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Don't try and label me as a simple thug. Without people like me, politicians wouldn't be able to advance through the ladder of power as quickly as they do. I don't cause the damage to your democracy's policies and laws; I'm merely the instrument through which the harm is done. It's the people you've sworn to defend who cause the injustice, meaning all I can do is go with the chaotic flow just to stay alive.
—Garn Kasdor

Garn Kasdor was a male Trandoshan mercenary, who was widely regarded as one of the most successful soldiers-for-hire in the Si'Klaata Cluster. Though he followed his people's typical method of gathering Jagannath points by becoming a bounty hunter, Kasdor was very particular in his line of work, only taking on certain contracts that provided him with worthy foes. Favoring honor over slaughter, Kasdor initially struggled as a mercenary, as his selective attitude often caused him to take up jobs with very little pay.

However, he built up a successful reputation when he sold out his support to the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, memorably fighting to the best of his ability during the disastrous Battle of Jabiim. He would also present during various other campaigns, such as the Conquest of Duro and the Battle of Coruscant. Though he was offered jobs numerous times by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Kasdor felt that accepting the contracts would be a betrayal, causing him to turn every offer down.

When the Galactic Empire was founded in 19 BBY, Kasdor returned to Hutt Space, where he began taking up contracts for the Hutts. Around 7 BBY, he found himself stranded on Nal Hutta, and oddly found himself without any work, due to both his honorable nature and Nal Hutta's large mercenary guilds, who quickly snatched his desire contracts before he could sign up. As such, Kasdor began to experience an economic downtime, forcing him to abandon his morals and take up a number of shady jobs from the Hutt Cartel. By 0 ABY, Kasdor had amassed enough credits to leave Nal Hutta and return to his preferred line of work. At some point during the Galactic Civil War, Kasdor found himself working with the First Sun Mobile Regiment, though had left their service around the Battle of Gall.

By the time of the New Republic and the Yuuzhan Vong War, Kasdor had retired from mercenary life and settled down on the galactic capital of Coruscant, working as a bodyguard for Senator Nara Deega until he was replaced by E'noro circa 26 ABY. The following year, Kasdor had finally retired from work outright to write his memoirs on his mercenary career. Kasdor later perished during the Fall of Coruscant whilst trying to fight his way to a refugee ship.


Early life

My family were notorious slavers. I was a promising son and hunter in their eyes, but they preferred butchering weak opponents instead of taking on real challenges. There's no honor in that.
—Kasor on his family

Garn Kasdor was a Trandoshan male born on the forestial moon of Wasskah in theKashyyyk system around 40 BBY. As young child, Kasdor was raised brutally and viciously by his parents, who operated as Wookie slavers throughout the Mytaranor sector. Despite his violent upbringing, Kasdor was made to firmly respect and admire the Scorekeeper, the goddess of the Trandoshan people. Whilst his family believed that the most effective way to amass Jagannath points was through becoming slavers or pirates, Kasdor stood out from the rest of his family in believing that only foes that pose skillful enemies should be worthy of his hunting skills, and detested his family's favored means of mindless slaughter. At one point during his lifetime, Kasdor's father forced him to spend a week hunting in the Shadowlands on Kashyyyk without support. Despite the savagery of the beasts that lived in the area and the risk of being caught and executed by Wookie hunters, Kasdor was able to survive and return back to Wasskah.

Eventually, his somewhat maverick ideas brought him into a violent dispute with his father, which ended in Kasdor ripping both of his arms. This caused his relatives to turn against him and cast him out, effectively banishing him from both their business and their family. Now without anyone to rely on, Kasdor decided to focus all his efforts and determination into gathering more points for the Scorekeeper, motivating him to travel to Trandosha and hunt for powerful beasts or foes across the planet.

During this time, Kasdor's relatives posted a substantial bounty on his head for his capture. This drove Kasdor to desperation, as he was forced to flee from Trandosha into Hutt Space as a refugee. Not long after, Kasdor wound up on the Smuggler's Moon of Nar Shaddaa. Without allies or credits to spare, he quickly found himself swept up in the turf wars between some of the crime-ridden moon's numerous gangs. Though he despised working in the gang he ran with, Kasdor managed to make enough money to eventually leave them behind in an effort to get off Nar Shaddaa.

Angered by his departure and aware of the reward on his head, the Houk thug who ran the gang captured Kasdor and sold him into slavery. As part of their plan to get revenge, the gang had their main slicer fabricate a number of condemning stories on the HoloNet, which gave Kasdor a criminal record for an extensive list of crimes which he did not actually commit. This eventually resulted in him being sold to the prison planet of Kessel. After three years spent in captivity, Kasdor was able to stage a daring prison break with the help of a Devaronian inmate and steal a prison transport.

The two were able to make it as far as Sleheyron, though not long after arriving, the Devaronian attempted to kill him for his family's bounty, revealing that he was actually a Black Sun Vigo. Left with no other choice, Kasdor was forced to kill the Vigo and flee the planet, earning the anger of Black Sun. Despite this, Kasdor found himself in need of greater challenges, which resulted in him journeying to the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta, where he decided to become a professional mercenary.


It takes guts to survive as a merc, but it takes real skill to survive the competition in Hutt Space as a rookie, then build up a reputation from that. In a job built up on backstabbing and competition, that is quite an achievement.
—Kasdor on the difficulty of his initial career

Because of his commitments to the Scorekeeper, Kasdor would only take up very specific bounties, ones that would offer him a significant enough challenge. However, this sense of honor caused him to struggle in creating a reputation for himself, forcing him to hire himself out as little more than an enforcer for a number of Hutt crime lords on their adopted homeworld of Nal Hutta. Immediately he grew bored and dissatisfied with the job, though stuck up with it in order to amass the necessary credits to start his career. Whilst many of his "honorable" jobs resulted in him getting the bare minimum of his payment, Kasdor used each job to build the foundation upon which his notoriety would expand on, and he subsequently used his growing reputation to open up new job offers for him.

As time passed, Kasdor based himself in the Si'Klaata Cluster, and quickly earned a place as one of the system's most prominent independent contractors. On one job, Kasdor was hired by a wealthy Rodian smuggler to lead a group of specialists to take out a large cargo freighter on the Ac'fren Spur hyperlane then raid it of its valuables. Though well-equipped and heavily guarded, Kasdor managed to use each of his team's specialities to completely disable the ship's defenses and then fight their way to the bridge, where they assumed control of the vessel.

Whilst going through the cargo, one of his subordinates accidentally activated one of the ship's larger contents, a damaged Basilisk war droid. The droid succeeded in killig half of Kasdor's squad, though before it could do any more damage, the Trandoshan lured the war droid into the ship's ship bay, where it was then crippled by a well-placed detonite charge and finished off by Kasdor. Ironically, the Basilisk had been the cargo that his employer had wanted most, and the news of its destruction infuriated him, causing him to deduct 30% of the team's reward.

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