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And one who shalt be born into the common shalt be the one who wilst selleth a record amount of ware...
—Excerpt from Prophecies of the Salesman

Gasrany Kiebel was a Jawa who lived a few hundred years before the Battle of Yavin. Born into a relatively normal family of Jawas, he would eventually discover that he conformed to a prophecy describing a Jawa who would bring his kind to greatness. This would occur via circumstances that ended up with Gasrany being expelled from his clan. In turn, this triggered a series of events that ended with Gasrany leaving Tatooine and traveling to Coruscant, where he used his intelligence and aggression to take over Tryuin Industries, and soon made him a comparatively powerful business magnate. He would enjoy his newfound life of wealth, luxury and privilege, but eventually, due to what was considered his own arrogance and aggression, he would end up having to endure several threats to him and his power. He would also undergo various perils and adventures due what some described as his somewhat reckless nature, and he was considered to have left a great legacy on the galaxy, especially in Jawa culture.


Early life

Oh, he'll be nothing special.
—Gasrany's father

Gasrany was born in 344 BBY, to a the wife of an average Jawa clansmember, in Mos Espa. His parents initially did not wish for a child; but, as their clan leader had decided that the clan was dangerously low in number and had thus requested more procreation, they had little choice. Young Gasrany was considered a sharp young child, assembling his first droid motor when he was just four, and was regarded as one of the smartest young Jawas in the nursery aboard the clan's sandcrawler, but also one of the most misbehaved. Indeed, at one point he almost ruined the clan's prospects by trying to literally throw spanners into the works of droids they were about to sell to some moisture farmers. Nonetheless, due to what his tribe regarded as proficiency in mathematics and engineering, which proved more evident as he grew older, made sure he was kept in the tribe.

When he grew into the Jawa equivalent of a teenager, he became increasingly lazy in the eyes of his family, and would sometimes spend all day lazing around in bed. He also became more abrasive and arrogant in his parent's eyes; he blamed the boils that developed on his bottom that came from lying in bed too much on his family for not giving him enough work. Eventually, his father lost patience and forced him to work on cleaning droids the clan found, threatening to cut his food allowance. Gasrany was initially reluctant and spiteful, but found fun in modifying droids he cleaned with spare parts, with positive results for the tribe.

One day, when Gasrany was nearing adulthood, a droid managed to overload its restraining bolt. It escaped the sandcrawler and into the desert. The clan leader told the Jawas to select a person to find the droid, which was of exceptional value, and bring it back. The community unanimously chose Gasrany. Feeling somewhat dejected, Gasrany set out on a swoop bike to find the droid. The search for the droid took him through the canyons of the Jundland wastes, and lasted until evening. Gasrany, fearing what would happen if he returned to the sandcrawler empty-handed, decided to rest for a while and watch the sunset. He took out a bottle of alcohol he had brought from a moisture farmer and put it down nearby. Suddenly, the rays of both setting suns pierced through the bottle, creating a kaleidoscopic prism effect, and formed a intricate pattern. Gasrany decided to take a picture of it with a digital camera, as he knew an artist in Mos Espa who was willing to pay money for inspiration.

Gasrany returned to the sandcrawler, and it turned out the droid had returned to the sandcrawler after spotting another Jawa clan. Gasrany showed his parents the picture he had taken, and was surprised by their shocked reaction. They said that the pattern he had seen corresponded with that of a glyph from the Prophecies of the Salesman, a legendary Jawa text. They dug out a copy of the prophecies, which Gasrany had been using as a blue milk coaster, and found out that he almost perfectly met the description of the figure described in the prophecies. Gasrany was very taken aback by this. His parents, fearing that he would succumb to the pressure of fame and destiny, tried to keep it a secret and downplay its significance, but nonetheless word soon spread.

Beginning of destiny

Well, it's a start...
—Gasrany upon making his first profit

A year or so later, Gasrany reached Jawa adulthood. The prophecies dictated that the one described in them would be expelled from his clan upon maturity, so he was literally kicked out of the sandcrawler after barely saying goodbye to his parents. Feeling angry, sad, and rejected, Gasrany felt that this was all a silly mistake, as he himself had a disdainful opinion of Jawa tradition. Nonetheless, he headed to Mos Espa to make some credits. He remembered the artist he knew, and visited him. To his surprise, the artist paid Gasrany a comparatively substantial amount of credits for the picture had taken. With this money, Gasrany was able to purchase an apartment. He still had enough for another one, so he bought that one as well and rented it to other people. Meanwhile, he continued to do what Jawas were considered to do best: find old droids and sell them. Within a few weeks, Gasrany was making what he felt was a healthy amount of profit. However, he soon found himself hungry for more, so he found himself betting on local Swoop bike races. To his pleasant surprise, he constantly won his bets, and soon he was fairly rich, compared to others living in Mos Espa.

