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Galen Marek was a Human male Jedi master.


Prison Barge Purge

He Felt a presence he was here to rescue people important people to the Rebel Alliance, he got captured a few days ago he heard that a disease spreading through the people of the barge. he saw a prisoner cough up blood and organs, Proxy analyzed some DNA of a prisoner that had the disease the disease was called Blackwing. Proxy took disguise as a Guard, he marched and unlocked Galen's Cell, he followed two kids to the back of the ship he was trying to find General Han Solo, he runs back to his cell and he runs into his convict and Proxy is behind him and here turned into the warden and shot the prisoner and said "Master there is a star destroyer docking" and proxy shape shifts to a storm trooper commander and took the armor of a Storm Trooper and gave it to Galen, Galen and Proxy went into the star destroyer and met doctor Zahara along with trip and Kale Longo, they all formulated a plan Galen told everyone he was looking for Han solo and Chewbacca,Zahara Cody told him they went to salvage parts he saw a bunch of zombies and proxy handed him his lightsabers he activated them and cut through them he experienced a vision and saw a zombie with Vader's mask on and then got back to realization that there wasn't one there he continued slashing he said as he ran through the corridor" I'll call for a transport or get one of the ships in the hangar to work, he finds Han and tells him to meet him on Dantooine, Galen Runs to the Rogue Shadow's docking bay and leaves.


Starkiller meditates as Kota enters the room he says "what do you want General" General Replied have you seen and Galen says "no" and Kota says i hate when he reads mind, meanwhile Vader is just standing there in his holdings. Starkiller then senses something and sees a black robed figure about to cut Vader's Restraints with a red lightsaber Galen threw his lightsaber and the dark figure's lightsaber goes flying he reaches, for the one Galen threw and he picked it up he activated the blue blade they dueled he sees the eyes of the figure it was a dark clone of him he dueled and force pushed and said "you will not free him" he said "general get something to hold him" galen turns and the dark clone electrocutes Galen with force lightning Kota defends Galen and then cuts the Dark clone's left arm off and puts him in a deep Cryo stasis.Darth Vader used that as a distraction and escaped.

Becoming a force auditor

on the planet Coruscant galen meditated saw the spirit of Qui-gon jinn he said your father was a force auditor galen queried "Force auditor ?" and then got electrocuted by red lightning, meanwhile in a part of Coruscant called the oasis garden he was Lizgor the Great(dark force auditor) and Mindy the Brave(Light force Auditor). The Auditors Explained how they play a big part in the force, they control the flow of the force and Midi-chlorians. Galen was elected as the Universal Auditor leader of the auditors.

Attack of Shileron

The Rogue Shadow was scouting the outer rim sieges, they picked up a massive point on the Galaxy map a massive Dark black star destroyer it was as twice as a normal. It sends snub fighters that were used during the Mandalorians wars, the fighters chase the rogue shadow and fires a particles at the shadow's drive fin and because the fin handled the coordination. the star destroyer shot the shadow's exterior and it blew a hole in the rear, 4 of the crew died all that were left were Kota proxy and Juno they activate the stealth field generator and they sneaked aboard the ship.

The Shileron ship abomination

a damaged cloaked rogue shadow sat in the air duct Kota and galen activated there lightsabers and went outside, Juno and proxy were working on the repairs. Kota and Galen were running up a corridor they saw a figure of a man it was the good clone of galen except there was something evil about him Kota and Galen pulled out there lightsaber the figure walked toward them and said "when the rebel alliance found you in that glacier Galen it ruined my life i couldn't get work or anything so i fell to help the Shileron the ancient race" the clone pulls out his saber they dueled across the corridor,the clone threatened to find the rogue shadow and kill everyone on board that made galen mad they dueled up down the floor, galen sliced the blade out of his hand and stabbed the clone, the clone disappears and then Juno told them repairs were done and they took off.

Shileron invasion of Dantooine

Kota was reading charts on his computer he walked into the cryo room and looked at the dark clone and said "you will give me the answers i seek". He reached for the controls and then he heard a huge boom that came from the courtyard, he sees a bunch of Shileron Soldiers and then he sees there leader Darth Palisades the Sith used force lightning on General Kota and threw him across the room, Galen saw this and got ticked and drew his lightsaber, alarms were flashing troopers were shooting and grenades were flying and exploding. Galen gets pushed through a wall, he gets up and sees a dark jedi cut the power and his dark clone grabs a saber and runs out to the courtyard. Dark clone walks through the courtyard and talks to the Shileron general The Shileron general tells him to stop the rebels,the clone kills the Rebel leader Trivac lester. Galen and the Shileron leader duel each other he cuts the leaders hand off and stabs him and kicks him into the tree. after the leader died the dark clone took over and ordered retreat, the rebels may of won but the siege of Dantooine was one to be remembered as one of the darkest days in the history of the rebel alliance.

Shileron ship clairvoyance

The Rogue shadow's crew cut losses from the siege and proxy was looking after some of the crew members in the med bay, Kota looked at damaged charts and he said that the space battle was still going on but the Shileron ship was gonna escape so kota ran to the rogue shadow and galen soon after he commanded juno and proxy to stay at the Dantooine base. The Rogue Shadow zoomed out of Dantooine's atmosphere it did a acrobatic spin and shot Missiles at the engines and made a hole in the ship and the landed in the engine room which surprisingly was basically clear enough for the rogue shadow to land. they walked the engine room and the cameras were destroyed in the blast, the walked into the crew quarters which were empty. there objective was to disable the controls they sealed the door to the engine room, they got in corridor 3224 they saw troops rushing toward them so they saw a rebel drop pod coming to aid them through the window and it impacted the side of the ship and saw the pod open in the corridor.

Clairvoyance Rebel invasion

Galen leaves Kota and the troops to defend the corridor, he moves onward to the bridge he sees the general and a bunch of Shileron. a few troops and Commando Ferris Willom of the special forces catches up to him, he and the troops started fighting through the troops and got to the general, the general then says "you!!! you killed our old leader" the general pulled out a vibrosword and attacked they dueled through the corridor, commando Willom pulled out his war-sword and helped galen duel the general they cut off his hand and threw him into the vacuum of space.

Clairvoyance crew deck

Galen and Ferris move on as they make there way through the corridor they proceed through the crew quarters galen raised his lightsaber and ferris pulled his blaster out, the Shileron troops marched in and galen and ferris fought through the troopers. after getting through those troops they were in the command deck all the left was a elevator.

Clairvoyance bridge

Galen and ferris get to the bridge pilots were at there station and the colonel was at his computer counsel. the colonel turned around and said " welcome wanna drink, he pulled out his blaster and shot galen deflected it, it hit the navigation system, Galen signaled ferris to fire and then he started firing at the pilots and galen stop the colonel from leaving he tossed the colonel into the computer and he got electrocuted. all the pilots were dead galen looked around and saw a vent and jumped down it ferris shortly followed it lead to the engine room where the rogue shadow was and they landed in front of the rogue shadow, they saw kota running troopers were falling behind him and they jumped aboard and took off.

Space Battle of the clairvoyance

so the rogue shadow was out of the ship, juno was piloting trying to avoid debris from the clairvoyance, the shadow got pursued by fighters, juno used the debris against them and then salvation II opened fire on the clairvoyance. The Rogue Shadow then fired its missiles on the Clairvoyance. The clairvoyance fell apart and the rogue shadow jumped to hyperspace.


Galen: Lady Eclipse? Juno Eclipse
Juno: indeed
Galen: Galen i have a Campaign on Dxun (kisses Juno)
Juno: bye Galen
―Juno and Galen after the Briefing of the Clairvoyance Invasion[src]

Galen was walking through the senate building on Corulag Juno catches up to him they converse and kiss she tells juno that he has a campaign on Dxun, the rogue shadow pulls out with Galen and Commando Ferris going to Dxun. Proxy stayed with senator eclipse and The rogue shadow got to the onderon system and goes to the moon of onderon. Then Galen sees the Millennium Falcon land on the planet and he goes to the same hemisphere they land and meet up with han, chewie, X2 and the troops. Han and Chewbacca Take Rogue Squadron down the jungle path which has cleared trees, Galen, Ferris Willom and X2 take Grey Squadron through the jungle. Galen and company run into to the death watch rebels and fight them, they defeat them and find a injured Mandalorian named vector latrine ordo he tells galen he will help defeat the Shileron if he heals him and help the Mandalorian faction take out Lynn Fett and the death watch, they agreed and were on the way to the camp.

Battle of Camp Ordo

when Vector Latrine, Ferris Willom, X2 and Galen Marek got to the camp they were death watch everywhere, and Mandalore was already dead. Vector Took his helmet and put on the helmet, he charged into the battle, Galen took his saber and dueled the death watch leader. all the death watch were killed the leader was on his knees with no hands, Mandalore Vector told him he had the death sentence for a 1 year act of treason.

Alpha Base 1

Galen,Proxy Kota and Juno pressed out ward to the edge of the galaxy, to find the Shileron alpha base 1 or their home aka there power base. The Rogue Shadow was holding up well comparability better than any other of the ships in the rebel fleet, the Salvation II, the Deception and the Resident were on there way. Galen was standing on the loading platform waiting to jump down into the base Juno gave him clearance to jump and he descended down into the base and he landed in what appeared to be a hangar bay. Galen walked through the hangar cutting through Shileron troops like no tomorrow. Galen got to the elevator Kota was in position exactly 1 floor above them in Corridor 227, Galen meets up with Kota they are fighting through troops and dark jedi slicing first asking questions later. Kota runs forward and Galen followed but got cut off by ray shields and there he was Darth Lancaster second in command only to Darth Starkiller, Kota duels Lancaster and he has the upper hand for a bit but then Lancaster stabbed and killed Kota.

