, which would be the site of the project. The project was to be dually run by Geist and the space station's director, Dr. Barrel. Darth Kayos enlisted herself as supervisor, bringing Sia Zle'tey along to serve as her aide.

Weiss found the mind an interesting thing, finding it amusing to see how amplifying certain emotions would have drastic effects, especially in regards to the Force. One of Geist's focuses was sin, how different emotions related to them. The project would later be named Project Saligia, after the acronym of Geist's seven theoretical ideal archetypes: Superbia, Avaritia, Luxuria, Invidia, Gula, Ira, and Acedia.

Emotions weren't the only subject of his research; so were memories. Aevum, like many Sith before her, wanted immortality and the most successful of attempts were Dark Transfers. She believed that if the person's memories were altered to replicate that of herself, she'd be able to succeed in overcoming the person's will and take over that person's body; Geist would dub these brainwashed people as 'Sinners'. Geist tried this theory out by brainwashing subjects into thinking they were Geist Weiss or Sia Zle'tey.

Sketch of #16

There were side experiments, though. Under the jurisdiction of Jerome Bradley, Experiment #16 was created. Unlike the other subjects where a focus had been on brainwashing to become bodies for other Sith, this one was procured focusing on lethality and exploration. His eyes were removed and tentacles were transplanted. The end result appeared like a mutant version of Geist's metallic illusion. He put the experiment into storage and years later Darth Inanio would request #16 be reactivated.[13]

End of Saligia and death of Darth Kayos

Darth Aevum wanted to see the fruits of their research so Weiss and Kayos brought one of the "Geist" Sinners to Bastion. Aevum was impressed, and ordered the project to be moved on to the next phase, which involved Kayos attempting Dark Transfer on a 'Kayos' Sinner.

However, when journeying back, it was learned that an accident had occurred on the Lacrima while the Sith Lord and apprentice had been away. A Sinner known as #17 had caused massed hysteria on the space station using Force Horror. The staff had gone berserk, killing each other, including the director. Even worse, a pair of Jedi, Elkaid and Augustus Primus Leonus, had infiltrated the place shortly afterwards, killing Zle'tey and freeing #17.[14]

Geist scrapped Project Saligia publicly, but secretly worked on it on the side, taking all the data that was salvageable from the Lacrima and brought it to one of Geist's hideouts.[3]

Ever since Aevum had assigned her apprentice to the project on Lacrima, Darth Kayos had been one of its greatest champions. With the fall of Project Saligia, she became the laughing stock of the Sith Lords; even her lover, Darth Oseth, was beginning to doubt her. Kayos decided she'd make Geist her scapegoat. However, her student was cunning and would not go down easily, so she schemed to have him killed. She felt lucky when one of his rivals, Xezgul Azool, contacted Darth Kayos with information that Geist would be leaving for the Emperor's Fist aboard Teta's Pride. Kayos secretly boarded the ship, determined to kill her apprentice after liftoff and destroy the ship.[1]

The ship took off, but Kayos had not felt anyone board. A doppelganger appeared in the form of Azool. However, she discovered that it was not the real one. Weiss had disguised himself as the Falleen Marauder and had tricked Kayos into boarded a ship remotely controlled by himself and rigged to explode. With a farewell to his former master, the illusionist destroyed his ship, killing Kayos.[1]

Christian Shepherd and the Skeith Centrality

Only by learned both the light and dark sides of the Force may we find perfect harmony in which the galaxy may be led into an utopia of peace, with no fighting, no manipulating. The Force users are the key to paradise, and it is our job to teach them the necessary tools for achievement.―Christian Shepherd[src]

When Project Saligia was in its prime, Darth Kayos had nominated Geist Weiss as a candidate for Sith Lord, hoping to have him as an ally in the Dark Council. Years before, Darth Crysis had nominated the young alchemist due to his abilities. When Geist had tricked Kayos onto that ship and led to her death, Geist had earned Darth Oseth's nomination. With three nominations from three Sith Lords, Geist was in a position to possibly become a Sith Lord. With Kayos' death, there was an open seat in the Dark Council, thus improving his odds. However, when the chance came, he declined. He was motivated by his work, his "art," and believed that as a Sith Lord, he would have less time to work on his 'art'.[1]

Geist Weiss disguised as Christian Shepherd

The declination was a shock to the Sith community. No one had ever declined a chance to raise to the rank of Sith Lord. Yet this alchemist had done just that. Some Sith viewed this as weakness and tried to have Weiss eliminated. After a few attempts on his life, Geist decided it was time to take a break from exposure to the Sith and left Sith Space.[1]

Geist traveled to the Centrality, a territory of space neutral to both Sith and Galactic Alliance. What he noticed was that there was no dominant Force school in the Centrality, thus deciding to create a school of his own, with the goal of using it as a front for a Sith recruitment operation. The illusionist created the persona Christian Shepherd and founded the Skeith Centrality, declaring himself Skeith Scivinir, to mirror the Centrality's Scivinir. Skeith's main headquarters was the Sanctuary on Dilonexa XXIII, where Geist would hide the remnants of Project Saligia. As to coincide with the Centrality's stance, officially, the Skeith Centrality was neutral, teaching both the Light and Dark Sides of the Force. In reality, once students' had graduated, if they were practitioners of the Dark Side of the Force, Christian would shepherd them to the Sith. If they were practitioners of the Light Side of the Force, Christian would secretly transport them off to the Sanctuary's basement, where they would be used as subjects for Saligia experiments.[3]

The disappearing students did manage to arouse suspicions after a while. Christian Shepherd made speeches, claiming they had been eradicated by the Jedi. The Jedi's Prime Envoy, Galak Avara, denied these claims and suggested Sith involvement. However, Christian had won the support of the people of the Centrality with his sob-story lies and propaganda that the Jedi's request to investigate the matter was denied. Christian pretended to carry out an investigation and claimed that the trail went cold once the missing students had reached the Galactic Alliance, a region of space that held the New Jedi Order.[3]

Bezhevy Tsviets and the Luminado

Just as there are many shades of white and black, there are many shades of grey. My grey is just a little... darker.
—Bezhevy Tsviets

