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SVera-rebGalactic Eclipse Empire
Today is a day of unity, a day of true peace. The Alliance to Restore the Republic and Galactic Empire surely were organizations of their word, bringing peace to this galaxy is what they swore to do but they both had different visions of it. The Empire brought peace through security, order, justice and fear while the Alliance brought peace through war, violence, and placing young, inexperienced teenagers on the front lines, yet the Empire knew and still killed those soldiers. The Galactic Republic had peace, but a former Jedi tainted that peace, resulting in the Clone Wars, the Jedi responded with power and violence. But I, Galactic President of the New Empire, will not fail you when I say that I have restored the preservation of the peace that this galaxy once had thousands of years ago!, I am not the enemy. The remnants of the Alliance and Old Empire are! The Galactic Eclipse Empire will keep you safe from the dangers of this galaxy! Your preservation is our mission.
Jenkins Fall to the Eclipse Senate and the galaxy through galactic communications[src]

The Galactic Eclipse Empire[1], or referred simply as the Eclipse Empire[1] and New Empire[1], was the reorganization of the Old Empire and Alliance to Restore the Republic[1] during the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, which resulted in the Empire's Emperor and Alliance's Chief of State, and other important members, deaths which both organizations were left with no leader until Jenkins Fall came along who then got the surviving forces of the Empire and Alliance to join together under the Imperialist Alliance.[1]

During this time span as the Imperialist Alliance[1], both former Imperial and Alliance members had to work together to make the alliance work but didn't have enough as for Angel would later have every high ranking member of the Imperialist Alliance assassinated and replaced with clones of Angel that would be placed into certain positions to ensure his absolute power over the government and had reorganized it into the Galactic Eclipse Empire. Though some leaders escaped.[1]


4.3 ABY

In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, the remaining Alliance and Imperial forces had fought against each other for territory for about three weeks before being reunited as the Imperialist Alliance and then for about two months and a week, Angel had executed the second phase of his plan and assassinated the leaders then reorganized it into the Galactic Eclipse Empire.[1]

During the infighting, several leaders had formed their own faction to fight against the others, such as the Alliance Loyalists and Imperial Remnant. When some of these leaders were assassinated and killed, their second-in-commands took control of their forces and broke away from the New Empire, each vowing to avenge their leader and defeat the New Empire.[1]

After the Imperialist Alliance was reorganized into the Eclipse Empire, many did not question Angel's intentions since he had discussed that in order for peace then there needs to be a central leader, one who would not let anything happen to the preservation of the New Empire as well as the people of the galaxy.[1] The Eclipse Empire took control of the territory controlled by the Imperialist Alliance and had reorganized many of its branches including the judicial branches such as the Imperialist Alliance Senate into the Senate of the Eclipse Empire.[1] The military held by the Imperialist Alliance had been reorganized into the Eclipse Military including its sub-branches such as the Imperialist Alliance Army into the Eclipse Army and the Imperialist Alliance Navy into the Eclipse Navy.[1]

4.8 ABY

At the time that Thrawn was assassinated[1], Tachibana Heavy Engineering was able to recover war machines and that they only kept him alive long enough to find the Old Empire's machines before assassinating him as somewhat a loose end.[1] Tachibana Heavy Engineering then started to manufacture these war machines but reengineered them to better fit with the standards of the New Empire's military forces.[1]

During this time, the Eclipse Military was spread throughout the galaxy but wasn't thinned out as its ranks were filled with millions of troops, the military had on a tight grip on its citizens as well as on its political counterparts. After neutralizing three warlords of the Imperialist Alliance, the New Empire has expanded its ocean of warships and grew another four fleet formations, growing the fleet of ships they had as well as growing the Army forces.[1]


After the assassinations of Generals Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo, and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, their factions started a war against the New Empire that spanned the entire galaxy. This allowed other remnants of the Alliance and Old Empire to fight back as well.[1]

In response to the attacks, the Eclipse High Council had deployed the Eclipse Military, and while it was during an open conflict, each of the military command branches had rights to make their own decisions due to Angel's policy, ignoring most orders given by the High Council.[1]