Revenge of Starkiller

he gets really mad and tears apart the shields generators, he runs after lancaster and duels him, lancaster kicked his saber outta his hand he grabbed kota's and cut lancaster arm off and kicked him into a open wire he got shocked and galen stabbed him he took the elevator to the command deck and confronted the dark clone and dueled him slicing like there was no tomorrow angered by the death of kota he decapitates the shileron leader and stabs him. He takes over the Shileron.

Passion of Galen

he breathes and calms down, he closes his eyes and the shields go down and even the outer defenses shut down he learned battle meditation. He was walking and got to the bridge and said give up son to the dark clone he laughed and agreed that he was technically his son they dueled and then a crate explosives was shot at galen and then galen force pushs it at the clone.

Exiled for failure

on Coruscant galen was patrolling the new council building and troops of the imperial remnant marched up and he told them to halt and then the remnant starts firing and Juno was in a senatorial hearing and started hearing senators were screaming, she saw senator tracker of kashyykk fall to the floor dead, Juno realized he was after Chancellor Willom she ran and told the chancellor to run to her ship the stallion. She shot at the bounty hunters jet pack it missed. So they were running toward her ship the bounty hunter shot it hit Juno in the arm and he shot again and hit Willom in the heart and leg, and willom died instantly, and galen was running and slicing through troops and then he force pushed them all off the building. Juno fled the scene to go get galen. a Dark jedi named Vila was standing there. Galen and her dueled Vila pushed him off the building, Juno Caught em and she told willom was assassinated, he replied saying the senate is theirs, now the Remnant had the senate under there control imposing a new chancellor and martial law, Chancellor Scott Leviathan son of Grand Moff Clark Leviathan Galen and Juno were Exiled to Viore Prime in the outer rim.

Battle of Viore prime

Galen was meditating as Juno was cooking, she sees Starships enter the system in a vision. he tells Juno she gets the baby into the ship and pulls her weapons and goes to tell the militia this boy named Silias eclipse comes up and tells the master jedi he is a force sensitive and wants to be trained, he agrees to train him. Galen and Juno are ready for battle the remnant pours in the militia successfully fight back and galen and Juno are fight through the troops. Silias watches over young Rosaline Marek. the remnant was pushed off the planet and the Marek family and silias left the planet.

Vader's Old jedi hunter

Chancellor Scott Leviathan ordered a entitlement of possession in the Rogue Shadow and the millennium falcon, He hired Vader's Old jedi hunter a wayward clone of Starkiller he wears a red hood he was at the battle of Endor years ago. so taking off in his ship the Challenger, he tracked the ships to tython he walked upon the planet saw a hut with the marek crest galen senses the hunter. He walks out and says leave this place, the duel and he force push galen into the rogue shadow. the hunter takes the loading ramp and shuts and locks it, so galen is captured he activates the tractor beam and takes the ship.


They were approaching the senate building and galen was in a cage, galen use his mind the cage fell apart, he then use force to rip the ship apart and there was a hole forming next to galen in the hull of the ship he jumps through it and lands on the senate building he cuts a hole in the roof of the building and jumps in.

battle in the senate building

Chancellor Scott leviathan was signing the declaration of the marshal law and he say jedi master you almost startled me, he pulls out his blaster and stands up and shoots him galen deflects and he snaps the jedi hunter walks in and galen and him started dueling through the office and the clone cuts off galen's hand off and pushes him out the window Juno catches him in the Stallion and takes him to the med bay.


they landed on Mandalore the Stallion had picked up a distress call, they see the death watch have tooken over the city .Juno takes some Rebel troops and said "we have to kick these Death Watch outta the city and eventually off planet Galen got in some armor and begged the Duchess of Mandalore for her support and help taking out the troops, She said " our mandalorians will help" so Galen then thanx Duchess for her time they get outta the palace and the Mandalorian and the rebels were rallied under Galen ready for battle, juno Looked up and admired his Bravery and Bravado, Galen Looks at her winks and smiles and tells the troops to brace for battle and he runs through the battlefield slicing through the Death Watch Commandos and left and right falling to his blade he sees a hooded figure pull out a red blade he gets angry. he Ran up to the Sith and engaged him in a duel, Across the Barren forest and force pushed the Sith lord into the Refinery and the Fire hurts the Sith lord the duel continues and he force pushes the Sith lord into a oil tank half of the Sith's Mask Got blown off he said another time and he flees the Troops keep firing on Death Watch Commandos, Rebels Have been falling and The Refinery was the death watch's base. Juno Noticed the Death watch were Fleeing she says the planet was Liberated

Derelict ship Abomination

Galen was hunting the Sith Darth Cretin, they intercept communication from the rebel ship Salvation II Juno flies the stallion to Corulag and sees the Shileron ship and Galen gets angry and says open the Docking hatch that ship can destroy this one, the damaged old ship was inactive Galen Jumped outta the stallion and dropped into a heating duct and used the force and seal the heat regulator, Galen ran through the duct and jumped into into the hangar to Shileron Troops and Snub fighters he read reports and noticed the Shileron only had one ship and the leader was Darth Cretin he then he forced open the door and ran to the command deck.

Command Deck

the Command Deck was Filled with troops and a seat in the middle of the room and a hooded figure with a mask on was there he says hello there Galen i know your looking for me i have answers that you seek i know the key to ending the un-winnable war that's going on, Galen Said not interested he activates his saber, The Sith lowers his hood and removes the mask and it Reveals to be the Dark Clone, Galen Gets increasingly angrier he Duels the Dark Clone, they Duel through the Command deck and he gained the upper hand by cutting the saber outta the clones hand and he force pushes the clone into a wall and cuts his arm off and threw into a computer console that exploded when he hit it, the clone gets and reaches for a saber it was Kota's Galen Got angrier and continues attacking Galen then suck him in with force pull and uses force Repulse and the clone lands on the floor and Galen Stabs him, and the clone Gets up and says in a weakling voice, i looked into*cough* the Future a Vision it shows a engine like the Shileron on your ships next designs similar to *cough* the snub fighters and designs of frigates *cough* use the technology to win the civil war. Vader's experimental testing is on the planet*Cough*..." the Clone Dies Galen then looks around and reads through schematics and calls for a dispatch crew to help study the ship, fighters ,computers and weapons.

Imperial high maximum prison Alpha post

Galen was there for charges against the empire, due to a shortage and a lack of men Freelancer were guards, he was in his cell and a Freelancer said there will be a dark jedi at lunch get his lightsaber somehow cause a riot i'll be behind you on it the freelancer said"the empire doesn't pay enough for loyalty". It was Lunch the dark jedi warden walked by the freelancer nodded was standing next to the dark jedi and then Galen Force jumped and pushed the warden and grabbed the lightsaber and stated slicing guards and the freelancer got shot and fell galen pulled him onto a barge and they fled.

Telos IV

Admiral Keith Leviathan looks at the monitor and then Drake Condor the freelancer is walking with Galen and He looks at drake and "says your a pilot?" Keith's monitor blows up and Keith gets injured, Galen then says well lets see whats going on hopefully we don't have to flee this base and then it was a legion of Storm troopers, Galen senses something it was Vader and Galen then grins and he runs toward Galen duels Vader and Monitors were exploding Rebel troops and Special ops from the TSF were helping and Galen was Dueling Vader through the down Residential District and the base had fires and Rebel Troops were Falling left and Right, Galen and Vader were Continuing to duel and then Vader hit the Blade outta Galen's hand and he fell to the ground and Vader kicks the saber off the bridge and then puts the saber to Galens neck and then drake Condor was running to the hangar and sees the Rogue Shadow MMV2 he then gets in and takes off and he sees Vader and Galen with Galen on the Ground and then he Yells through the comlink "Galen!" and the Rogue Shadow and Galen grabs the bar Latched to the Loading ramp and Vader gets hits by the Rogue shadow and goes Flying into a building and Vader "Says i will get you" and he contacts a Shuttle and walks back to the abandon base and then Galen talks to Captain Jake Condor about being his new pilot and Proxy walks out and says Good plan captain Condor and they fly to Hoth.

Galaxy Divided

Captain Condor and Galen Marek were on Hoth tinkering with the Rogue Shadow MMV2, Han Carries a Rocket Launcher and mounts it on a all terrain Land speeder. Galen then Says "han gonna go do Damage?" Han Laughs and then fires at Vader's Shuttle and then Vader sees the missile and tries to force it back and it hits the wing of the shuttle and it spins and hits the ground, Vader Gets up and Galen then sees him Slicing at troops left and right, Galen Runs and he jumps and Force Pushes Vader into a AT AT Walker and it falls apart, Darth Vader's helmet falls apart "he says another time Starkiller".


Starkiller was on the console coordinating the Troops and Guards he then Looks at condor and tells him to check the attention, he sees Star destroyers and he uses the anti- air turrets the Star destroyer sends down troops and was pressing the attack, they kept a forward front the rocket troops kept trying to break through the Security Door, Galen then pushed it open and Troops went flying back, Rebel troops started firing on the Storm Troopers Starkiller Sees Vader and engages him in a Duel Starkiller then shocks Vader and Vader's new apprentice appeared it was a hooded figure...