As Christian Shepherd, Geist Weiss' life was easy. Faking a chronic illness, Christian rarely was seen in public, allowing the illusionist to go on adventures and pursue work on projects. He had put Project Saligia on standby due to the recent commotion strung by Avara. Leaving the Skeith Centrality in Cardinal Barrel's hands, Weiss left the Centrality for his journey to venture to planets enriched with Force history, such as Ilum and Conscio.[3]

Weiss kept to himself, rarely making contact with others, except to refuel. However, at a shadowport, he encountered a Force sensitive named Kale Vanguard. Kale seemed to be seeking something. Force sensitive, the human was like a beacon to Geist, who was using the disguise "Bezhevy Tsviets", former Force Sensitive Mandalorian-turned self-exiled archaeologist. Geist had chosen the name after a former Alderaanian noble family, the House of Tsviets, whom perished when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan.[4]

Geist, or rather Bezhevy Tsviets, decided to follow Kale. Kale ended up discovering an abandoned ship called the Luminous. Kale managed to fly the Luminous to a nearby planet where Bezhevy "ran into him again." Bezhevy showed great interest in this find and helped Kale crack the databases. The duo learned about the Luminado Mercenaries, a group of grey Force users who had operated during the Great Hutt Wars. It had been started by a man named Lane Benadaro and was later run by Sakaki Uchiwa. Kale liked the ideas of the Luminado, but disliked the credit-mongering, viewing that as barbaric. He wanted to start an order based off these ideals, the Order of the Luminado.[4]

And Bezhevy Tsviets was only so willing to help out with that. Bezhevy first saw this as a chance to corrupt Kale and others to the Sith, but Kale unintentionally thwarted this scheme. Kale wanted students of the newly created Order of the Luminado to be allowed to learn both the Dark Side and Light Side of the Force, similar to the Skeith Centrality. However, in order to prevent one side from dictating the entire order, two Grand Masters would be chosen to lead, one for each side of the Force. Kale was proficient in the Light Side and took its helm as his own. Kale was no fool, and realized that Bezhevy lingered closer to the Dark Side and requested Bezhevy be the second Grandmaster, the master of the Dark Side for the Luminado. The basis of having two Grandmasters was to balance power and prevent one side to corrupt the entire order. Bezhevy accepted, seeing this as an opportune chance to still secretly recruit people to the Sith.[4]

The Bezhevy Tsviets disguise continued to work, hiding his true identity from the new recruits that came. However, Kale began to doubt Bezhevy, so the Dark Side-oriented Grand Master was forced to go onto sabbatical, occasionally returning to the Luminado, leaving his post in the hands of an apprentice.[4]

A new student and new planet

Once, you were a subject with marvelous potential, Della, but that is in the past.―Geist Weiss to Della Frey[src]

During his "sabbatical", Geist returned to the Centrality. Cardinal Barrel was hosting a Chiss diplomat named Arch'elie'lia, niece of Grand Imperator Arch'ao'nuruodo. Since their first meeting, she was suspicious of them. Using her CAIN resources, she found holes in Christian Shepherd's background. Deciding to take a risk, he revealed his true identity. In exchange for her silence, he agreed to teach her.

Over the course of several months, "Shepherd" and Arch'elie'lia met in Centrality or the Chiss Ascendancy where he taught her numerous Force techniques and Sith philosophy. On one occasion, during a trip back from Chiss space, his ship's navicomputer glitched and he was shot out of hyperspace. The ship, Good Shepherd, desperately needing repairs, it landed on the nearest planet it could find.

However, once it arrived on the planet in a barren area, it discovered the planet was not registered in any database. They had landed in the outskirts of civilization, with only a few farmers. Geist Weiss and one of his companions, Gurlanin bodyguard Fass, used the Force to drain knowledge of the planet and its language. The planet was called Sacul, home of the Snamregs. The population was primitive, ignorant of extra terrestrial life. With Avara ruining his Project Saligia studies in the Centrality, Weiss decided he would keep the planet untouched by outsiders and secretly use Sacul as his personal laboratory for Project Saligia. However, for a population this large, he would require more resources, specifically the resources he had held previously at Lacrima and other imperial installations.

Return to the Sith

Arrogance spawns from being beings of a higher plain, but we must remember that the Jedi teeter on this plain too, and even those without the Force, through sheer ability, luck, or numbers can present a danger to even a Sith.
—Geist Weiss

Half a decade since he left Sith space after orchestrating Darth Kayos' death and declining the promotion to Sith Lord, Geist Weiss returned to Sith space, discovering that there had been major changes since he left. Darth Crysis had moved off to Yaga Minor, with Darth Proelium replacing her as the master of the Ziost academy. Darth Oseth had obtained a new mistress and had gained influence over Kayos' old network of contacts. Chief amongst these changes was Darth Judicar's succession over Darth Aevum as Dark Lord of the Sith. Judicar would promote Weiss to the rank of Master since the alchemist didn't wish to become a Sith Lord.[10]

What Weiss cherished was that due to his work with the Skeith Centrality and the Order of Luminado, his reputation had been partially restored in the eyes of his peers. In exchange, he was able to obtain resources he needed to secretly restart Project Saligia. Geist would train numerous acolytes, including Vhalanestilliegan Crewellunstestry and Eber.[6] He also worked on a few alchemy projects with fellow alchemists Xezgul Azool and Makkun Telkanin.