Government and politics

The Empire was ruled with absolute and supreme power and control of Galactic President Jenkins Fall with Angel II as Galactic Vice President and Angel XI as Eclipse Grand Commander of all Eclipse Forces within the galaxy. There was absolutely no freedom of speech within the Empire, much like the previous, and deadly force would be used against those complaining about freedom of speech. The Empire celebrated a holiday called Day of the Eclipse with an anthem called Glory of the Eclipse, which was the same anthem used by the former Galactic Empire years before.[1]

The Eclipse Empire was actually more organized, and had more back-up plans and contingency orders than its predecessor, the sectors controlled by the Alliance and Empire were controlled by Regional Councillors, who would often compete in which region would be the best and highly supportive region within the Eclipse Empire that spawned an annual competition called Region Wars. These Regional Councillors were part of the Region Council of the Eclipse.[1]

Rulers of the Eclipse

After declaring himself as Galactic President, Angel turned the position Galactic Emperor into something more than what it was and something more better. Following the ideals of the Confederate States of Earth's Presidency position.[1]

Assassinated rulers

Executive branch

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Presidency Council

The executive branch of Angel's new Empire was the Presidency Council which acted much like the Imperial Ruling Council[1] but consisted of Angels III to X which each of them held their own responsibility within the Presidency Council as Advisers[1] as well as political positions within the Eclipse Empire of their regions.

Much of the Empire's power needed approval straight from the Office of the Galactic President in order to push bills, increase or decrease taxes, declare free trade zones as well as commission new branches for the Empire.[1] Many of the clone Advisers would often debate with Angel regarding certain operations and matters that caught his full attention.[1]

Legislative branch

Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Eclipse High Council

The legislative branch of the Eclipse Empire was the Eclipse High Council, but held little power compared to that of the Presidency Council and the judicial branches of the Empire.[1] The Council did, however, hold major power over the Military and its operations as well as intergalactic affairs with unaligned and neutral systems.[1]

The Council was led by Angel XII as High Councillor with Angels XIII to XX as Councillors.[1] The Council also debated and discussed about the operations conducted by the Office of the Galactic President and the Department of Military Research, also cooperating closely with the Department of Unaligned Systems.[1]

Judicial branch

The duties of the judicial branches of the Empire varied depending on which of the branches they were formed for, such as the Department of Political Prosecution which was responsible for prosecuting political figures within the Empire for either not agreeing or attempting to overthrow Angel's leadership as Galactic President. This branch alone gave political senators a reason to not attempt to overthrow Angel at all.[1]

Other Imperial organizations

For Angel to ensure that no one in the galaxy would attempt to overthrow his order, he had commissioned various organizations such as Eclipse Intelligence, Eclipse Security Bureau, and the Office of Security Contingency Orders, even a secret organization known to its members only as the Eternal Guardians.[1]

These organizations allowed Angel to keep his eyes and ears in everything the Empire conducted such as public affairs, secretive resistance movements and secrecy meetings not involving any high ranking members, or any of the Angel clones.[1]


Like its predecessor, the Eclipse Empire used slavery as another means of getting construction projects completed on time whereas if something is falling behind schedule, the Navy would transport slaves, captured by the Army, to their required destinations and become resuming where other construction teams left off by assisting the best they could to their ability.[1] However, unlike the Old Empire, the slaves weren't executed once they finished a top secret project.[2]

Notable races used as slaves


Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Eclipse Military
The Eclipse Military, quick response, fully equipped, and superior trained! The Military of the New Empire are your protectors and your guardians, the mission of the Military is simple; Keep this galaxy safe from danger and violence. Each day when people join the Military, it means that your homeworld is safe and in good hands. Everyday when our ships are in the skies of your view, you will know that you are truly safe! We are the Galactic Eclipse Empire and our mission is the preservation of the galaxy!, and the preservation of peace!
Angel explaining the mission of the Eclipse Military[src]

The Eclipse Military[1] was the military arm of the Eclipse Empire. It consisted and housed the Eclipse Army, Eclipse Droid Army, Eclipse Navy, Eclipse Special Forces, and Special Operations Command, and was led by Eclipse High Command.[1]

The Military would get approval to conduct new operations from High Command who would then get approval from the Eclipse High Council, or sometimes directly from Angel himself. The Military also held protocols that would override the High Council's ability to give them orders which were made effective by Angel in order to have a military and government fully equipped and ready to respond to any threat in the galaxy.[1]