Space Battle over Nar Shaddda

Galen was watching over the battle when his teenage daughter said dad can i lead the next squadron mom said she'll fly with me in the Stallion Galen said "only since Juno is with you" A drop pod impact the bridge and Galen said Run " Coleen, Vader and his apprentice stood in the pod Galen Looks into the hood and it was another clone, Galen and Coleen dueled Vader and his apprentice Coleen, Then get pushed by the apprentice and hit her with lightning and she rolled over in pain Galen Shouted "Take Coleen and flee" Juno said" But the ship is gonna fall apart" he says" thats the point He winks and Juno knows what he was doing and she kissed him and Galen Kissed his daughters Head and said" see you in netherworld of the force" and Juno ran. Galen Dueled Vader and his apprentice, Galen was about to slash but then Vader slashed right at Galen's chest and force pushed him into the window and Vader and his apprentice went in the pod and left Galen for dead Galen was trying to crawl toward the Rogue Shadow and then proxy offered to help him and they flee, Galen was lucky to have lived.


Galen and condor were over looking a monitor and a rebel solider pulls condor away to help build up the heavy turrets Galen then looks at the monitor closer and sees the prompt to unlock the defenses he presses the button and the X wings come up from the floor and then heavy turrets activate and turn on and Galen seals the door to the Rogue shadow and Galen sees a star destroyer in the sky he shouts " Battle stations Rogue Squadron!" they mobilize the X- Wings and Galen sees a shuttle lands and Galen jumps on a Taun-Taun sees him coming and force pushes and Galen goes flying he tries to grab the saber that was also flying but he hits a snow bank Vader reaches said" a new saber its flawless your better then i thought Vader activates Galen's blade and turns it on he slashes and dodges all the slices and hits Vader with lightning and he grabs Vader saber and duels him and Vader was getting beat pretty bad and then Galen used lightning again Vader Dropped Galen's saber and Galen Grabs and attempts to hit Vader with the sabers but he gets Force pushed and Vader Grabbed His blade with the force, Galen smirked and said "didn't think it can be that easy Galen Runs toward Vader and uses lightning Vader Caught the lightning Starkiller let go and then slashed Vader Fell back a little he kneeling before Starkiller and he had the blade was at Vader's neck and then a At-AT stepped on Galen and Vader Force jump into it and Galen was injured and he Limped into the base and Laid down and Fell asleep in a Bacta tank

Space battle over corulag

Galen and condor were working on the rogue shadow and the alarm went off galen and condor then went in the rogue shadow and proxy followed them, they flew outta the hangar and started firing at the star destroyer Condor then realized that plan was to capture the citadel government center tie fighters poured out of the star destrpyers hangar chasing the rogue shadow and galen told condor cut stabilizers and reverse all drive fins and circulate the anti Gravity x which mean there will be no resistance against the rogue shadow, X wings were following the rogue shadow and Condor said "all X wings ready Lock X foils in Attack position" Dog fights broke out the rogue shadow took out Frigate after Frigate, the rogue shadow Blew up the Star destroyer's Engine, Said Boarding party you have permission to begin.


Galen was waiting on board the Ascension for the Boarding party to return he gets knocked out by a imperial boarder, He woke up on the devastator Galen was in gear that were similar to ones he wore when he severed Vader,He found himself part of the Devastator's Crew.

Yavin IV

Starkiller was over looking Terminals it read the death star's schematics, he then receives a vision he seen the death star blowing up yavin he Shouted Scramble X wings and juno gets in the rogue shadow to lead the strike. Galen Smirks when he sees juno lead them and Kota says incoming shuttle the towers aren't picking up any crew. The Shuttle Lands and out steps Darth Vader and Troopers with one shadow guard, Galen and Kota Raise their sabers, Galen starts cutting through the Storm troopers and uses force repulse pushing the Shadow through the air into the shuttle and galen picks up the shuttle and crushes it,Vader then said in a triumphant voice your Fighter are heading into a trap Galen and Kota, Start slicing at Vader, Vader Guarding Every blow and Galen struck Vader's arm and Vader Fell back on his knees. Kota then contacted juno and provided her with information from Vader, they assaulted the Death Star, a battle damaged Darth Vader Lyed in a Containment Cell freezing being put into cryo by rebel alliance Cryo troopers. Kota and Galen knew with having vader again would prove very beneficial to the rebel war effort, Galen Recieved another vision of a second more damaged Second death star and the Skywalker kid falling to the dark side becoming vader's replacement he had to prevent this some how.

Evacuating Yavin

since the empire knew where the base was they had to move the base somewhere safe, Galen meditated and saw a frozen wasteland he thought what was he looking at, Telos, Rhen var , Corellia. He Realized the Planet in the vision was Hoth, they had to Evacuate rebel leaders and a very important prisoner Darth Vader, Han solo and Leia and luke said they would meet up with Galen at Hoth. as the millennium falcon took off a ship came in the slave 1 that was prisoner on durning the battle of Kamino. Boba fett came out and said he was there for Vader Galen and Kota came out of the with lightsabers in hand, 2 bounty hunters IG-88 and Dengar came out and Subdued the jedi Boba fett snuck in the base and came out with the cryo frozen Vader, He loaded vader on board and IG-88 and Dengar Left the jedi and went aboard . Boba fett thought about the reward he would get for returning Vader to the emperor, The Rogue shadow Took off and went for hoth Galen Received a vision in his it showed a swampy forest planet hearing Obi-wan's voice saying" Send Luke to the dagobah system after the rebel alliance is settled on hoth, in his sleep he said yes master.


a few weeks after building a base on hoth they were studying monitors picking up imperial comm Chatter from other systems. Galen then Pulled Luke aside Luke Bowed in respect, Reiterating he wasn't his master. Galen told him of Dagobah and Master Yoda who presided there, when they were talking about it Imperial Troops Touched down on hoth's surface, Luke and Galen went into the Caverns and Saw Vader Descending down into Echo Base from the Surface, Galen Closed the entrance into the base and Luke and Galen were ready to fight.

Galen and Luke.Vs.Darth Vader

Galen Charged Vader there sabers Clashed, Luke attacked Vader picked Galen Up and threw him into the Cavern wall. Luke then got angry and Vader Said "Yes use your anger, Strike me down, Become my apprentice Galen Force Pushed Vader and Said" Luke hes Manipulating you", Luke then Swung the blade at Vader Clear his mind of anger and hits the saber out of Vader's Saber out of his hand into his and Galen said " Good we'll take him into the holding cell. Luke said why capture him i want to kill him, He killed my father. Galen Said" that's not the case" Vader interrupted and said" hes right i am Your Father" Luke was on his knees and Vader's Saber in his hand Clutching it and Galen took Vader into custody, Luke Followed Behind.

A Dark Place

After Luke and Galen Subdued the Dark Lord he spent Vader spent his time in force restricting Cuffs, Luke went to talk to his father. Vader Talked to Luke tell him to join him and the dark side is powerful Luke got up and walked out without a reaction. The Next day the rebels were on scouting and patrols, Galen was on patrol Luke sneaked in Vader's Cell and came Back with 2 new lightsabers and Vader's saber Luke was dawning a Dark Jedi robe He found in the rogue shadow. Upon returning Galen Saw Vader and a dark Luke walk toward the Rogue shadow and He said"hold it, What are you doing" Luke said" Fulfilling my destiny alongside the sith" Vader and Luke risen there sabers Rahm Kota coming back from his patrols seen these turn of events, Ran up and risen his blade.

Galen Vs. Vader

Galen Rushed into to battle attacking Vader in rage over Luke's fall, Vader blocked all his Attacks. Kota told him to clear his mind he battled Vader, Vader used force push. Galen went flying into a out bound Millennium Falcon, Galen fell into snow shook-en by the hit. when he looked up hoping to see Luke standing over a defeated Darth Vader, Instead When he looked up he saw a beaten Rahm Kota get Stabbed and Decapitated. Galen's eyes got wide and he got up and tried to fire force lightning at Vader and then Luke got infront of him deflect the lightning back at him and force pushed him onto the Rogue shadow. A shuttle arrived for Vader and Luke, Luke turned around to go collect Galen's saber as a trophy, but Galen was dragged into the Rogue shadow by proxy and juno before he could turn around.

Rogue Shadow (in transit)

Galen was Beating himself up about kota dying and Luke's betrayal, he was blaming himself General Kota's spirit came to him and told not to blame himself for his death or skywalker's fall. Kota explained how he lost Apprentices and Padawans, He suggested Galen to go to dagobah to meditate.


Galen was meditating yoda came to his side and told him it wasn't his fault, the spirit of Rahm Kota and Obi-wan came to him and told him there was someone who could help an ally of Darth Revan the Jedi Exile. Centuries old Revan came behind Galen, and said "so this is eons of my flesh blood to produce this?" i gained knowledge that you face a similar issue that i did betrayal and a oppressive Emperor. I will help you maybe your emperor can put me to peace accompany me to my space station the foundry, Galen said "how can you of lived for this long?" Revan said it was through a force preservation chamber.

Foundry II vs. Death Star

Revan Explained how the foundry worked surprised it worked after being dormant since the cold war, Galen asked Revan what he could do he said Use the Rogue Shadow and lower the Death Star defenses take out there weapons. the Rogue Shadow started sacking the Weapons of the death star's weapons,foundry fighters were taking out the Star Destroyers, Vader's tie fighter pursued the rogue shadow, the rogue shadow landed on the foundry Vader attempted but something made him crash.