Dark heart

It would adviseable not to pick fights so early and with too many people. Fight too much and eventually you'll bite more than you can chew.―Geist Weiss warning Makkun Telkanin

While on Korriban, Weiss encountered Makkun Telkanin picking a fight with two acolytes, Andraste and Gabriel. When tensions grew and more acolytes showed up, the Dark Master attempted to intervene. However, Makkun, blinded by rage, attacked Geist, causing the illusionist to defend himself. Xezgul Azool had been watching from a distance and used this as an excuse to attack his rival, forcing Weiss to abandon the duel with Makkun. The two alchemists fought and after a failed counter, Weiss was electrocuted by Azool, barely managing to disperse most of the damage.[15]

Luckily for Weiss, Darth Vereor intervened, stopping the two alchemists from killing each other, claiming both were too valuable to kill each other. However, the Barabel Sith Lord allowed the acolytes to continue their assault against the third alchemist, the one who had initiated the fight. Combined attacks by Andraste, Gabriel, Inquitious, and Andelka succeeded in defeating Makkun. Vereor ordered them to disperse soon after.[15]


The Jedi believe they need to lower themselves to the level of normal people. However, we Sith know we are better than others and it is our duty to prove it. You wish to lead but be wary. If others deem you a threat, they may try to eliminate the competition.―Geist Weiss to Zergo Vourin[src]

Arrogance and pride had made Geist feel as though he was safe from harm, as he was generally prepared against assassins. However, Azool's betrayal had taken him by surprise and if Vereor hadn't intervened, the illusionist would probably have perished.[15] Fearing retaliation from a vengeful Azool, he traveled to Yavin IV for a time, where he continued training acolytes, such as Zergo Vourin.[1][9]

The duel with Azool had shown Geist that his combat skills severely lacked in skill.[15] If he wanted to survive another encounter, an improvement in combative skills was needed. Over the next few weeks, Geist studied new techniques and trained with his lightsaber. One day he encountered an acolyte named Iso-Lur Gama who was experimenting with a Force technique unknowingly. Weiss recognized it as Spear of Midnight Black. Over the course of a week, the alchemist helped Iso-Lur learn how to use Spear of Midnight Black while studying how to use it himself.[16]

Approaching storm

Preparations for war

This is why dictators get into trouble. Sometimes fear doesn't always work.
—Geist Weiss

For decades, the Sith Empire had been preparing to wage war against the Galactic Alliance. Darth Judicar had met with the Chiss leader in order to make a non-aggression treaty so that both party's attention could be on the Galactic Alliance and the Mandalorians. Fortunately for the other side, the Galactic Alliance had sensed tensions raising and were preparing for war themselves. A Force Vision forewarned Jhon Cordatus that the Sith would soon begin. The Jedi warned the Galactic Congress and war machines were ordered.[10]

Geist Weiss visited the Systems Commonwealth, a small conglomerate of planets, in order to assess its political ties. Creating a new persona, Dmitri Valentyne, he entered the political arena by challenging the stance the Commonwealth had about not training Force-sensitive children. This controversy gained support towards Valentyne. Along with his stances on other political topics, the populace began to love Valentyne. The illusionist seized this chance and ran in the political race as the Triumvir of Education, one of the three leaders of the Commonwealth. Valentyne barely won, and joined the triumvirate. Using a shapeshifter to run things during his absence, Weiss balanced his work between his many identities.[2]

Trap at Lehon

Soldier: “I regret to inform you that Ein Morgenroete has been captured by Iona Peller and her cohorts.
Geist Weiss: “Wonderful news.
— A soldier informing Geist Weiss of Ein Morgenroete's successful implantation as a false informant and hostage.

The Imperial Knights had begun to become active again during this time. Darth Judicar wanted them taken care of, so Geist Weiss, Grand Moff Ein Morgenroete, and several others were ordered to come up with a plan to deal with the Imperial Knights. The think tank devised a plan to draw out the Imperial Knights by feeding false intelligence about Judicar visiting Lehon and Ilum in search for a new academy, with only a small security detail.[17]

Tempting the Imperial Knights with a prototype ship called the Excalibur, the Imperial Knights raided Yaga Minor, stealing the ADIM-infested ship and capturing the planet's Grand Moff, Ein Morgenroete. As per Weiss' plan, Morgenroete fed Iona Peller and Bellatrix La Rouge the false information. The Imperial Knights teamed up with the Empire Liberation Front and other rebels to attack the two sites, with Peller leading the attack on Lehon and Rouge on Ilum.[17]

The Sith were waiting. Darth Judicar and his apprentice, Darth Exodeus, led the assault on Lehon. The Imperial Knights were overpowered. Judicar slew Peller in combat, but was wounded. Exodeus took this chance to seize the throne for himself, becoming the Dark Lord of the Sith.[17]

Darth Oseth and Grand Admiral Barrel were to lead the attack on Ilum, whom Weiss accompanied as an observer. However, Rouge sensed Peller's death and was able to evacuate before Oseth and Barrel's fleet arrived. The alchemist avoided punishment for the tardy as only Barrel was punished and subsequently executed for taking too long to amass his fleet, which gave time for Rouge's forces to flee.[17]

Genocide of Muunilinst

I want failure to be kept at a minimum. Let the units know that retreat is understandable, but surrendering or giving up is not. If they require to retreat, then they better call for reinforcements so they can take another stab.Lucifel to Geist Weiss[src]

It was discovered that the rebels who had aided in the ambush at Lehon contained soldiers from Muunilinst. Investigations revealed the Muuns had given ships to the Imperial Knights and Empire Liberation Front for their operation. For this treachery, Exodeus ordered the annihilation of the planet's population.[18]

Aboard Grand General Lucifel's flagship, the Dominion, Geist Weiss aided in locating the Muuns that had survived the initial bombardment. His efforts led to the genocide of the entire planet save for one, whom would be rescued by Lucifel and another Sith.[18][19]

Dusk of the Imperial Knights

Kressh's descent

Master? You've gotten to me. Thank God... I'm stuck here on this wreck of a space station, being held captive on candy bars and water by a daft Sith Lord [Geist Weiss]. Tell the Knights to help me get out of here.Lamia Kressh to a Geist Weiss-generated illusion of Matsu Ike while captive aboard the Lacrima[src]

Weeks after Muunilinst, Geist Weiss observed Azrael defeat Darth Umbra in combat.[20] Deciding to earn favor with the new Sith Lord, the alchemist traveled to Sarka with an acolyte to collect crystals for a gift. Using his Bezhevy Tsviets disguise, he encountered an exiled Jedi-turned-Imperial Knight named Lamia Kressh. After chatting with her in a cantina, Bezhevy decided to capture her. Luring the Imperial Knight to the docks, Weiss had his apprentice, Barrel, fight Lamia. However, the acolyte failed and was killed. Faking a duel between "Bezhevy Tsivets" and "Geist Weiss," with the former slain, Geist subdued Lamia and took her prisoner.[21]