Gasrany soon decided that no job was too low for him, so as long as it meant money. After watching a stand-up comedy show in a local nightclub, he was inspired to become a jester in the court of a local Hutt crime boss. The Hutt enjoyed Gasrany's jokes so much that he offered him a contract. Gasrany refused, not wishing to find out what happened to jesters before him. A few days later, the Hutt sent him a letter threatening him. Gasrany replied by preparing a bomb out of chemicals he stole from a local school and blew up the Hutt's home. He explored the ruins and found safes full of the Hutt's credits, making him even more wealthy.

By now Gasrany was becoming more ambitious. He hired out a few droid shops, and then hired some assistants to keep them running for him. He now had enough money to travel offworld. Gasrany considered renting a smuggler to take him off Tatooine, but decided that to be unwise, and purchased a yacht for himself. After buying a few more droids to pilot it, Gasrany decided not to spend any more money for the time being, and set off on his destination: Coruscant.

Takeover of Tryuin

Great. Now I have...power!
—Gasrany upon taking over Tryuin Industries

Gasrany arrived a few days later on Coruscant, and was taken aback by the sheer magnificence of it, compared to Tatooine. He rented a hotel room for him to stay him, but still carried most of his belongings with him, feeling that people on Coruscant were as untrustworthy as they were on Tatooine. After looking for a way to make profit, he noticed one: a job at the Coruscant Stock Exchange. Hence, he read a few books on the ins and outs of the stock market. He briefly attended a few financial seminars, and with the resultant certificates he soon took a job as a shareholder for what was then considered a moderately powerful corporation: Tryuin Industries. Gasrany suddenly found himself especially proficient at this job; thanks to him, the company managed to flow with the rises and falls of the stock market. Soon, he was promoted to chief shareholder, and suddenly found himself becoming more power-hungry. Using aggressive scheming in his workmates' eyes, he began to rise through the company, by grovelling and manipulation.

Eventually, Gasrany was on the board of directors for the corporation, pulling the strings of what he felt was a weak minded board, gradually consolidating more and more power for himself. Some members of the board confronted him several times, but Gasrany used his newfound clout to have them silenced. Meanwhile, he began to propose a vote amongst the board for a new CEO of the corporation, claiming that the company's struggle to obtain higher profits was a result of the incompetence of the CEO. He nominated himself as a replacement. To his pleasant surprise, most of the board genuinely thought that he would make a better CEO. Gasrany soon obtained most of the vote, and now found himself in charge of the Tryuin Corporation. His ego increased, as he comprehended the fact that he had gone from what he felt was nothing to head of a galactic corporation in a matter of months.

Now that he was in charge of Tryuin, Gasrany set about exploiting his power. He hired several reputable scientists from across the galaxy to start working on new designs for the company to make. He purchased several factories on Mechis III to start manufacturing these. As this was taking up lots of company capital, Gasrany purchased more shares in the stock market, predicting the various turns it would take. He began to open new offices galaxy-wide, and began widespread advertising, something that his predecessor had neglected to do. Meanwhile, he began to snap up smaller businesses across the galaxy, and expanded Tyruin's agenda into the commercial markets, producing household items and various entertainment devices.

Soon, Tryuin was generating a large amount of profit per week. Gasrany made sure that some of that money went to himself, so he opened his own bank account. Now that he had some money to spend, he purchased his own luxury penthouse on Coruscant, near Tryuin headquarters, and his own luxury yacht. He also encouraged more Jawas to join Tryuin as droid designers, as Tryuin was lacking in professional staff. Jawas, most of them off-Tatooine, signed up in their thousands, and served as workforce and design labor. Gasrany had fulfilled another part of the prophecy, unwittingly: he had made his kind greater in the galactic scheme of things, from the perspective of many.

Meanwhile, back on Tatooine, Gasrany's clan was largely unaware of how well he was doing. They had not heard or seen from him since he had left Tatooine, and all save his parents had more or less forgotten about him. This was mainly due to the fact that they lacked HoloNet access, as Gasrany was now becoming mildly famous across the Net to many.