Vader Vs. Galen

after the crash Galen dragged Vader to Revan, Revan told Galen the Circle is Completed we have the death star and the foundry we will reform the empire. Galen Replied Yes Master, Revan told him to give himself to the hatred and Revenge and Vader begged for his life said that he would return to the light. Galen Ignored Vader's appeal for life and Vader got to his feet and force pushed Galen and Grabbed his saber, Galen and Vader Dueled. Galen Used Force lightning on Vader, Galen Put the saber to Vader's neck Revan Said" good now finish him he has nothing" Galen Looked at his ancestor, and Looked at Vader he then Decapitated Vader. Revan said " Now the Empire is ours.

Kota vs. Galen

1 month had passed since the death of vader and the conquering of the empire, Palpatine fell to Revan and Galen was the Successor of Darth Revan. Galen was Meditating aboard the Death Star and the spirit of Rahm Kota Appeared and said "you aloud this dark lord and ancestor of you to manipulate to gain Supremacy over Vader for what cost" he replied" General theres no nagging here we have justified our purpose we can't being punished we can't be stopped and most defiantly by those rebel scum". Kota was appalled " Rebel scum?, you represented them you were their symbol of hope! there Can't be any way that you know what your saying right now" Galen Stood and took his saber his eye were yellow and blood red like the blade of his saber. Kota said" Stand down Galen", Galen walked toward the dead jedi master, Kota used force push and summoned alot of force energy and turned back into his physical form and said " i will Do what i must" and Galen sliced at Kota, he Countered and attacked Galen fell back against a wall and he sliced kota away he summoned a huge arc of lightning kota Blocked it. Galen Kept at the Lightning and Galen then stopped and kota reflected the lightning back force pushed him into a out going tie fighter and then force pushed him into the hull of the rogue shadow and then he force pushed galen into the rogue shadow and put him in the same restraints vader was in and they flew off the death star.


Galen was unconscious aboard the rogue shadow Juno looked at him and said " i know you didn't fall completely, come back to me Galen and Juno kissed him on the cheek. in Galen's dream he saw proxy standing over a coffin with his family cres it showed galen he had a stab hole from a lightsaber through the chest. he woke up and was completely back to his old self and ready to face Revan.

Revan the new Emperor

the rogue shadow landed on Drummaud Kas he seen Revan's palace he was facing troops he would classify them empire but they weren't empire they were something else, Kota and Juno were fighting through waves of troops and Dark Jedi. Galen he contacted Condor aboard the Blockade Runner Sentry Revelation saying" this is admiral Drake "Condor" Xarga we will bomb the palace when signaled Galen said alright condor i'm gonna beat Revan and escape in the rogue shadow. Condor said" That reminds me Juno i need you up here on the assault of the foundry you will lead red squadron on the foundry and i will take on the death star. Juno then looks at Galen and says 2 Space stations and just me proxy and the rogue shadow i'm scared i can't do it" Galen Hug her and says "you can" Juno says "i might not see you again" Galen says"heres something for you to come back to" he kisses her and Juno dials on her wrist keypad and the rogue shadow lands behind her and she walks in and takes off.

Kyle Vs. Kota

Galen and Kota were running through the palace and they see kyle katarn he has fallen and Kota says"i will handle this go face Revan".


Galen was Running to face Revan, He sees the new emperor, Revan pulls out his lightsaber, Revan says face your destiny they duel, Revan used Lightning on Galen, Galen got on his knees feeling the full hate. He Feels like he is in nothingness like he was slipping he saw a vision seeing crying over his coffin this time he was a Jedi, Juno kissed the dead Galen in the coffin. Galen received power from seeing Juno's need for him feeling her love enlightened him, He put his hands up and caught Revan's lightning and absorbed it. he attacked Revan Rapidly giving off immense power, Revan was trying to keep up doing his best to guard. Galen kept at Revan, Galen force pushed making him going flying, he hits the floor and Galen Stabs him. The spirit of Revan told him to go into the lost city to seek clarity in the force, he said go alone cut all ties to his connections. Galen dialed on his wrist and the rogue shadow was by the window, Juno looked at him and smiled Juno then saw the remnants of kaas city and its was on fire, they saw a battle damaged general rahm kota they picked them up and went for coruscant.

Clairvoyance II

the republic ship Oberon was en route to Telos, Galen was over looking a chart juno contacted him she said" Galen is this sweep really called for? " Galen Replies " you never know" She agrees and says true just meet at the rendezvous point on telos as soon as your done ok?" Galen said "ok" Kota said "i understand the break up was hard you can get through it i promise" Galen looks at kota with a smile and says" Thanks General" Kota Say"oh haha No problem boy" Galen smiles and looks at the charts and punches in a code to turn on the omega hail. the omega hail routes out a ship and makes its presence aware and then a large familiar ship to galen comes out he says"no.." He scream into the intercom " Abandon ship" the Clairvoyance fires on the Oberon and then kota see the fighters and sees the x wings were having no trouble with them. there were fires in corridors parts of the ship falling apart and they get to the hangar and get aboard the stallion condor comes running with proxy and n1-f1 behind him and the stallion flies away and then galen gets on the cannon and fires at shileron fighters. the crew of the Oberon put up a good fight and then the shileron ship fled the scene and the Oberon landed on corulag for maintenance, Galen and the crew of the stallion proceeded to Telos.


Galen saw her and walked the other and he said general debrief her, Galen walked away he reads schematics for the Rogue Shadow VVR it was in rebel alliance colors. Galen walked through Senators and jedi troopers and bodyguards he got to the hangar,proxy,n1-f1 and condor were working on the rogue shadow, Condor says "General" he salutes and Galen Replies hey condor proxy n1 they say"she'll be space worthy in a lil bit" he replied" good all the upgrades are on then" condor nodded. Then condor threw a fusion cutter to Galen and then juno was about to enter the hangar , Condor walked up to her and said don't bother the general please hes working and meditating, juno looked away and walked off. Galen wiped his and got up from the bottom of the rogue shadow and he walked toward condor told him of the attack plan on korriban, Galen brought up the charts and briefed condor since he missed it. a girl walked into the hangar it was new recruit Risa Daniels, he looked at her, brown hair 5"7 rebel insurgent uniform, She was beautiful he thought. Condor looked at him and he said to proxy" hes found a new girl Galen was talking to her and he asked her to dinner Condor nodded in approval and said "quietly get her Gale".


Galen knew the death star 2's parts were here Tavion and the shileron were on the trail Galen was on the ground with the special forces, Condor was in the new Rogue shadow leading the strike on the remnant ships he told galen to "protect the remnants of the second death star at all cost" Tavion's ground forces assaulted the bunker galen and his forces were trying to hold them off as he slashed through troops he saw tavion and she activated her saber.

Duel on Endor vs. Tavion

Tavion did a really high force jump and bolt ted toward galen using her agility as a factor, Galen was blocking all of her fast hits and besting her fast attacks with his heavy shien based combat. Galen Kicked her ,but put the ability of force push behind it giving it true power. she went flying into a out going shuttle and hit the ground with painful flop. Tavion got to her feet and a took a breath. galen was preplexed at the sight of her being able to move after all of that abuse. she channeled energy from this staff and then released it into her lightning. galen tried countering it with absorbing it into his saber. at first it was working then felt the dark energy in the lightning it hit him and he hit a tree with a loud boom. Tavion deactivated her saber and left.


The mining facilty was rumored to have sith ties just do a mere investigation. Galen Rissa and Condor were on surface while proxy waited on the rogue shadow. He saw Tavion defeated tossed aside. Galen Ran up and asked tavion what happened. Tavion came to and told them " Void... a sith created by... Vader... Back durning the Galatic Civil War, She regianed her strength and offered her help. Galen told condor and Rissa to stay behind.

Duel in the Mining cave Galen and Tavion Vs. Void

Galen and Tavion slid down the hill and saw the entrance to the cave she said " Galen" and she pointed it was void at the middle. Galen was ready, Galen and Tavion sprung attacking void. Void Blocked the attack with his saber and countered with lightning. Galen Blocked and reflected the lightning Void got electrocuted by his own attack. Galen swung and Tavion hit void with lightning, so galen's attack would hit. Void Got severly knocked back he got up and charge he hit Tavion. Tavion's Lightsaber was in the air, so galen grabed it with the force and swung at void and held the sith lord he screamed to Tavion run, Although instead of running Tavion used force push on void giving galen a chance and void fell and defeat and then he disappeared. Tavion thanked starkiller for defending her and told him she wanted to become his Jedi Apprentice and he accepted, and they went back to the rogue shadow.

Coruscant invasion

the Oberon V was in orbit around coruscant. Galen was working on the rogue shadow condor came out of the ship tavion was reading a holo book. Condor walks near tavion and leans against the wall. Tavion reads his mind and says you "you think im attractive". He takes a huge gulp. Tavion brings him closer and kisses him. Galen fixes the sensor array and Rissa walks up to Galen ,and said " General insurgent eclipse handed in her resegnation. Galen came out from the rogue shadow and read the resgenation and then signed it finalizing the promotion of major insurgent Rissa daniels to the general insurgent. Rissa thanked galen for dinner last night and they kissed and galen smiles. Galen looks and sees condor and tavion ,and he shakes his head and smiles. He looks at rissa and says watch this and lifts him up with the force and then puts him down and kisses rissa again. Juno Steps into the Hangar and Board the Stallion and Galen looks at her and says " good luck in your new field" and Juno turns her shoulder and says " whatever". A Red alert sounded and Galen said" Rissa get your pilots Condor bridge get weapons ready" Galen Saw the Doombringer come out of lightspeed.

