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This is a period of peace, unity and harmony! The New Empire will keep you safe, our soldiers will keep any scum that wishes to break that peace! I am Jenkins Fall, the Leader, the President, the Supreme Ruler of the Galactic Eclipse Empire!
Jenkins to the galaxy through galactic communications.
Galactic Eclipse Empire

The emblem of the Galactic Eclipse Empire era

The Galactic Eclipse Empire era[1] was a time of period starting at 4 ABY (The end of the Battle of Endor) and goes onward, possibly past 5000 ABY.[1] The era saw the dawn of the New Empire and the end of the Old Empire and Alliance, replacing them and remaining as the dominant ruling government in the galaxy.[1]

The New Empire was ruled by Jenkins and his clones, further progressing his own gains.[1] This time of period also saw the introduction of the Executor-class Super Star Dreadnought, reintroduction of battle droids and clones as well as reengineered TIE fighters.[1] The Jedi and Sith, as well as survivors of the Old Empire and Alliance, were believed to have been killed during this period of time.[1] However this was proven not true when the New Empire assassinated Luke Skywalker on Yavin 4 in 6 ABY, sparking the Eclipse War.[1]

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Angel IX had made notes of the symbol used by the New Empire and said it was symbolizing the absolute peace and promise of the New Empire, noting that the "Eclipse" inside of the middle was showing that an eclipse was a symbol of power, supremacy and most of all, control.[1]

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