The contingency orders of the Military were left in the hands of the Office of Security Contingency Orders and Eclipse Intelligence with their respective leaders having complete authority to executing said contingency orders whenever the current situation required it. One of the most well-known contingency orders was Order: TRAITOR.[1]

A droid called Angel 2.0 was the one who had organized the entire military structure as well as the governmental and political sections.[1]


Eclipse Army

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A minority of the Eclipse Army[1] personnel consisted of field officers of various types with each of them having certain duties within their respective sub-branch and units while the majority consisted of Army Troopers and Rangers recruited from various star systems within the Old Empire and Alliance which came up to be in the thousands, possibly hundreds of thousand to millions of troops that made up the Eclipse Army to be as strong as it was feared to be.[1] Many would consider it the Reformed Imperial Army of the former Galactic Empire.

Many of the Clones of Jenkins served within the Army as Commanders to various sub-branches and units with the original Angel sometimes taking a direct and absolute role within the Army as Supreme General of the Army (Unofficial rank).[1]

Army Officers wore uniforms similar to those of the Imperial Army officers which varied depending on their duty. Regular Army Officers would be seen wearing the black uniform with their rank insignia on the left upper side of their uniform. Army Field Officers wore a similar coloured uniform but darker than the Army Officer with the same layout as well. Eclipse Droid Army Officers wore an all black uniform with their rank insignia in the same position as their counterparts.

Eclipse Army Troopers were equipped with the same armour as Stormtroopers but had heavier plating than their predecessors as well as being given armour that could deflect lightsaber swings without being knocked out or knocked over.[1] The armour could also deflect multiple blaster bolts before being penetrated for a killing blow.

Eclipse Ranger Corps
Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Eclipse Ranger Corps

In the New Empire, the Eclipse Ranger Corps[1] was an elite branch of specialized clone soldiers who have been cloned on the water world of Kamino and given more better equipment, armour and technology to work with.

Ranger CTUs

Ranger CTUs wielding DC-16S carbines

Although the Eclipse Empire didn't have any enemies, the Ranger Corps was considered to be an elite unit under the Eclipse Army that worked in the dark to flush out any traitors within the New Empire, including citizens, political figures and military members.[1] Being different from the Titan-SSs, the Rangers had armour systems with shielding, same to that of a Titan-SS, as well as a powered exoskeleton suit to help them with hard-to-reach places, greatly increasing their effectiveness during training sessions.[1]

These Rangers differed from the Army Rangers in terms of being pure human and not cloned from an organic host. Officers in the Ranger Corps were Clone Officer.[1]

Eclipse Droid Army
Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Eclipse Droid Army

The majority of the Eclipse Droid Army[1] consisted of superior built droid units with some models being B1 battle droids as well as the line of droids that followed the B1. Many of the droid models used were reacquired by the Eclipse Army during the reformation of the surviving forces. Some new models were built by Tachibana Heavy Engineering.[1]

Eclipse Stormtrooper Engine

The Eclipse Stormtrooper Engine[1] was a branch of the Eclipse Droid Army responsible for deploying STORMTROOPER units into battle during the War Against the Remnants. This branch was commissioned by the High Council, personally. The droid models built for this branch were specifically for this branch alone as they were built as multi-role droids.[1]

Droid units and vehicles

The vehicles used by the Eclipse Army were vehicles used by the Imperial Army and Grand Army of the Republic with Tachibana Heavy Engineering modifying several walker models as well as creating their own walkers for the Eclipse Army. Many of the old walkers used by the troopers of the Army were outfitted with heavier armour plating as well as shielding and upgraded weapon systems.[1]

Eclipse Navy

The majority of the Eclipse Navy[1] consisted of mostly officers such as fleet officers, deck officers and commanding officers who all made up the fleet of the Navy. The uniforms were the same as the Imperial Navy with the highest officer wearing a uniform similar to that of an imperial Grand Admiral. Depending on the rank given to a naval officer, the colour of their uniform differed very much from each other.[1]

Most officers were equipped with a standard issue Scout trooper blaster pistol to defend themselves from either traitors, hostiles and double agents. Many of the Eclipse Navy officers were extreme loyalists to the Galactic President that they would even execute another officer if Angel ordered. New officers who graduated straight out of the academy were asked to do this task before having to serve so Angel could ensure that everyone who joined the Empire would be extreme loyalists like everyone else.[1]