Doombringer Space battle

Galen was on the bridge, and condor was navigating. Rissa ran to the Bridge said "fighter wings are disperced" Galen nooded put on a headset on the ship's frequency. Galen Said" come with me Rissa" They ran to the rogue shadow and galen slid into the ship Rissa followed. They strapped themselves in and took off Rissa said" you sure you never let me pilot the Rogue Shadow" Galen Shook his head and says" yes, go ahead" and kisses her she blushes and engages the drive. The rogue shadow zoomed into the battle galen was firing and then he see the stallion it started firing on them. Galen told Rissa that Juno betrayed the alliance. Galen Fired back they landed Proxy Came over the ships monitor he said" master condor thought of a plan disable the enemies critical ship systems" its a little complicated juno works for them now. Rissa propels the ship faster and fires on the Stallion. Juno then jumps to lightspeed. Rissa then lands the ship in the enemy hangar. Galen open the hatch Rissa said" where are you going " "clearing the hangar" he replies. Rissa Kisses Galen Rissa Said " Good luck. Galen sliced through the troops at top speed and taking out troop after troop and the hangar was clear. He told Rissa to stay with the ship.

Duel on the Doombringer Juno vs. Rissa

Juno Landed in the hangar took off her helmet and then walked out of the ship. She felt a blaster on the back of her head she did a flip kick and kicked it out of Rissa's Hand. Juno Pulled out a vibrobladeand pointed it at Rissa She pulled out her Ryyk Blade that galen gave her. the cut at each other dueling cross the hangar she juno kicked her into the stallion and stormtroopers thencame behind juno and said" take her to a cell".

Duel on the Doombringer bridge

Galen walked through the the ship deflecting blaster bolts and cutting through troopers. Galen then go to the bridge he saw Darth Bane the second(Void) Meditating in a chamber like vader's he gets out and steps out of the meditation sphere. Galen saw troops at all ends of the bridge he saw terminals in front of them, and he thinks for a moment and use the force to make them all detonate. Void looks around and says " clever jedi i was gonna command them to apprehend you" Void Fires Lightning at Galen He then deflects it. Galen Fires Lightning at Void. Galen Draws his saber and they begin dueling and he had the upper hand catching all of Void's hits. Galen hit the Blade out of Void's hand, and Galen puts the saber to voids neck. Juno then stuns Galen with a stun baton.

Doombringer Brig

Galen was chained to Rissa, he came to and rissa said is this your favorite way of starting dates. Galen Smiled and he asked her to help him stand up. Galen saw other troops and he thought they would be of use, He said "troops what ship do you hail from?" they all replied" the derelict sir". Galen thought nice i got the special forces, He said" men me and rissa are going to try to secure our way off the ship take back the rogue shadow, watch our backs the replied"sir!" the commander of the troops said" i am commander Mcguilicudy i would like to come with you and join your crew galen accepted and the troops started looking for a way out of the brig.

Doombringer battle

Galen cut the restraints and Rissa take the blaster out of her boot and un does her hair. Galen starts slicing through troops rissa followed and mcguilicudy followed shooting as well the troops following behinding securing a path to the rogue shadow. they got to the rogue shadow and Galen saw void and drew his saber and said " prime the engines.

Duel on the Doombringer

Galen Jumps off the ramp and mcguilicudy follows and galen nodds and smiles at him. Mcguilicudy pulls out a sword him and galen swung at void, Void blocked Galen then flanked him. He pushed Void into a out going tie fighter. Void threw mcguilicudy into the rogue shadow and Rissa dragged him into the ship. Void swung at galen and he responded with a powerful lunge knocking void to his feet and causing him to drop his saber "we were here before" Galen Said confidently. Juno had Rissa bound in restraints then Rissa stabed juno. galen smiled and started Electrocutinh void and then void grabbed his lightsaber and start swinging galen counter with precision, fending off each individual slash.

Speed being the very thing besting void and keeping him 5 steps ahead of him Galen smirk and cut his free hand clean of his lightsaber remaining in his only hand left. Galen said" pretty hard to fight with one hand and juno got up and attack galen with a vibrosword galen deffended. Juno was slashing galen caught her slash and Rissa Knocked her out. Rissa looked at him and said "finish him love". Galen then summoned all of his strength into jolt of lightning and fired it, Void blocked with his lightsaber and galen powered up one more furious jolt of lightning and it knocked the mighty void onto his back galen was run and activated his lightsaber and delivered the killing blow killing void where he layed. Void layed there gasping for breath crawling toward galen and Rissa shot him in the head. Rissa hugged galen and he held her juno and the rest of void's men were fleeing. Galen and Rissa walked into the rogue shadow leaving the dying ship. Little did Galen know is that Void kept him self in kolto tank and used a mind control to procure a host body.

Time of Peace

Since void was defeated it ushered in a time of peace he delivered speeches and wanted more people to join since the sith were collecting strength.this time was great Galen thought this peace could last forever until....

Capital City attack

Onderon, Talia city ,the streets were in chaos. The skies were filled with fighters spreading the siege he saw a figure on top of capital building he left militaryaction to troops.

Duel on Capital building

the figures eyes Glowed red, it said" the void is here" it shot lightning it hit galen suddenly and he grasped it and hit it back. Galen pulled out his saber and swung at it the figures two lightsaber blocked the hit. As the crimson blade danced against the blue blade Galen and the assailent were attempting there attack style trying to best on another. Galen knew this fighting style he just couldn't remember where. The assailent took the wrong step and did the wrong attack and Galen saw juno, possessed but it was her. Void Possessed Juno General Kota's spirit told galen " Juno was touched by the dark side when she joined void and it gave him the ability to posses her, keep your anger in check he can possess anyone who touches the dark side. Galen Dueled Juno striking harshly and she got knocked over, Juno then saw the building was about to get bombed. Galen was about to run he jumped and got hit by a piece of the building and fell harshly and fastly Rissa caught him in the rogue shadow

Rogue Shadow

Galen sat down in the medical room, Rissa examined him and said "your force power reduced it to a fracture but one of your ribs are severly fractured and your was so close to being broken. Galen followed Rissa up to the bridge and said" it was her but she had void's energy" Proxy said" Force beings can possess people if there body is un useable besides the ability to think ,feel the force and talk. Condor says" pure paazak where did they come from".

Doombringer II

The Rogue shadow Pursued tie fighter going to the doombringer II the rogue shadow shot it into a asteroid when they saw the doombringer. they jammed there senors and cameras and landed in the main hangar bay proxy transformed to a captain, and galen put on stormtrooper armor. Rissa threw on a bounty hunter's disguise. They all disambarked the Rogue shadow said we need to find Void.

They split up to find him Juno Ambushed proxy and Deactivated him.Galen then saw a kolto tank with a figure bowing before it, and two glowing redlights came from the tank and the figure fell and replaced by it was a clone of bane. The clone attacked and Galen was grappling his blade with the clone's and the clone fell Galen thought it was done. He looked in the tank and saw void he was missing arm and legs floating in there, he was really strong in the force out from the tank shot a death field it sent galen flying.

Juno came in and saw galen arched over in pain juno cleared the anger and said" why did you hurt him that wasnt the agreement".he staggered to his feet saw juno was arguing with it and galen put his arm around and whispered" togther we will defeat him".Juno smiled, and they drew there lightsabers and powered there force up. galen sliced at the wired hand of the kolto tank holding a lightsaber, and it countered with death field sweep and it hit galenjuno sliced at the panel and injured Void.Galen Stood shaking with adrenalin and was about to collasp and then a energy picked him up and galen said" no you can't have me Juno or my un born child, Rissa appeared Juno produced a ray shield rissa saw juno was trying to help and Galen used telepathic communication saying" I love you Rissa i'm going to die and take void out obliterating him and myself take care of our son my love".Galen got a hand free and screamed "Run everyone" Juno dropped the ray shield and Rissa tried for Galen and Juno grabbed her and said " let him go hes doing this for you and your baby". Galen formed a huge ball of lightning and slamed it into the power conduit.


The ball jammed into the conduit caused a huge explosion, galen hit the wall with a huge smack breaking his bones the force energy depleting from him he layed on the floor motion less. Rissa came to him he gasped" Rissa" and Saw Juno Rissa Put his hand on her stomach the baby kicked galen felt weak because he felt hurt by that kick galen was Gravely injured and Rissa said" you will make it through this you can't die" she said with tears

Galen Gasped "Be strong Rissa I love you, and Juno thanx for your help you are no traitor" Juno turned away frowning in anger. Galen Felt Rissa stomach one last time she held him galen transfered his remaining force energy and he died there in Rissa arms. Rissa then said "Galen" She moved his body which had gone  limp his eyes shut.

