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Garyth Quorr was a male Mezzel officer of the Navy of the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob and one of the last Supreme Commanders of the Tetrarchy military.


Early service

Born on Dolomir in 49 ABY, Quorr's family had few political connections, though it was upper middle class. His grades and native intelligence earned him a spot in the Tetrarchy Naval Academy, where he graduated at the top of his class. He was initially assigned a relatively unimportant post in the Xoquon sector, but he performed well and was respected by his men for his tactical skill and fair leadership. His superiors remarked positively that he was a promising tactician, capable of great ruthlessness when necessary but not a man to waste resources or the lives of his subordinates. He did not always agree with some of the Tetrarchy's more brutal policies, but felt the security and stability provided by the government was of such vital importance that it justified less-than-admirable actions.

Rise to command

Quorr received his first command of a small picket ship when he was only twenty-six, and did so well in the post that he was promoted to bridge officer on a Hydra-class cruiser two years later. He served in both expansion campaigns and sallies against pirates. Moving up the chain of command, he earned his own Hydra cruiser in 83 ABY. Three years later he became a military advisor to the Tetrarchs, serving on the staff of the reigning Mezzel Tetrarch. He came to known civilian staff aide Idiian Gundo during that period.

In 89 ABY, Quorr was promoted to Vice Admiral and became second-in-command of the Vall`to sector fleet, and was given his own Echidna-class command cruiser, the Anhalia. He bucked tradition by ensuring good standards for his men, even at the expense of some off-the-books income other Vice Admirals had kept for themselves. His superiors praised his ever-growing tactical knowledge, though they thought he was somewhat naïve, and his men were very fond of him. In 92 ABY he received command of the sector's forces. Four years after that, Gundo and Lahek Gril were instrumental in securing Quorr's promotion to Supreme Commander of all Tetrarchy forces.

Considered by the Tetrarchy military to be a man who embodied military discipline and skill but who also respected and looked out for his men, Quorr was popular with both officers and enlisted personnel. He planned several expansion campaigns farther into the Xoquon sector, shoring up some weaknesses. He was in the midst of concentrating forces for an invasion of Mir Kaldu`uz when a scout mission to Quadia encountered the Golden Empire.

The last campaign

As Supreme Commander, Quorr directed the Tetrarchy's war effort. Rather than commit to a retaliatory strike after the Battle of Wemod, he concentrated defenses in the Mezlag sector, correctly predicting that the Empire would attack there next. Quorr himself was personally present for the Battle of Hudrel, where he commanded a successful defense against the Empire's attack. He received the Tetrarchy's highest decorations for his achievement from the hand of Idiian Gundo himself, and the Mezzel Tetrarch suggested behind the scenes that Quorr might become the next Tetrarch himself when a vacancy existed. Quorr ordered successful incursions into the Empire's territory, recapturing the Xoquon sector and taking the staging world of Tershin.

When the Empire surged back with an unexpected victory at the Battle of Tizgo V, Quorr suggested an all-out assault to smash the enemy before they could gain strength, but was overruled by the Tetrarchs. Forced to adapt, he ceded the Xoquon sector, concentrating defenses at Vall`to and Baes. The Tetrarchs believed the Empire would attack Mezlagob, especially after the Raid on Ommol, and allowed Quorr only the Vall`to sector's own fleet to use in its defense.

Quorr divided the forces between Baes and Vallto, unsure where the Empire would strike first. He was organizing forces at the military depot when the Empire attacked there, and retreated after defeat at the Battle of Baes became inevitable. Regrouping at Vall`to, he received the Tetrarch Dourshe as a passenger aboard the Anhalia shortly before the Battle of Vall`to. He held the Empire's fleet off, but was caught unprepared by the sudden arrival of reinforcements behind his own lines, decanting from hyperspace with the aid of Rin Sakaros's Force abilities. Trapped among his own ships, he knew his cruiser was doomed, and sent a brief congratulatory message to Tariun Sakaros ("Well played") shortly before a reactor explosion consumed his flagship and killed him.


Though Dourshe's death deprived the Tetrarchy of one of its rulers, it was Quorr's demise that had a greater impact on the war effort. The remainder of the Tetrarchy fleet at Vall`to surrendered after his death, and many in the military lost confidence in their ability to defeat the Empire after the Empire had defeated Garyth Quorr. Tariun Sakaros later spoke respectfully of Quorr's abilities, feeling the Mezzel was a good commander who was simply on the wrong side.

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