Money, power, respect, unlimited pizza...can it get any better?

Barely a month after he had taken it over, Gasrany concluded that he had turned Tryuin from a struggling little company to a market-dominating behemoth. Tryuin products, with the help of Jawa designers, were selling well. Some shareholders were awed as it created whole new markets for itself. As it continued to make money, Tryuin continued to spend money, buying more shipyards and factories, and recruiting new designers and staff. Gasrany himself began to spend more and more time dancing around his penthouse laughing manically, but many simply attributed this to the fact that he had previously not been accustomed to great wealth and power. Meanwhile, his name was becoming more and more familiar with citizens galaxy-wide.

Gasrany, meanwhile, who had been born into a family that was poor, even for Jawas, was amazed by the luxuries and options made available by wealth. He had never washed in his entire life, and remained in a state of shock after taking his first bath. He then became addicting to lazing around in jacuzzis for hours on end. After straying into a HVD shop, he discovered holo-movies, and would establish a vast collection of thousands of films, ranging from action to drama to surreal to pornography, which Gasrany classified as documentary. He would also discover music, and would often be found dancing very badly in the eyes of his housekeepers to disco music in his penthouse. As some regarded his behavior as rather odd, Gasrany preferred to be alone in his penthouse.

Meanwhile, he continued to be awed by another commodity he had just discovered: comfortable beds. Having been forced to sleep in a hammock that had never been washed during his life on Tatooine, Gasrany ended up buying a vast collection of thousands of beds, and decided to try out a new bed every other night. As for beds he didn't like or lacked space for, he either literally threw them out of the window, which sometimes disrupted Coruscant traffic, or sold them to bed-desperate Coruscant hotels. Such waste angered many individuals on Coruscant, but Gasrany, too caught up in his desire for luxury, ignored them.


You arrogant, stuck up, ignorant, smelly little rodent! Do you have any idea what's coming to you? Do you? How's this for a taster!
—Laruna before slapping Gasrany

What Gasrany felt was his good fortune, however, would not last. About a year after his takeover of Tryuin, feeling very overconfident and full of himself due to his wealth and power, Gasrany decided to purchase a penthouse on the space station Basura, as others amongst the galaxy's rich elite had holdings there. Despite protests from his advisors, Gasrany decided to permanently stay in his Basura penthouse, as he had grown fed up with the noise on Coruscant. Upon arriving at the station, Gasrany's impressions were quite favorable, upon seeing the luxury of the station's elite sector 1. He was given his own luxury apartment, complete with swimming pool and hover-tennis racket, and was tended to by the Chief Maid herself, Laruna Saik, who served as his guide aboard the station.

After a week of lounging his apartment, delegating the running of Tryuin to the board of directors, Gasrany announced that he wanted to explore Sector 2 of the station. Laruna protested, saying that that area of the station was too dangerous for a person of his importance. Despite her protests, Gasrany set out, with Laruna as his sole company. After being slightly disturbed by the debauchery and the lawlessness of the sector, he found a relatively legitimate-looking casino. Ignoring Laruna's warnings that the casino was a criminal-only haunt, Gasrany entered, and sat down at a sabacc table with a well-dressed human. After playing for a brief while, Gasrany lost ten thousand credits in his first game. Convinced that the man was cheating, Gasrany went into a rant and began making a scene. When the man asked him to leave in a polite tone for a human, Gasrany began insulting him, before losing his temper and in the process spilling wine on the man's expensive suit before leaving the casino in a huff.

Upon returning to his apartment, Gasrany found a death note in his bed, and it turned out that the man was Yenri Rueno, a Black Sun Vigo, who was considered very influential on the station. The note informed him that his starship had been impounded and that he was to pay one million credits in compensation for the casino scene or face death. When she saw Gasrany's indifferent attitude to this, the usually unflappable Laruna lost her temper and began ranting at Gasrany, pointing out supposed flaws in his persona. This shook Gasrany back to reality somewhat, and he broadcast a message on the station, apologizing to Yenri and offering him one million and a half credits and a new suit as compensation. When all signs indicated that the Vigo was going to accept his offer, Gasrany relaxed, confident that his trouble was over.