Geist transported Lamia Kressh to Lacrima, which had been abandoned since Project Saligia's tragic end. Over the course of several weeks, the illusionist psychologically and physically tormented the Imperial Knight, such as messing with Lamia's memory, faking the deaths of Bellatrix La Rouge and Matsu Ike, and playing childish pranks. She eventually snapped, seeing hallucinations of Kreia, which Geist extorted by claiming Lamia must find two others to fill the Sith Triumvirate. He eventually sent a distress signal to one of the two people the Sith Pureblood selects, Mira Albion, in order to let Lamia be rescued. After her rescue, Lamia managed to hold back the darkness she experienced on Lacrima for a time and failed to turn Mira Albion to the dark side, though Albion would eventually join the Sith months later for unrelated purposes.[22]

Illusia's touch

[Imperial Knights] are becoming remnants of what they once were; a fairy-tale.Aÿisha Remy to Geist Weiss[src]

A Jedi named Aÿisha Remy had been captured by Andraste months prior. She had been turned to the dark side and became an agent for the Sith. Geist Weiss discovered Imperial Knight activity on Hoth and pointed her in the direction of the Imperial Knights. On Hoth, Remy met Bellatrix La Rouge and Ayumi Pallopides, where she charmed her way into their ranks. She was brought to their headquarters briefly before traveling to Coruscant with Rouge to confront the Jedi Council. Using a lightsaber bomb with a similiar archetype to the one Geist used to kill Lebon Schwarz, Remy destroyed the Jedi temple, killing Rouge and three Jedi Councilors: Virzivil Axgar, Daisuke Sonam Fuyu, and Nuju Leafskipper. While that was going on, Geist accompanied an Imperial fleet that destroyed the Imperial Knights' headquarters, crippling the Imperial Knights, using the intel provided by Remy.[23]

Geist attended the celebration of the devastation of the Imperial Knights, which honored Remy and bomb maker Ichabod Jayce, the former christened as a Sith Lord named Darth Illusia. The illusionist wanted Illusia's help in infiltrating the Imperial Knight to finish them off, but Illusia declined. However, their meeting at the party led to Illusia coming to the alchemist for tutelage on Force illusion, her namesake.[7][24]

During this time, the Kushari Federation began to reconsider its alliance with the Galactic Alliance and sought to meet with the Sith. Geist was tasked with leading diplomacy. At Green Range, Geist conferred with Sadiir Keller-Sjet and a pact of non-aggression was drawn, with the Kushari exiting out of the war.

Suspicion of terrorism

[W]e've been notified of what the reports sent to us state. However, reports are not always the best source to search for the truth. It is why we are here. To determine the truth.―Geist Weiss to Moff Kir Xinn[src]

While the Sith had been celebrating their victories, the Imperials were as well.[24] One such festivity had been hosted by Kir Xinn on Citadel Station. However, a bomb ruined the party, killing several guests. Visiting guest Lucifel and the Moff were the only survivors. Realizing the situation had been propagated by a lax in security, Lucifel called in for assistance in investigating the bombing. Geist Weiss and a fellow Sith named Oonoo were summoned. The alchemist, having come from Ubuuga where he had been meeting with Ichabod Jayce at an abandoned Imperial Knights hideout, believed the Imperial Knights were involved in the bombing. However, investigation heralded the revelation that Xinn's lieutenant, Nick Nax, had been the perpetrator, not the Imperial Knights. For failing to follow protocol and allowing an unauthorized person too much access, Geist and Oonoo arrested Xinn, whose rank was revoked.[25]

Pieces come together

An independent faction of force sensitives had control of the planet, and they signed it over to the Systems Commonwealth in exchange for some security systems set up at their main base, not exactly sure where that base is they have some very high end security protocols, which makes me wonder why they needed what we had to offer.Kael Tavlek unintentionally cluing Imperial Knights activity on Cyrillia[src]

During a routine Systems Commonwealth meeting with Triumvir of Military, Kael Tavlek, Geist Weiss—while wearing his Dmitri Valentyne disguise—learned that a faceless Force sect had set up operations on Cyrillia. Ruling out major players, Weiss suspected the Imperial Knights. Seeing this as a chance to finish them once and for all, he went to work to obtain permission to build an university on Cyrillia, to find out if his suspicions were correct.[1]

Confirmation came early in the form of Lamia Kressh. The hallucinations of Matsu Ike and Bellatrix La Rouge's deaths became true after Lamia's escape from Lacrima, sending her into despair. She eventually came across Remy, who led Lamia into betraying the Imperial Knights, revealing the Imperial Knights's headquarters on Seoul V and confirming Geist's suspicions of a base on Cyrillia. With this latest information, Geist began formulating a campaign, which would become known as Operation Twilight.[22][26]

Operation Twilight

Let us dance a tango of exchanging blows, a duet of battle.―Geist Weiss to Bianca Novula[src]

Attacking Seoul V would be easy, as it was far from Galactic Alliance influence, but Cyrillia was another matter. Geist Weiss proposed a strike team. While Darth Exilis formed the team, Geist obtained StealthXs for the operation while ADIM Kadmon bought shadow bombs. However, to set the Imperial Knights for slaughter, the alchemist obtained the Blue Shadow Virus which ADIM used to infect Cyrillia while "Dmitri Valentyne" obtained a sample of the antidote during a meeting with Tavlek on Iego. The strike team annihilated the Imperial Knights on Cyrillia.[1]

Geist participated by drawing out an Imperial Knight to Fallline where he dueled Bianca Novula. He faked an injury, where Novula believed herself victorious and contacted Knight-Commander Ayumi Pallopides for consultation. Confirming that the Knight-Commander was on Seoul V, Geist killed Novula. Angered by Novula's death and the fleet arriving at Seoul V, Pallopides had HOMEFRONT self-destruct, despite many Imperial Knights surrendering.

Death of Sith Lords

Exilis' daughter

I want to become like my father. He made it clear to me that he did not want me following his path, but I don't care. I want to chose my own path. I want to chose his path.Lain Derisma to Geist Weiss[src]

After Operation Twilight, Exilis went on a mission. Geist Weiss was assigned as his handler and was suppose to meet with the Sith Lord at a rendezvous. However, Exilis never arrived. Geist waited just in case and rather than Exilis arriving, another came: Exilis' daughter, Lain Derisma. Lain wanted to learn the ways of the Sith, though was wary on leaving the Jedi, for now. Geist decided to accept her offer and made her a spy for the Sith. He taught her Sith techniques, though eventually she would leave the Jedi to spy on the Mandalorians.