Juno looked at the tank and saw his master's Crippled body was a crisp and she kicked it aside pick up her helmet and his lightsaber and left. Condor ,Tavion and Proxy Came in saw Galen's dead body. Rissa said" it was a powerful shockwave it took it awhile to kill him but it was a painful death. The spirit of Galen, Kazdan Kota and Shaak ti stood there watching them.


on top of the capital Balcony Galen's body layed in a coffin and then lit it to fire and the spirits were watching it burn Rissa was crying Proxy looked down and shook his head, Condor was holding Tavion. They knew their friend was gone.


The Doombringer III was firing on the ship, and Rissa stood there thinking" my husband took void out how did he return?" Trevor and Rissa ran down to the morgue and saw Galen floating in hybernation in a trance from the power struggle with void over 15 years ago. Rissa said" son feed your force into the machine it requires a 11 force voltage through the system". He started using force lightning through the machine,and Galen eyes slowly opened his eyes and fell out of the tank on to the floor on his knees and stood up and looked around. Galen gasped and said " Rissa how did i live, She replied" you didn't you were dead ,but we put you in a hybernation chamber to put you in a trance that could activate your heart with force lightning." Galen asked" whos the jedi that helped?", "your son" she replied relunctently galen walked up to the bridge, Galen was shocked because in that chamber he didn't age his son looked as old he did.

Nar Shaddda Space battle 

Galen looked at a terminal studying the battle, Galen fighter Squadron beta cover alpha and funnel heavy opposition toward there engine. Galen was commanding like he never was gone and Rissa leaned on the wall and was amazed. Galen looked at his son and his son gawked at him, He said" Trevor?, whats the matter" Trevor replied" Mom told me stories of you i can't believe your here dad " Trevor hugged Galen. Galen hugged him back and said" we'll stop void son". Galen Trevor Proxy Rissa and condor walked aboard the Rogue shadow preping for launch. Galen walked to the hyperspace map and said" Beta fall behind prep for board engage hostiles and take out that damn engines.

3 Xwings and 6 Transports fallen behind the rogue shadow as it was zooming toward the enemy capital ship. A Y wing took out the engine and galen said" yea you got him!"and commanded" Beta take out the shields! " A transport fired a missile and landed in adjacent hangars and the rogue shadow landed beside one of them.

Doombringer III Hangar

Galen Ran out rogue shadow while it was hovering above the hangar, he flew through the air and force pushed storm troopers and explosives through the air he landed on the ground and saw juno. She came toward him pointing a blaster at him and and held a lightsaber just waiting to stab him. Juno ran and shot at him he deflected the shots,and hit the blaster out of her hand. 

She then brought out her lightsaber, and started running at attempting to stab him. Then Galen used force pull sliced at her and pushed her to a out going tie fighter juno landed injured and ran to the stallion. Rissa Condor Trevor Proxy Galen continued to the bridge

 Doombringer III Crew Quarters

The Crew of the rogue shadow rushed through the crew quarter firing and slicing through the Crew Deck. Rissa then typed on a console hacking into cameras trying to find void. Galen was looking and found him in the bridge. they walked through the crew quarters. Rissa told Galen she and proxy were going to go shut down the ships deffences and that Trevor and him should go on alone.

the Bridge of the Doombringer III 

Trevor and Galen walked in the bridge of the doombringer, Galen said" well Void whats up"  Void turned around Galen Looked at his features the parts of his body that were missing were replaced with robotic parts.   Burnt pieces of flesh from galen were virtually invisible cause Juno used Exoskin to repair,mend and replace the burnt and missing parts of skin. examining  the face was synthisized from the tissue of  bane's sample cloned from making his original face come back. void said" How did you survive" Galen Replied" its something only the forceknows. Void Drew his saber and said enough talk.

Duel on the Doombringer 

Void Rushed at Galen and Lunged his blade at him galen drew his blade and countered with incredible ease deliverying a slice taking void to his knees. Void Hit Galen with lightning, Galen Felt his life slipping away and Trevor hit him with a force push, Void went flying Galen Laid there motionless.

Trevor Daniels-Marek vs. Void 

Trevor Pursued Void, Void stood up raised his blade Trevor then was swining at him with full force vertical slashes that void had a hard time guarding. Galen Came to got up and saw his son holding void off galen ran up and sliced off voids hand and force pushed him into a computer console.

Void Gets Away

Galen was preparing to arrest void and then Juno shot him in the back and then she shot Trevor and then her and void walked to a escape pod. They came to and ran to the Rogue Shadow and Said" Condor Rissa follow that escape pod". Rissa and condor piloted the rogue shadow pursuing the escape pod and then it landed in the stallion the Rogue Shadow pursued but lost it in hyperspace. 


the Rebel ship Survivor was re fueling, Galen was reading astro charts trying to track Void. Galen asked a shop owner about sith activity the owner didn't know about any sith activity. A shady figure said"pssst i know about sith if you want info it will cost you"  Galen used the mind trick and said" You will tell me about the activity"  the figure said" i will tell you that the sith have been camping all through the desert with several bases" Galen Ran to the ship and said" get some speeders i have a lead".

Desert Base 

Galen and Rissa drove the speeders to the cooridnants and hid the speeders. Rissa Ducked behind rock and contacted the forward troops told them to converge on the cooridnants. Galen was charging up a force push and then he blasted through the door galen went and Rissa stayed behind the rock.

Base interior 

Galen walked in and the commander said" you have the proper identifaction?" and galen said" sure let me get it..." and then he threw his lightsaber and it slashed of the head of the commander. Galen opened the door and he walked in the lab and saw a huge Droid it was A 100-War Droid, This droid was a state of the art nuclear atomic killer. Galen took the droid apart and hacked the computer console for the blueprints and then in walked in Trevor, Galen Said" Son your here i'm glad help get rid of the rest of these droids" he drew his blade Galen looked from the console and felt the dark side Galen said" son the dark isn't the path to follow your mother brought you up for you to know and i trained you to believe that!"  Trevor Replied" Oh dad the dark side is the means to full life, the to attain power that you could only imagine. It concentrates you brings peace through radical extremes you felt it before and you were held back but i am not" Galen told his son" it means to a end don't make me make a decision i'll regret. Trevor said" Lets make it so"

Galen Vs. Trevor

Galen drew his blade and spun in mid slicing at trevor, Trevor was blocking all the hit with galen last slash he countered. Trevor slashed with a aggressive niman saber style, galen trying to counter but having a hard time keeping up. Galen slashed at wire drawing from the lightning adding to his own he fired a massive bolt at trevor, he caught it and the sucessfully reflected. The lightning hit devastating galen he then risen to his feet, galen raised his blade and swung full sweeps and trevor caught all of them and galen slamed his palm on the ground sending trevor flying into a huge mounted console. Trevor was unconcious he somehow got up galen then was striking fast he caught the slash. They were deadlock until trevor slight moved hiis blade down ward and galen sent his blade slicing up ward severing trevors arm. 

Base sublevel 

the duel took them to the base sublevel his saw trevor's blade he took since he wasn't a jedi anymore. numorous amounts of troops came to trevor's location, Lord Void came in after all of them. Void said" Nice work but alas that was just a mere dark side apprentice wonder how you will fair against me he couldn't find his blade he then took trevor's blade". Galen said You know Void I thought this second chance had no meaning that i was just meant to live but it was to take your second chance at life away from someone who didn't derserve it" he replied "bring it Marek"  Troops took trevor away.

Galen Vs. Void 

Troops stood around void watching, Galen and void were circling the room blades out galen attacked and void caught the attack and went into a deadlock. Galen twirled his blade aggresiveily and broke it with ease. they were circling the room examing each other, Galen sprung to life and attacked with rapid slashes. Void was countering and blocking agressively trying to keep with all the hit and hit got hit with one stray slash and then the sublevel's entrance flew open.

Taking the base

Galen was dueling void as his platoon came in along with Rissa then Juno Yelled "to the stormtroopers come on push them out".  Galen force pushed Void and Stood there waiting Void backed away and said "another time" Galen looked down at his son green blade and then snapped out of it and continued holding off troops. Eventually the troops Retreated and juno void and trevor were gone. Rissa looked at Galen She said" whats eating you Love?" and Galen Said" Trevor he fell and he had that look of hate and confusion to him" Rissa held him and then they walked to the rogue shadow that arrive ten minutes ago.  


Galen Sat in meditation thinking of his next move, Galen was trying to see the future where to strike he saw a sith... academy a Valley of Dark lords. Galen saw a Monster in the caves and then a tomb in the caves. He focused on the academy he saw trevor being fitted with robotic arms and he saw void standing over the operating table. Galen awoke knowing his next move.

Space Battle 

The fleet poured out of hyper drive, There Galen saw it the super dreadnaught frigates and capital ships. Galen then said" condor follow me in the rogue shadow daniels command the fleet, lets do this".  Galen jumped in an X wing and sped up firing at tie fighters dogding asteroids and bombing the super dreadnaught. Out from the hangar emerged Void's fighter Galen pursued it he said " condor come in, follow me to the surface". Galen piloted the X wing he said R1 keep it steady"  he put a helmet on and forced Void's fighter into a asteroid and then he jumped aboard and held on for dear life.  Galen was slicing at wires and the gun and slice of the droid co pilot.  Galen was done when power went off in the fighter and galen smiled, but the ship didn't slow down galen saw asteroid he said" oh god" then instantly power turned on and then the fighter cornered with incredible sending galen flying, he hiit the X wing and rolled off. Galen was falling toward the rogue shadow and condor caught him and said" did the tracker sucessfully get planted?" Condor nodded not believing what he saw.