This alone had put so much pressure on new recruits and haunted them for weeks before accepting their fate and complying with every order from now on, making the Eclipse Empire one of the deadliest military organizations since the Old Empire.[1]

The Eclipse Navy fleet had consisted of over a hundred fleets, possibly surpassing two hundred. With thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of warships in the Navy's "ocean" as it was considered more organized and more secure than the Imperial Navy.[1]


Eclipse Orbital Marine Corps

The Eclipse Orbital Marine Corps[1] was a special forces branch of the Eclipse Navy responsible for the deployment of Marines as well as security troopers on board Eclipse vessels such as capital ships, frigates, corvettes and transport vessels. These Marines served the Navy as both naval and ground units, even as combat engineers and technical officers.[1]

Eclipse Starfighter Corps

The Eclipse Starfighter Corps[1] was the starfighter branch of the New Empire that was responsible for maintaining communication control with their pilots which made up to be millions of pilots in the coming years. Pilots of the Starfighter Corps were expertly trained in fighter to fighter combat against possibly hostile starfighters and pirates.[1]

The Starfighter Corps consisted of starfighters ranging from those used by the Old Republic to the Rebel Alliance as well as Tachibana Heavy Engineering's own TIE series.[1]


Eclipse Special Forces

The Eclipse Special Forces[1] was the special forces unit of the Eclipse Military and takes orders directly from Special Operations Command and mainly consisted of Titan-SS units, super soldiers based on the Old Empire's Dark Troopers and so on. Unlike their predecessors, the Titan-SS weren't trained with the Dark side as there wasn't any Dark side users in the Eclipse Empire at the time.[1]

Titan-SS soldiers were equipped with specialized armour close to that of an old Clone Wars-era Republic Commando and weapons depending on the Titan's choice. Their armour also carried shielding as well as specialized equipment that assisted them in the field such as communications, close and long-range rader scanners and extra ammo and supply packets even an exoskeleton-powered suit.[1]

Titan-SS squads
Known squads

Special Operations Command

The Special Operations Command[1] was the command structure for the Eclipse Special Forces, often commanded by a Special Operations Commander, the Special Operations Command receives orders directly from the High Council and has the right to make its own decisions due to the Angel Command Policy that overrid the High Council's ability to hold power over the Military.[1]



The headquarters of the Eclipse Empire is located at the center of the galaxy on the planet Coruscant which is guarded by a large fleet of Star Dreadnoughts, and thousands of starfighters.[1]

The Imperial Senate building was transformed into the Senate of the Eclipse Empire building while the Old Republic Executive Building was used and transformed as the main executive building of the Joint Systems of the Eclipse, Department of Political Prosecution, and Department of Unaligned Systems.[1]

Many Eclipse Army Troopers, and Droid Army units were stationed as both security and quick military response forces within the district of where these buildings were located at. The Eclipse Navy also had stationed two Imperial II-class Star Destroyers to hover over the district as well to increase security as well as having TIE/LN starfighters doing patrol runs.[1]


The administration of the Eclipse Empire consisted of the Presidency Council, Eclipse High Council and the Joint Systems of the Eclipse to ensure control and order within the state of the Empire throughout the galaxy. Galactic President Jenkins Fall had always checked in on these groups to make sure that everything wasn't out of place but since the Presidency Council and the High Council only consisted of clones, it wasn't really necessary but still kept a close eye on the Joint Systems group as it was filled with actual human representatives than clones.[1]