The Wolf returns

You could have been an asset, but you risk the integrity of the Sith, its stability. You wish to spill the secrets you gained from your position as Keeper of Veritas and tell it to the Jedi. I care not of who leads the Sith, but for me to carry on my art, the Sith must survive, strive. You risked that, and I cannot allow it to happen.―Geist Weiss, after killing Darth Oseth[src]

Darth Kayos' former flame, Darth Oseth, did not keep his reign long after failing to crush the Imperial Knights at Ilum. He was challenged and defeated by Darth Umbra, whom froze the former in carbonite. Azrael avenged his brother later by killing Umbra. It wasn't until months later did Azrael succeed in freeing his brother, who went into hiding. However, an agent of Geist's encountered Oseth and learned that the former Sith Lord sought revenge against the New Sith Imperium and planned to spill secrets he had learned. Oseth was referred to meet with Geist.

Oseth met with Weiss on Falline. At first, Geist pretended to be interested in helping the former Sith Lord, but he showed his true colors soon after: preservation and stability of the New Sith Imperium. Using the same tactic he had used to kill Bianca Novula, the alchemist jettisonned Oseth into space, killing his second Sith Lord.

At Hell's Gates

I've made a discovery that requires a companion of skill in combat that rivals my own. The other Darth's assume it a lost cause. However, if one is successful, almost limitless power is theirs.Azrael to Varek Rayth and Geist Weiss[src]

Geist Weiss feared retribution from Oseth's brother, Azrael. This was escalated when Azrael contacted the alchemist. However, it turned out that Azrael wanted him to gather information on Hell's Gates, a Korriban ruin that Azrael was famous for conquering. Rumors of a powerful Shard located in Hell's Gates had peaked the Sith Lord's interest.

Weiss learned that the Shard was underneath Hell's Gates, a place Azrael had not visited. Azrael wanted someone to accompany him, so the alchemist lured Varek Rayth to Hell's Gates by reporting the death of Varek's apprentice. The trio ventured to the underground chamber, where they confronted the Shard. During the battle, Varek bonded with the Shard and decided to turn on Azrael. With the two Sith fighting, Geist was forced to choose a side. Fearing later retribution from Azrael for Oseth's death, he helped Varek slay Azrael, killing his third Sith Lord.

The illusionist declined lordship again, despite killing the brothers Oseth and Azrael. However, Varek seized the opportunity and was rechristened as the Sith Lord Darth Vires. Due to their cooperation, Varek approached Geist later on and formed an alliance with the alchemist.


Ensure this goes smoothly, Sith, word says you are nearly the equal of Lord Spektor, so I have no doubt to your ability.Apollo Ordo to Geist Weiss[src]

A week after Varek's ascension, Geist Weiss began work with Ubiqtorate to motivate the Mandalorians into warring with the Galactic Alliance. He suggested the best way was to have the Galactic Alliance fire the first shot, propaganda-wise, like when the Galactic Alliance declared war after the destruction of The Will of the Force. In this case, an assassination attempt would be faked.

Code-naming the project Operation Aruetii, after the Mandalorian word for "outsider" and "traitor," it was decided to frame STROST, a Galactic Alliance commando unit that the current Mandalore had once been apart of. With STROST's Tach Enarai captured during the Second Battle of Tanaab, Geist ordered his apprentice Vhalanestilliegan Crewellunstestry to capture Lyco Miran and ADIM Kadmon capture Brok Miran. Weiss, ADIM, and Darth Tarak then faked footage of STROST preparing to infiltrate Manda.

Lucifel was the decided bait. While Lucifel was meeting with the Mandalore Corden Vencu, Ubiqtorate agent Apollo Ordo helped Geist sneak the unconscious STROST to an adjacent balcony from Lucifel and Vencu's meeting. As pre-planned, Weiss would shoot at Vencu, but Lucifel would save Vencu 'just in time'. However, the plan went almost according to plan, but the bullet struck Lucifel in the wrong area, critically injuring him; Lucifel fell into a coma. After killing STROST, the alchemist fled back to his ship while Apollo would claim fame for squashing an assassination attempt on Vencu's life. Operation Aruetii was successful in invoking the Mandalorians' wrath, which led to the Battle of Teth.


All is prepared with the blade? If so, we will be off.Varek Rayth[src]

Varek Rayth invoked their alliance soon after Operation Aruetii. The Sith Lord was about to lead a strike on the Sage Halls of Empress Teta, Geist's homeworld. Having remembered the success of Illusia's bomb, Varek wanted a lightsaber bomb to leave at the temple during their raid. Producing a replica of the lightsaber bomb given to the alchemist by Ichabod Jayce, Geist promised to have one ready for the operation.

As the bomb was being produced, Geist saw his chance to unveil Darth Vitium and prepare for future endeavors to Empress Teta to reclaim the planet from House Es Cade. He traveled to Father's Dreams under the disguise Brendan Rhea where he obtained the diplomatic barge Administrator. A week before the strike was to be executed, while aboard Fallline, the Cinnagaran lord contacted the Jedi Council at the Sage Halls, pretending to want peace. Though the Jedi Council did not fall for his taunts, Geist was successful in secretly uploading ADIM Kadmon to the Jedi's communications systems and add Administrator's registration to the ship registry.

Darth Vitium, using the appearance of Jhon Cordatus.

Varek arrived at Fallline soon afterwards, as the space station was the first rendezvous for the strike team. Handing the bomb over to Varek, Geist departed to Empress Teta first, where he set up shop. When Varek and his Sith team attacked the Sage Halls, the illusionist observed and recorded the events for Darth Exodeus to watch. During the raid, he spotted Snikch Hettoran acting suspiciously. When Varek dropped off the bomb, Geist rendezvoused with Arcturus Wolfgang where they awaited the rest of the Sith.

Geist Weiss learned, while aboard the Redemption with Darth Vendis, the bomb had failed to detonate. Worse, Darth Tarak and Darth Inanio had been captured. Leaving the two Sith Lords to their fate, Geist used his illusions to project a doppelganger of Jhon Cordatus, which Geist used to make it seem as though the believed-to-be-dead Jedi had actually joined the Sith and had become Darth Vitium.