Unfortunately, it was not. Upon finding that his swimming pool had accidentally been contaminated with dianoga eggs, Gasrany headed down to one of the nearby public swimming pools. When he discovered a young human woman taking up one of the jacuzzis and refusing to budge, he pushed her out before ruining her hairstyle. When he returned to his apartment, he was informed to his horror that the woman was one Aqueria Xtre, Yenri's girlfriend. Immediately, Gasrany made plans to leave Basura.

However, a few hours later, a nuclear detonation occurred ten kilometers away from the station, almost knocking it out of orbit. Yenri announced on the station's intercom that he was responsible for the blast, and that a nuclear device was attached to the station's reactor and primed to go off in an hour unless Gasrany would pay him one trillion credits and then commit suicide. He also pointed out that all ships on the station were impounded, as well as the escape pods, cutting off all escape routes, and that if anyone were to try to tamper with the bomb, he would detonate prematurely. Faced with a difficult decision, Gasrany decided to resort to extreme measures. Using his technical knowledge, he disassembled the individual power generator in his room and constructed a rudimentary EMP device out of it. Aware that it had a very limited range, he put it a suitcase and had it sent down on a lift to the reactor level, announcing that it contained the ransom.

Once the suitcase reached the reactor level, Yenri's thugs opened it, only for Gasrany to activate the device, neutralizing the nuke but also cutting off all power for the station. However, this also meant that the weapons of Yenri's thugs would not work, allowing the station's militia to overpower them, and engineering crews soon reactivated the reactor and disarmed the bomb. Unfortunately, it turned out that Yenri had long left. Gasrany decided to return to Coruscant, but he no longer felt the same feeling of confidence and invulnerability that he once had.

The chase

Never thought I'd had to go through a warzone just to get to the spaceport.

Upon retuning to his home on Coruscant, Gasrany immediately had his building massively fortified to the extent that it could survive prolonged orbital bombardment, and equipped it with a small army of militia droids, much to the frustration of his neighbors. He controlled Tryuin activities from his personal computer in his apartment, making sure everything was running to his desire, and made sure all food he ate was double-checked for poison or otherwise. He tried to establish the location and activities of Yenri by contacting other Black Sun Vigos, who did nothing but explain that they were remaining neutral and that the quarrel was between Yenri and Gasrany only.

Several weeks passed, and Gasrany relaxed, hoping that Yenri had forgotten about all that happened. Unfortunately, this was not so. Due to the malfunctioning of his apartment's trash compactor one day, Gasrany called for a dump hover-truck. Upon arriving, the dump hovtruck immediately performed a suicide run into the building. No serious damage was caused, but Gasrany was now aware that Yenri was still after him. Getting worried, he ordered the construction of his own personal skyhook above Alderaan, and hired his own mercenary fleet. In the meantime, he had a nuclear shelter constructed within his apartment, and hid in it.

Several days later, construction on the skyhook was finished, and Gasrany christened it the Great Bantha. All that was needed was to travel to the nearest Coruscant spaceport to get there. Aware that in this transition stage he was in great danger, Gasrany bought a normal civilian speeder and exited from one of the lower levels rather than his personal speederpark. However, as soon as the speeder took flight, it immediately came under attack from Black Sun hover-skiffs, and a chase ensured. Pursued through the skylanes of Coruscant, Gasrany's driver was forced to perform evasive maneuvers, causing chaos within the traffic. As a result, one of the Black Sun skiffs was knocked out of the sky and crashed.

When the skiffs began to seem more distant, Gasrany felt that he was safer, but to his horror he discovered that Yenri had somehow arranged for SAM missile launchers to be placed on various nearby rooftops. Narrowly avoiding the hails of missiles, the speeder entered a tunnel, with two identical decoy speeders that Gasrany had arranged for speeding off in different directions. The Black Sun skiffs split up to chase said decoys, but some still chased Gasrany's speeder through the tunnel, almost taking it down.

Exiting the tunnel, Gasrany found the spaceport up ahead, but then several Black Sun thugs armed with missile launchers on some nearby rooftops opened fire. One missile exploded dangerously close to the speeder, causing it to lose control. A lucky shot from one of the skiffs took out its repulsorlifts, causing it to plummet.

Gasrany, however, had planned for this possibility. Putting on a miniature jetpack, he jumped out of the speeder and jetpacked to the spaceport entrance, where a cadre of his bodyguards were waiting. Immediately, Yenri's thugs closed in, and Gasrany's bodyguards covered him as he raced through the spaceport, having arranged beforehand to bypass the various security checks that usually took about three hours. Boarding a nondescript freighter, Gasrany immediately ordered a take off. Several freighters took off concurrently, confusing the Black Sun thugs. As soon as the freighter was clear of the atmosphere, it jumped to hyperspace. Gasrany was safe, but now he knew just how much Yenri wanted him dead.

