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The Galactic Republic is a democratic union of several species and planets, each represented equally and fairly in a Senate. It stands as one of the factions of the Core Worlds and the only faction to allow democracy and voting to all its citizens.

History Edit

The Galactic Republic was formed in 9 AFRE by primarily the Alderaanians. The Constitution of the Galactic Republic, the founding document, was signed by representatives from Corellia, Kuat, Alderaan, Duro, Rendili and Tython, each planet gaining the ability to elect a Senator to represent there planetary government within the Galactic Senate.

The formation was organized by King Ohrio Rist of Alderaan who wished to secure the Core Worlds under a single democratic union of allied worlds.

After the first elected Supreme Chancellor, a Duro by the name of Qassian Gheal, had a superb reign during which he secured alliances with the Nemoidians of Cato Nemoidia, the Bothans of Bothuwai and the Selkath of Manaan. Additionally he introduced several aspects of trade and secured more worlds for the Republic. Consequently he was re-elected in 15 AFRE.

Following a war with the Byssian Empire in 17 AFRE, the Republic surrendered and was annexed into the Empire, which was reformed into the Galactic Empire the next year.

Government and Politics Edit

Office of the Supreme Chancellor Edit

The Supreme Chancellor is an elected individual chosen by both the people of the Republic and by the Senate. The Senatorial votes count as 5 votes per Senator however only one senator per represented planet can vote. The Supreme Chancellor oversees the Galactic Republic acting as a leader for the Republic. However the Supreme Chancellor does not have full control and must put many actions through the Senate before taking action. An election for the role of Supreme Chancellor happens every 5 years and as a result the time in office is 5 years (unless illness or crime means that the Supreme Chancellor is removed from office sooner).

Galactic Senate Edit

The Galactic Senate is the branch of the Republic which votes on bills, acts and laws to be applied throughout the Republic. All Senators have a vote and a say. Senators are elected by planetary votes of which only citizens of said planet can vote. The leading ruler of a planets government cannot be the Senator. Senators cannot be removed from office by the leading ruler of the planet either, they can however be denounced and lose there chance to vote on behalf of the planet within the Senate. This does stop there representation however issues are usually resolved by another Senatorial Election for that planet.

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