Life's trials

End of a death master

I don't trust you, Weiss. But I must say I have a respect for you. Though I loathe to say it right now. Next time, we meet on MY satellite.Snikch Hettoran when arrested by Geist Weiss[src]

Geist Weiss was suspicious of Snikch Hettoran's activities, so he brought his concerns to Arcturus Wolfgang. Wolfgang had noticed Hettoran's presence too. The two conspired to arrest Snikch. Geist baited Snikch to a space station on the basis of a business transaction. Snikch arrived and was arrested by Geist and Wolfgang.

Wolfgang transported Snikch to Bastion for his trial. Geist was unable to attend physically, as he was assisting in the terrorist attack on the Alliance space station Valafar Lamartine. Snikch claimed he was Empress Teta not as a traitor to give the operation away to the Jedi, but to kill his brother Vei Hettoran. However, the three preceding judges Darth Illusia, Darth Akrasia, and Varek Rayth deemed Snikch guilty, as his presence could have ruined the attack. He was sent to the coliseum where he died in combat.

Status quo shattered

A bomb is an interesting device. It allows you to destroy your enemies without having to be nearby. It can destroy obstacles in your path. I wonder what obstacles you plan on blasting out of your way.
—Geist Weiss upon Montross Vandergruff's commission

While Geist was away from Grey Temple, Lain Derisma burglarized the compound and hacked the Ubiqtorate server online using Geist's computer, hoping to frame him. She sent the data to Sigur Vainikainen, who publicized some of the information. Investigations pointed towards the alchemist. However, Geist's security had been cleverly hidden and was able to pinpoint the hacker as Lain Derisma. The woman was captured and brainwashed by Mira Albion.

Geist laid low for a while, hoping the leak would pass over. While Geist wasn't revealed in the data, he suspected word may have passed in some circles, people who might want to eliminate him. He avoided assassination and found a glimmer of hope for redemption. After training Aniad Sullentrup, he was contacted by Serenno Moff Montross Vandergruff to create a lightsaber bomb.

As he created the device, began to ponder why the Moff needed such device. His concerns were inflated when he was asked to bring the device to Tyrn Lightell's coronation. Hypothesizing the Moff was a traitor, Geist sabotaged the lightsaber bomb so that it would not work. He gave it to Montross Vandergruff and then told Xael Vicar of the event's security about the bomb threat. Montross was neutralized and brought before the emperor as Geist was escorted for debriefing by Darth Abraxas. The illusionist later learned Lightell and Varek Rayth executed Vandergruff.

Geist was able to explain his role in the conspiracy as one of investigation. He was able to learn of the Moff's plan and sabotaged it so that it would not work. However, Lain's hacking still held evidence against him. Luckily evidence cleared him, but he was put on probation.

Jhon Cordatus assaulting Redemption.

As a way for redemption in his probation, Weiss was tasked with locating Royston Spektor. During his search, the illusions was detoured by escort duty. Redemption was ferrying the former empress, Andraste. On their voyage to investigate Green Range, an intruder infiltrated the Star Destroyer and caused damage. Discovering the assailant as Jhon Cordatus, Weiss was forced into combat. Cordatus managed to overwhelm the Sith alchemist, but before the former Jedi Grandmaster could slay the Sith, Andraste intervened, defeating Cordatus. Andraste took Cordatus and left the ship.

Green Range was investigated and Spektor was not found. Weiss turned his attention to a penal colony known AF-9760X, which the illusionist discovered had the Sith Lord locked up. Obtaining the necessary identifications, Weiss helped Darth Silentius, Arcturus Wolfgang, and Varek Rayth infiltrate the space station. While Geist remained in the shuttle as the getaway driver, the three Sith Lords managed to retrieve and rescue Spektor. The five Sith escaped before reinforcements arrived.

Vereor's return

This one still rememberz you from all those yearz ago on Korriban. You were arrogant at times, constantly attempting to curry favor. And yet, you have asked nothing of this one, despite the fact that you have offered rest, food, healing, and clothing... This one approvez of the change in you, Illusionist.Darth Vereor[src]

After rescuing Royston Spektor, Geist went to Csilla with Sechzehnzwei to meet with Arch'elie'lia to pass on intelligence he had gathered on Endor. During his stay, he encountered Della Frey again. Her closeness to Sacul's location worried him, propelling him to decide he may have to capture her after all. However, Heliel's intervention and a call from Mira Albion deterred him from immediately hunting Della Frey.

Mira Albion had made an interesting discovery with Audroti at Epsilon Eridani. Darth Vereor had shown up after months of disappearance. The alchemist was requested to transport the Barabel to Bastion to meet with the new Dark Lord of the Sith, Arcturus Wolfgang, who had risen during Weiss' time at the Chiss Ascendancy. The Redemption picked up Darth Vereor and began its voyage. There, Geist revealed what had happened during the Sith Lord's absence. In turn, Vereor told of his crash and his fight for survival.

Geist promised to investigate the matter, as both men suspected possible foul play, even though Darth Carnaj's investigation into the matter months ago had found nothing. According to Vereor, he had visited the Star Destroyer Aevum before his ship malfunctioned. He sent Caden Hec and Xotomi to investigate. The two STARS agents discovered that the ship's captain, Barrel Antilles, had sabotaged Vereor's ship on Darth Carnaj's orders.

Geist flew to Uvuy Exen where Carnaj lived and called in Darth Vereor. He told his ally what he had learned. Enraged, Vereor set out to kill the traitorous Barabel Carnaj. The two Sith infiltrated the Jorj Lu Castle under the guise that Geist had an assignment for Carnaj's lover, Darth Sechs. Upon arriving on the planet, Vereor sought after Carnaj. Weiss was left to occupy Darth Sechs. However, Sechs eventually caught onto the scheme and tried to escape. She was defeated and, after her memories drained, executed. Geist arrived at the throne room to see Vereor kill Carnaj. He stopped an Imperial Guard from shooting Vereor; his presence worried them.