Battle of the Great Bantha

So, this Jawa t'inks he can 'ide from me. Well, I am sorry to say that he is mis-taken. And he can expect to meet his maker very short-ely.
—Yenri on a HoloNet broadcast

A few days, Gasrany arrived on the Great Bantha, which he made sure was staffed almost entirely by droids or loyal staff. He also had ion cannon satellites set up in a network around the skyhook, and made sure that mercenary and local law enforcement ships were guarding it at all times. He also had miniature farms set up aboard the skyhook, to eliminate the risk of poisoning. With that, Gasrany was confident that he was finally safe, and that Yenri would be unable to get to him.

Gasrany, however, had miscalculated Yenri's power and wrath. One week after his arrival on the skyhook, Gasrany was woken one morning by the skyhook's early-warning system. To his horror, he found that a massive fleet consisting of 250 ships had entered the system and was approaching the skyhook. Intelligence revealed that this was Yenri's entire personal space armada. Gasrany also realised that numerically, his security forces were inadequate to protect the skyhook. Raising shields, he personally took control of the battle, feeling confident due to the months he had spent playing real-time strategy holo-games. Within three seconds, a barrage from Yenri's fleet had destroyed 40% of Gasrany's ships.

Deciding that he was unlikely to hold them, Gasrany initiated the station's emergency atmospheric entry systems, and began to make it descend into the atmosphere. It began to come under fire from Yenri's ships, but the shields took most of the damage. Gasrany programmed a descent to a spot just outside Aldera, transmitting a warning to the Alderaanian government to clear all inhabitants from the area.

Entering the atmosphere, the skyhook plummeted down and impacted into the desired spot in a field outside Aldera, repulsorlifts and gravity beams greatly softening the impact. Nonetheless, the shockwave caused great chaos and destruction in the nearby city. This did not concern Gasrany, however; what mattered was that the skyhook was still mostly intact and its vital systems were operational, and it was now effectively a ground-based fortress. With the majority of Yenri's fleet unable to enter the atmosphere, the enemy was forced to attack it with fighters, which were chewed up rapidly by the skyhook's guns.

Yenri's fleet was not deterred, however. Transports landed ground forces a safe distance away from the skyhook, and they promptly began assaulting the skyhook, but were also destroyed. Artillery caused moderate damage to the skyhook, however, but by now the Alderaanian security forces were intervening. Black Sun forces on the planet were taken out, and the arrival of Republic warships scared the fleet away. Gasrany had won, but not without cost. As soon as the battle was over, he was presented with what he felt was a considerable bill for damages. Also, as a result of the battle, Alderaan banned the use of its space as military territory, and effectively banished Gasrany from it.

Venture into the unknown

By now Gasrany was genuinely scared, and had a feeling that he was not safe no matter where he was. Finally, he decided to undertake a drastic measure: he would travel into the Unknown Regions where he would remain until he felt that the heat had died down. Despite protests from his advisors and board, Gasrany had his mind set. He had a special starship designed for long-distance travel and for fuel efficiency built, and prepared a small division of construction and warrior droids, as well as enough food to last him a decade. To be absolutely safe, he announced that he would be traveling alone.

As soon as preparations were complete, Gasrany set out from Kuat without much announcement to avoid media attention, and immediately set course for a random point in the unknown regions. It had occurred to him that potentially anything could happen, and should something happen to him there would be little way of calling for help, so he had prepared a will of sorts dictating what should happen to his company.

A few weeks later, Gasrany had ventured beyond the boundaries of known space. Entering a nearby dust cloud, he came across a small, Alderaan-like planet with no evidence of an intelligent civilization inhabiting it. Upon further inspection, Gasrany detected a primitive civilization of humanoids inhabiting one of the continents. All evidence seemed to point to them being peaceful and benevolent.

Gasrany landed in the middle of their main city, and was immediately treated with reverence as soon as he exited the starship. The language of the primitives was similar to Jawaese, so communications difficulties were soon overcome. Gasrany quickly learned that they believed him to be a god, and was immediately ushered into a palace were he was surrounded by what he considered to be large luxury. Pleased, he decided that he could take his time here.

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