Rebel Ship inhibitor 

the commander started speaking after rissa briefing on the location. Galen listened the commander said" General Galen Marek Secured a beacon on a fighter to treack void he landed in the academy and made it a stronghold. this is going to be a delicate operation and its gonna take three groups. Special Forces, Troopers and Jedi , I will lead the Troopers and take them down Sector threes path and Rissa will lead them she explain her plan and path. Rissa stood up and Kalamari cammander sat almost out breath galen smirked.

Rissa Said" i will lead the Special Forces down Sector two path in the back door of the academy through the valley of the dark lords, they will being hit by the commander's platoon when make it up the cliff. we will start from the bottom of the valley and work to reach the upper valley if we get an air drop to the upper valley it would tip them off so this way is the affirmative course of action. Galen will lead the Jedi along side luke Skywalker Galen you have the floor". 

Galen Stood to his feet and came to the holo table and said with a breath" my group and i will take the hazzardous way through the caves. finding the entrance through the academy's basement sewers, and catching their Dark Jedi and Troopers off Guard. Galen this cause them to push either one way or the other unless the back door and front way teams make it the academy then pretty much a straight fight." Galen took another breath and said" after getting the to the other groups i will have to break head to the central chamber to engage void and Trevor alone. Men and woman this fight will cripple them we can do this i want you all to know if i don't make it i want to say im proud of this alliance now get in your ships and fall in behind the rogue shadow.

Korriban Caves 

Galen and the jedi that were accompanying him were standing in the Rogue shadow, galen saw opening in the top of the cave roof and he said" in there we'll jump in and then Drop rissa off at the bottom the valley and then rejoin the fight" and Condor Replied" Galen, May the force be with you and galen nodded and jumped and the jedi followed behind him.

Cave Anti Chamber

Galen and company landed in an anti chamber, Galen looked around  torches lit he was confused. He saw dead shyracks and dead tukata, he said" what could of killed these creatures" A jedi shouted" Galen! look out, Rocket galen force pushed it, the rocket hit a cave wall. from the smoke came mandalorian raiders. Galen activated his saber, Jedi behind did the same. Blaster bolts started firing lightsabers were reflecting them, Death Watch troopers rose through the air and spat flames from their flame throwers. Galen Started sliced at the mandalorian raiders, jedi were engaging the mandalorians that were advancing, Galen Yelled" Push them back". Mandalorians were being pushed back falling left and right to the jedi. Mandalorians Kept fighting against the jedi Galen Contacted Rissa saying" expect mandalorian resistance" Rissa Responded" yea Condor said their came outta hyperspace be careful they have camps through the caves. after an hour of fighting troops the mandalorians retreated from the caves. Galen and company proceeded through the cave. 

Academy Catacombs 

Galen Felt energies of former sith lords who had gone through her, and they saw a Drexl Beast, and everyone ignited their lightsabers. Galen Looked at the large beast its mandalorian handler was on a saddle. Galen leaped slicing at the armored skin of the large Drexl Beast. Jedi were engaging the beast, Galen Force pushed the handler of the beast and sent a pile debris falling on the saddle, sure enough the saddle fell off unveiling a soft spot in the creatures skin. Galen Jumped and electrocuted the soft spot and stabbed it and the beast fell on top of its handler. 

Sith Academy 

Galen said" Split up men!", Galen walked on and saw his son meditating in the center there. Trevor got up and Said" you came for void and to destroy me", Galen said" You have it backwards i came for you to save you and to destroy Void". Trevor turned and Said" don't hes to powerful " Trevor drew his blade stopping him he said " i won't let you pass"

Galen Vs. Darth Dread

Galen Drew his blade and caught his sons attack. Trevor and his father's blade were locked up and galen twirled hisblade and broke the lock and swung. Trevor Caught with a rapid counter strike galen blocked and did acro bactic jump backwards to avoid the second slice. Galen summoned a mighty bolt of lightning and fired it at Trevor, he met his father blast with his send him both at him. Galen jumped over the blast Sliced upward sending Trevor flying. Trevor got back up drew his blade went running, He jumped and attacked with  a heavy lunge against his Father.Galen countered with heavy rapid slices that trevor had a hard time keeping up with all of hit he counter the last one with a trip kick and a upward slash, sending Galen and his lightsaber flying. Galen risen to his feet and drew his lightsaber, He sent Heavy slash and then delivered a lung to his son's left leg that severed his foot. Galen Then delivered force lightning his son was screaming he then hacked off his hand that was holding the red lightsaber, and then used force repulse sending trevor into the stone wall. 

Trevor's redemption 

trevor sat there, he was mortally wounded, he said" dad thank you i'm happy you didn't give up on me" "aww what a touching display" Void Said. Void drew his saber and electrocuted Galen. Galen Screamed and trevor Grabed his father's blade, and Said "Enough" he force pushed void into a statue. He kicked galen his own blade. 

Galen and Trevor Vs. Emporer Void 

Trevor Swung at void, Void attempt to Counter then galen slashed in stopping his counter. Galen Slice upward hitting the blade out of void's hand. Void started strangling galen, Trevor charged him and Void flew through the air. Void Grabbed his lightsaber and Stabbed Trevor. The Redeemed sith lord fell to his knees. Galen eyes Got big and He screamed"No!!!, My son!!!". Galen Summoned a very powerful volt of electricity void tried blocking but it sent his blade flying. Galen wasn't letting up he pulled void with force pull kicked him and then stabbed him once in the arm and then Galen cut both legs off. Void screamed in pain and he bled out and died there. Galen ran to Trevor, Trevor said " i lo...v...e... y... and he died in galen's arms and Galen Cried the jedi came and looked over the body and put their arms on galen shoulder and setup camp.

Destroying the Academy 

After properly buring trevor Galen and his company met up with Rissa and her troops. The Commander came in the room with 2 or 3 troops less. Galen said" Charges at levels A and B, Rissa and my Group will Sweep Levels C and D for remaining Hostiles. Galen looked at the Platoon as Whole and Said" Men one of the sith lost here Lord Dread, was my son he was one of us and always will be lets do this for him, Theres no other to send our message then blowing this place to high hell and back am I understood" Troops Replied"Sir!" Galen continued saying " to me and Rissa's recon men we need to thorughly search if anyone of them is left alive they can save this place, after all clear we will set charges on level C and D am i clear" They replied "Sir!".

Galen carried his lightsaber troops and rissa were holding guns at the ready. they came across a handful of troops and shot them down as fast as they came. They all split up east side Yelled" perimeter Secure!"  and north side yelled the same south was already secure and Galen said to rissa " Ready?" she nodded they planted the bombs and ran downstairs there hooked to your detonater Commander lets go. the Rebels Ran as the academy blew up behind them Galen ducked and covered rissa and he was done with the sith for a good long time. Then out of no where a battle scarred Juno came out of the cave and said" you weren't expecting the mandalorian huh?, my little gift hope you enjoyed " she ran to them and tryed to slit galen's throat hye dogded and face and slammed it into the ground and started electrocuting her. Galen Gasped and said" her ways and his ways killed him, our son i will miss everyone who died on this mission but no one more then my son", with that the rogue shadow picked them up and they left the planet.

 Onderon Grand City Iziz 

Galen was looking at a terminal he said" All sectors are secure, we go rid of them", Galen looked to the Skies saw a meteor looking closer it was metal he yelled"Down" everyone ducked they heard a earth shattering boom!, the floor shook. Galen analyzed the situation no one was dead, he thought to himself and said thats a start Rissa grabbed a blaster and caught up to him. Galen and her entered the war room. leia ,han, chewie, luke and condor looked at him. Galen Returned there glances and said" Mandalorian threat, that metal was impact class baslisk war droid, they are space to ground troop transports easy to take down. Galen paused our fleet landed troops and we need to engage were not losing onderon". Galen activated the holo table and looked at the city, mandalorians were advancing and so was his troops. Galen then said" Generals join the battle" they all left the war room. Galen was walking to the court yard Rissa was following behind. Condor ran up and said " I am going to get the rogue shadow up in case you need a quick way out" Galen said" good idea". Han was at the gate shooting and Rissa and Galen crouched behind the wall opposite to han and chewie. Han looked them and said" were going to blow through these troops i'm going help you guys fight them off and chewie and leia are gonna get the falcon off the ground and to the telos base, can i go aboard the shadow with you guys" Galen nodded and activated his lightsaber.

Troops came to there position the lieutenent said" alright let blow these sum bitches off this planet men" Galen yelled "forward!" they began pushing troops back. Galen was slicing through troops he yelled " han wheres the falcon" Han replied"in the base sublevel, leia and chewie are going there now " He asked wheres the shadow?" Galen replied "upper hangar , condor picking us up in town square " han nodded

City Limits

Han and rissa were firing, Galen was slicing through troops.Fighters zoomed through the skies and turret towers fired. Galen said" where did they come from they retreated on korriban", Han said" Juno brought them to korriban they probably were re grouping" . A basilisk was falling from the skies ,Galen forced it upward the resistance brought galen to his knees and then the war droid blew sending them flying.

they all got up and ran forward Luke met up with them and said" hurry need to leave there gonna try to blow up the base" everyone ran toward the square slicing and firing at troops as they came. 