Vereor and Weiss hacked into Carnaj's computer and, alongside from the knowledge obtained in Sechs' memories, learned that Carnaj's sabotage of Vereor's ship was a part of a larger conspiracy. The two spies, according to the information, were on Bastion in order to get close to Arcturus Wolfgang: Barrel Annyn and Val Entine. Unable to send a message as Annyn was monitoring Bastion's communications, the two Sith headed for Bastion in hopes of stopping a conspiracy to kill the Dark Lord of the Sith.

The plot to target Arcturus Wolfgang was neutralized and the insurgents taken care of. In the aftermath, Wolfgang decided it was time to step down. In his place, Darth Vereor rose as Dark Lord of the Sith. In secret, Darth Vereor approached Geist and made him his Shadow Hand.

Taking Empress Teta

You say the innocent die? People die everyday. Criminals kill. Soldiers kill. The unorderly kill. Boundaries cause conflict, which nurture conditions for death. It's only with single unified order can peace be established. Sometimes a few need to be sacrificed for the many.―Geist Weiss to Della Frey[src]

The New Sith Imperium set its eyes on Empress Teta again. This time, it would not be a simple strike against the Sage Halls. It would be a planetary invasion. Using the Administrator, Geist Weiss and a team of Sith infiltrated Empress Teta ahead of the invasion fleet. Causing mayhem, sabotage was executed. Weiss personally sacked the Es Cade Palace.

Upon his arrival at the Es Cade Palace, Weiss executed Sir Barrel. Accompanied by Sith and Sinners, Geist stormed the palace. A fight broke out between the Sith forces and the Cinnagaran Royal Guard. Weiss secured Prince Cane Es Cade but interference from Ashara Vashee and Shi-Gel-Hu allowed the monarch, Empress Cake Es Cade, to escape with Sir Loyne.

While searching for the missing empress, Weiss' forces encountered Della Frey. Geist subdued her and had 16 transport her to Sacul aboard Black Noise. Considering brainwashing Frey, Arn managed to persuade Geist to spare her, to use her as a control variable in Project Saligia. However, after securing Empress Teta for the New Sith Imperium, the Sith illusionist learned that Black Noise was missing. Unable to divert to Sacul, he entrusted Reichtum and Eber to secure Frey.

Fall of Coruscant

I may be weak, but the Imperium will rue the day they think our nation weak. We stand together, united, not out of fear, but out of the desire for freedom and justice.―Geist Weiss, disguised as Cane Es Cade[src]

Weiss' procurement of Cane Es Cade was not publicized and he took this to his advantage. The illusionist snuck onto Coruscant right before the imperial fleet arrived disguised as Cane Es Cade "who had narrowly escaped capture" and went to the Galactic Congress Hall in order to secure Chief of State Nathanaeu Bastele. However, when he first arrived, Bastele was missing. It wasn't until the New Sith Imperium attacked Coruscant that Bastele arrived, alongside Jedi Grandmaster Sigur Vainkainen. Darth Vereor stormed the Galactic Congress Hall, occupying Vainkainen. Attempting to breed confusion and panic along the way, Weiss got closer to Bastele. However, the plan went astray when his bullet hit Senator Liile Glegor who stepped in front of Bastele at an inconvenient time. His deceit realized, Weiss began his fight with Bastele, his men, and Imperial Knight Merlin Ambrosius. In an attempt to distract Merlin, Weiss threw a grenade at Bastele. The grenade detonated, severely injuring the Chief of State. Weiss unleashed carnage upon the area in order to escape, surviving Merlin's deadly strikes.

Battle of Coruscant.

Weiss aided in the search for a couple rogue Senators, including Lannik Senator Barrel. During his search, he encountered Zan Balantine, who showed potential in the Force. Providing an opportunity to show his capabilities, Balantine was sent by Weiss to neutralize the Senator. He would later take Balantine as an apprentice.

With Darth Vereor and Andraste ready to devastate the planet, Weiss ordered an evacuation of all troops, even allowing civilians passage off the planet, including LFN-452, whom he recruited into the Imperium. Aboard Mother Ruusan, Weiss met with High Marshall Konstantine Arkyadvich and observed the pandemonium.

The return home

Journey to Empress Teta

One of the things I've despised of the Sith of old is eliminating the weak. Idiocracy! It doesn't remove the weak from the group, per se, but rather weakens the group. Sometimes all the Jedi has to eliminate one individual and the Sith will destroy itself for the Jedi. We've learned out lesson and are stronger for that. Don't waste your life needlessly, Jaron Unskii, nor waste another's unless necessary. Making an example is not a justifiable excuse.―Geist lecturing Jaron Unskii[src]

With war approaching other planets, Weiss took advantage of the pandemonium to take care of some business. He crushed Haider Industries which he had been manipulating and personally assassinated its president, David Haider. Deciding to take a week off before returning to Empress Teta, Weiss took upon the tutelage of Zan Balantine, Jaron Unskii, Mal Hagui, and several others.

Weiss' journey back to Empress Teta was met with a detour. CRADLE, which had escaped Empress Teta, was discovered near Topol Opa. Weiss and Drakus Ty'laun led an assault on CRADLE. Though their duel with Jedi Knight Shi-Gel-Hu would end in a draw, the Sith were victorious in destroying CRADLE.

The alchemist learned of a rumor about someone attempting to become a Force scion aboard Lacrima, which had been taken over by pirates after Lamia Kressh' occupancy. He sent Un Barrel to investigate, though the man never returned. In order to neutralize this threat, Weiss and Redemption worked with a band of individuals who also sought the prevention of the Force scion's birth to stop the ritual. Accompanied by others, Geist led Redemption into fighting off the pirates’ naval force while his allies infiltrated Lacrima, guiding Zabíc to the cache of holocrons. Weiss and Ty'laun personally infiltrated and took over one of the pirate ships, the Interceptor IV Gnaij. While Ty’laun headed for Lacrima, Weiss returned to Redemption, leaving a Sith in charge of Gnaij. As the Battle of Lacrima came to an end and the power core began to detonate, Weiss had Redemption and Gnaij fire upon Lacrima, destroying the remnants of the space station and the remainder of the pirate forces.