Town Square

Galen was slicing through troops he yelled almost there they finally got there. mandalorians retreated to the suburbs where they made camp. the rogue shadow was hover galen han and luke jumped aboard proxy ran and hopped aboard and galen smile glad knowing he made it. Rissa kissed galen he was up on the shadow's ramp and said" i'm staying here, i'm gonna lead the troops. A tear came to galen's eye and he gave her his dog tags and told her just to be careful, he said "take proxy with you stay safe" he kissed her long and passionately and said" i'll come back and bring the rest of the fleet" Proxy hopped off the ships ramp and commanded" alright Proxy take care of my girl shes in charge i'll come back for you both" proxy nodded and said " yes master i'll see you when you come back, and don't worry shes not malfunctioning yet" then galen Rissa smiled at there friend and shared a good bye kiss.

The ramp closed and galen was crying the ship zoomed of planet. Han said" message coming through the holo pad and Rissa came through hologram and said" honey good luck me proxy and our top commanders are meeting up in the war room to discuss our plans of action " Galen said" thats my girl, just forget to sleep and i love you i'm gonna sleep till we get to telos i'll contact you when i'm there" Rissa said" love you 2 sleep well i will expect you call in a few hours" galen nodded and fell asleep.


Troops were already getting mandalorian troops pushed off the planet, X2 approached Galen and said" Marek!, i thought you were governing onderon, wheres rissa?". Condor walked up and said" X2 Can you send fighters to onderon, our deffence fleet is highly lacking". X2 Smiled and laughed he said" Sure we already cleared there fleets"  Galen Interupted" to answer your question she stayed on the plane to lead the ground troops". X2 punched in cooridinates and said" Figthers go aid the onderon fleet". Figthers took off and he said" if  you guys don't mind i'm not ready to part company i would like to go with you my ground troops will be leaving for onderon anyways". X2 Brought a foot locker and shara followed behind.

Rogue shadow

Galen contacted Rissa , She answered "adimral in action Marissa Marek". Galen blushed and han X2 and Condor were laughing at that. "Did the Correllia forces arrrive" Galen Asked  Rissa Replied" yea an hour ago", Galen whispered baby be careful i love you. Galen smiled and hung up they said" bye".

Telos IV (Space)

Galen han luke and condor saw a Mandalorian Dreadnaught givning Telos Fleet problems they were pushing resistance from Rebel fighters. Galen Said " Han Luke Starboard missile pods repel those troops of of our frigates and capital ships han and luke nodded in agreeance. Galen said" condor focus the ships main guns on the bridge and then takeout the engine galen acted as co pilot. X2 walked into the bridge and was drinking coffee he put the coffee down and gets in the pod gun and started repeling fighters X2 asked "galen did you what to cut fight or take out communications? Galen Replied" General focus fire on the communication, Galen continued and said" Condor when the systems are down land on the planet surface. the rogue shadow was dancing through the space above telos pursuing fighters and taking the ships shields, Galen looked at condor and said " now condor, han luke everyone aim at the communications array. All of the rogue shadows weaponry lit up the array like it was a cheap light in a childs bedroom, the array collasped on it self and galen catacted the fleet and said "the rest is yours head to onderon when your done with this ship". the rogue shadow  flew down to the surface reflecting a job well done. 

Telos IV 

Condor was piloting the rogue shadow down to the surface mandalorian fighters were in the sky pursuing han X2 and luke were using defences to repel them. Condor then lost them and then a mandalorian turret tower shot them down the rogue shadow spun out of control and Condor tilted the controls hard up to even the bottom to get out of the nose dive. condor landed on a plateau in the polar region.

Polar region 

Galen and condor walked into the main hold and galen turned on the holo table that was surprisingly working. Galen said"apparently they have part of the surface our only hope is if theres a shuttle that can take condor to the citadel station to get supplies to repair the ship. Condor said" well systems are shot, engines are down, weapon aren't callabration is off and Navigation is offline we need a navicomputer, But i'm going to get started hand me that hydrospanner Han wanna give me a hand down here they went down to the maintenance shaft. Galen and X2  disembarked the rogue shadow and went into a heat vent leading into the plateau  

Frozen Military Base 

Crezka Mercenaries were all over the place Galen quieted X2 and then he heard their leader"the mandalorians are distracting the republic good we are all ready my master will be so pleased".  X2 and galen walked through the vents they kicked out a vent cover. Galen Crawled out X2  behind him, Galen walked through the corridor there were two guards and galen electrocuted them and then galen said "after you X2" walked into the elevator.  

Taking the Base 

Galen Looked at X2 and said" what do you think is  beyond that door", X2 replied" i don't know man i seen some many situations like this it could be a room full of enemies or a factory full of droids. the elevator opened to reveal a frozen academy there was a corpse with a white robe in the middle of the room that appeared to be a council chamber. X2 said" that corpse looks to old to be a jedi of this era" X2 took a knee and read the corpse it showed visions of the past and showed a great conflict with only few casualties.

A jedi Spirit walked from the center beacon of the room the spirit said"  this is a military base that was a jedi enclave long ago, oh pardon me my name is Derek Sunrider or history remembers me as". Galen said" by the force your the jedi exile" the spirit replied" yes, the corpse before you was my greatest ally history remembers her as brianna kae the tough, we were fighting a mandalorian threat as you are. we sought to stop them but they retreated and we were met by there sith masters", Galen Replied" They worked with the mandalorians?" the spirt replied" not the sith you know they brought up these sith that im talking about the true sith". 

The spirit Said" these sith hit us heavy heavier then the mandalorians the true sith were indeed defeated when we defeated them so there not coming for you" the spirit continued" this part of the base is sealed off from the crezka mercs and mandalorians you can use this place as a base the room behind this one was where i defeated the apprentice of darth traya she was under guise of a jedi keeper the keeper of this enclave. Her name was atris she was hurt by my betrayal but i came back to the light and she was to far gone i must go but i will return and help you more later goodbye". 

Attacking the Mandalorians

Galen and X2 started thinking of a way to Clear the next room and it was difficult difficult cause him and X2 felt a Whole platoon of mandalorian and then a whole battalion of crezka mercs, then a old droid frozen droid sprang to life and projected a message, the message played" who ever is hearing this the mandalorians are holding us in this room,they are firing on the door trying open it we will be doomed this T3 Droid will explain everything and will give coordinates, the door will give way soon go T3 Oh MY Whats That?!!! (Boom) in the recording the girl landed in the place where the corpse landed and the droid hit the and the recording stopped and the droid buzzed. X2 Said" Did the girl in the recording say T3 that type of unit is Decades old its pretty primitive technology. X2 examined the droid The droid was rusty and aged and was running a vacant charge.

X2 said" This droid Went through the decades it can run but its so rusted and god knows how long it was frozen to the wall. Galen looked at the old droid and sparked its power core with a little jolt of force and the little T3 Unit shimmered to life. T3 M4 looked at brianna's corpse and made a sad beep the droid looked at Galen, X2 said" the droid said that was his master's wife and his best friend and then outta no where a wookiee broke down the door it had a confused look on it's galen and X2 had their Lightsabers out pointed at the beast, T3 was Blown back into the corner he was froze to. Mandalorians came into the room Galen and X2 were deflect blaster bolts left and right then crezka mercs came into to the room one was holding a leash attached to the wookiee. X2 cut the wookiee loose it leveled the whole room, the wookiee roared out of appreciation Galen said" This wookiee said" he owes you some type of life debt, he said his name is Han-Larr". X2 said "thank you han-Larr you will be a great companion". Galen's comlink beep it was condor it said" Shadow to ground team shadow to ground team the shadow is all ready to go when ever you are ready to head to the embassy on the station.

Assault on Mandalore Splenedor

Condor brought around the Rogue Shadow, Galen , X2 T3 and Han larr got on board the shadow and flew out. They got close to the station and the mandalore ship attacked and condor spun the Rogue shadow around the edge of the ship, condor said" shit they were waiting for us man those son of a bitches, take the dispatch pod to the station and i'll handle these fools galen".

Citadel Station

The dispatch pod ejected the ground team into the station, Mandalorians were expecting galen to come through the hangar bay shuttle, Galen and the ground crew crashed through the window the blast shield drop. then troops came in through the shuttle, and said" General always making an entrance" Galen said" always captain, what did you expect captain". the troops went on an assault of the top level, they were shooting at all mandalorian resistance, Galen and X2 pulled out there sabers and started fighting off their reinforcements. Galen and the platoon saw two dark jedi, Galen got mad and said" go captain this is our fight.

Duel on Citadel station

Galen and X2 engaged the enemies, swung their blade countering the dark jedi's moves and answering back with their own. the Galen kills his dark jedi then sees X2 struggling with his dark jedi he said"Galen go with the others this is my destiny go!, He yelled X2! threw him his lightsaber.

Mid City Assault

Galen Caught up with his platoon and the captain gave him his spare saber, Galen and the platoon fought off the platoon from all ends, the mandalorians had the reinforcements cut off given the space battle happenong between the shadow, and the Rebel ships. They broke through the line and advanced to the final leg of to the embassy.

Battle for the embassy

Coming soon!


he was naturally caring and very dangerous when facing a enemy regardless of who it was as long if you didn't hurt his family or friend you wouldn't get injured or killed.


  • Weighted saber- Marek used this form of combat when he utilzed the Shien form of Combat
  • 2 Regular Lightsabers-Utilized when dual wielding sabers

Know Military Ranks and affiliations

  • Rebel-he was the Commander and Chief
  • Empire- he was virtually never seen whenever dealing with them on his apprenticeship *with Vader
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