The War of Five Lords

With the Force Scion and its experiments eliminated, Weiss took Ty'laun to Empress Teta. Upon his arrival, he learned that LFN-452 had been officially accepted into the Imperial military. Congratulating him, Weiss donned the Rodian his official regalia.

Unfortunately, Weiss discovered not all of the circumstances on Empress Teta were commendable. The alchemist learned that four Cinnagaran Noble Houses had been waging political war since his departure and the dethronement of Empress Cake Es Cade. The Sith garrison did little to aggravate or prevent the in-fighting, believing it would lead to the Houses weakening themselves. Weiss, however, felt intervention was needed. Investigations heralded four main actors, who along with Geist’s House Weiss, were waging what would later be dubbed the War of Five Lords. They were Lord Ussej of House Keto, Lord Brandon of House Llaban, and Lord Krats of House Nnitrilyaje, along with House Es Cade through the proxy Sir Pergelo. Over time, and with assistance from Ty'laun and LFN-452, Weiss unraveled the power of Houses Keto and eliminated its lord. The illusionist orchestrated a feud between House Llaban and House Es Cade, which ended when Weiss and acolyte Cassus Jansen assassinated Sir Pergelo.

Lord Tumek of House Vontaige and Lady Teta of House Vol Fyr had stayed neutral throughout the conflict. However, after Sir Pergelo’s death, they saw an opportunity to keep power through House Weiss. Seeking alliance, they proposed Weiss marry Lady Teta. When news spread, Lord Brandon backed down and joined with Vontaige and Vol Fyr. However, suspicion led to Weiss spying on the triad, learning they planned to double-cross House Weiss.

At the wedding, Weiss planned to end the conflict once and for all. After vows were exchanged and the marriage solidified, Weiss killed Lady Teta at the altar. Weiss and Ty'laun led a massacre against Houses Llaban, Vontaige, and Vol Fyr. Only Lord Tumek of House Vontaige was left alive, to be used as a puppet to promote the Imperium’s control over Empress Teta. Afterwards, Weiss dissolved the privileges and titles of Houses Es Cade, Keto, Vontaige, Llaban, Vol Fyr, and Nnitrilyaje. However, rather than keep control of the planet, the illusionist transitioned authority over to a Planetary Governor.

Personality and traits

The principle of betrayal has corroded over the ages. It was originally intended to demolish weak fools who gained powers, putting the most fit into power. However, the Sith corrupted this philosophy and foolishly believed it to be easy steps to advance in power. If one is leading the Sith into glory and prosperance, there is no reason to betray them.
—Geist Weiss

Geist Weiss' Force sensitivity and his talent with it led the alchemist to develop a superiority complex over non-Force-sensitives and some of the lower-ranked Force users, though Geist tended to hide this. When he was young, Geist loved art, admiring the art collections of the Weiss family and the Es Cade family. This would later be demonized by Lebon into a passion—and an obsession—for Geist. Where many saw talent and weakness, Geist began to see beauty and ugliness. Fearful that someone may consider him ugly, Geist developed his signature illusion of making his body appear metallic and faceless. Protective of his own life, Geist preferred to avoid combat and would use illusions to distract and confuse his opponents rather than confront them himself, even resorting to underhand tactics. Unlike most Sith, Geist preferred not betraying everyone in order to gain more power, as shown with even going to the extend of denying a promotion that he had earned by eliminating Darth Kayos.

Geist Weiss was a cautious creature, preferring to not open up to many. While some Sith believed it was due to paranoia or to keep his secretive activities unknown, part of his introverted attitude came from Darth Kayos, who used many methods to polish the alchemist's ability to lie; including physical torture. The torments he received from her scarred him, resulting in him seeking isolation and becoming secretive.

Powers and abilities

If I have a passion, it is one of art. Sith alchemy has always been used by short-sighted fools only thinking of making bigger and bigger monsters and disgusting undead. Imbeciles! Why neglect quality for quantity? Size over efficiency? Everything I create is of beauty. While some disagree, there is no other truth than one you build for yourself.
—Geist Weiss

Thanatos, a fellow alchemist.

Geist Weiss showed a strong bond with the Force from an early age, nurtured by Schwarz and Darth Kayos. The Master was most famous for his usage and master over Sith Alchemy and illusions, such as Dopplegängers. During his tutelage under Darth Kayos, he found an affinity with telekinesis.

While Geist's usage of the Force was impressive, his combat skills were not. He had learned Form II: Makashi, but his skills were unimpressive that most Marauders could defeat Geist in melee combat. Geist also employed Dun Möch during combat.

Behind the scenes

...and some business about Geist Weiss being some miracle mastermind behind the galaxy's state of 'wtf' all has got me completely cactus-brain lost.―Cassanova on TheStarWarsRP.com[src]

Geist Weiss was created by Dmitri Valentine, known by his internet pseudonym Weiss, for the Fifth Timeline Legacies of TheStarWarsRP.com on July 20, 2011. He was initially made as a possible Sith Lord but was later lowered to Marauder. His Sith Lord name would have been "Darth Weiss", named after "vice"; this would later be referenced in the naming of the Jhon Cordatus illusion Darth Vitium, which is Latin for "vice".

Dmitri Valentine created Geist Weiss to be the first of a series of characters based off the Seven Deadly Sins. Weiss (pronounced "vice") was themed after pride; Geist's ideal archetype copy of himself was Superbia, Latin for "pride". This is mocked by the persona Christian Shepherd, since Christian shepherds theologically herd people to enlightenment and virtue.

Geist is German for "spirit/ghost" while Weiss is German for "white", the opposite of the illusionist's first master, Lebon Schwarz, whose name comes from the German words for "body" and "black", respectively. The White-Black theme is also present against the escaped Sinner rescued by Augustus Primus Leonus, #17 who goes by the name Nero di Lacrima, whose first name is Italian for "black". In the creation of the name of the Luminado Grandmaster, Dmitri Valentine chose Bezhevy Tsviets, which translates as "grey colors" in Russian.

On August 19, 2012, Dmitri Valentine decided to begin writing a novel that will focus on the beginning part of Geist Weiss' past predating Star Wars Legacies, from the death of his Geist Weiss's father to the Sith Insurrection. The novel has been titled Star Wars: Ghosts of the Past. It has not passed the development stage.


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