Command structure


  • High officer ranks
    • Chief of the Eclipse Army—The highest military/political rank of the Eclipse Army. The holder was identified with the same rank insignia plack as the Chief of the Imperial Army. The holder of this rank was placed into the Joint Chiefs of the Military.[1]
    • High General—The second to last military rank of the Eclipse Army, High Generals command Region armies that consisted of ten System Armies. It used the same rank insignia plack used by High Generals of the Old Empire.[1]
    • General—The rank of General was used as the head of System Armies, which consisted of twenty Armies. Generals were identified by the Imperial Army General rank insignia plack.[1]
    • Marshal Commander—Marshal Commanders were the commanders of Army groups that consist of 192 Corps formations. They were identified by their black armour stripe that went from the back of their helmet to the front as well as a black stripe that go from their shoulder pads to the back of their palms.[1]
    • Senior Commander—Senior Commanders were the commanders of Corps, which consisted of 96 legions. They were identified by the same colour layout as Marshal Commanders but instead of black, their colour was red.[1]
    • Legional Commander—Legional Commanders were the commanders of Legions, which consisted of 48 battalions. They were identified by the same colour layout as Marshal Commanders but instead their colour was cyan.[1]
  • Officer ranks
    • Commander—Commanders were the senior officers of the Eclipse Army and were in charge of battalions which consisted of 24 companies. They were identified by orange stripes. This rank was also used by Special Forces units as squad leaders but don't have a colour coded stripe to signify rank.[1]
    • Major—Majors were the second to last senior officers of the Eclipse Army and were the second-in-command of battalions. They were identified by their blue stripes.[1]
    • Captain—Captains were the senior officers of Companies, which consisted of twelve platoons. They served the Army as company captains, and were identified by purple stripes.[1]
    • Lieutenant—Lieutenants were the senior officers of platoons as well as lieutenant commanders of Special Forces units. They led platoons of six squads and were identified with pink stripes on their armour.[1]
    • 2nd Lieutenant—2nd Lieutenants were the junior officers of platoons and were considered second-in-command of platoons. They were identified by green stripes on their armour. This rank was also used in the Special Forces to denote a second-in-command of a Titan-SS squad.[1]
  • Infantry ranks
    • Sergeant Major—Sergeant Majors were the senior officer of the enlisted rank grades. They led squads and were identified by a rank plack instead of colour coded armour stripes. Each squad contained about three fireteams.[1]
    • Sergeant—Sergeants were the next senior officers of the enlisted rank grades. They were usually seen part of an Army squad as second-in-command next to the Sergeant Major. They were identified with a large right shoulder pad and a command module as well as "III" on the left upper side of their armour.[1]
    • Specialist—Specialists were the juniors right below Sergeants and were leaders of Army fireteams alongside their fellow lower mates. Specialists were identified by their plain white armour with "II" on the left upper side of their armour.[1]
    • Corporal—Corporals were the second trooper rank that any Eclipse Army Trooper or Ranger could be promoted to. Most Corporals were identifiable by their plain white armour with a "I" on the left upper side of their armour. They also served as second-in-commands to fireteams, next to the Specialist.[1]
    • Private—Private was the lowest rank used by Eclipse Army troopers and Rangers. They were identified by their plain white armour, and were often called Newbies, Rookies, and Trainees by other high ranking troopers of their class due to them just graduating and straight out of training academies.[1]
  • High officer ranks
    • Chief of the Eclipse Navy—Chief of the Eclipse Navy was the highest military/political rank of the Eclipse Navy, being given command of an Executor-class Super Star Dreadnought as well as the fleet protecting Coruscant at the center of the galaxy. Also being placed into the Joint Chiefs of the Military.[1]
    • Grand Admiral—Grand Admirals were the second highest rank within the Eclipse Navy and were usually seen commanding an Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought with an armada of three fleets. They were easily recognizable by their unique white uniforms as well as their rank insignia plack.[1]
    • Fleet Admiral—Fleet Admirals were the admirals commanding a Fleet in the many systems of the galaxy, the fleets they commanded consisted of four Battle Groups. They were identifiable by their all gray uniform as well as their rank insignia plack.[1]
    • Admiral—Admirals were the most common sight of the Eclipse Navy, often commanding a Battle Group that consisted of eight squadrons. They were easily recognizable by their dark gray uniforms as well as rank insignia plack on their shirts.[1]
    • Vice Admiral—Vice Admirals were the common experienced admirals of the Navy, commanding a Squadron of warships which consisted of sixteen sections as well as being the least trusted admirals. They were recognizable by their brown uniforms and rank insignia plack.[1]
    • Rear Admiral—Rear Admirals were admirals who were recently promoted from Senior Captain. They usually were given command over a Section which consisted of 32 Elements and were recognizable by their dark brown uniforms as well as their rank insignia plack.[1]
  • Officer ranks
    • Senior Captain—Senior Captains were the highest rank of Captain, and were given command of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer which form up to become an element of one warship. They were usually assisted by their Senior Commander. Senior Captains were recognizable by their gray uniforms alongside their rank insignia plack.[1]
    • Senior Commander—Senior Commanders were the second to last ranking structure of the officer ladder, they served as assistants to Senior Captains aboard Imperial-class Star Destroyers. They were mostly recognizable by their dark gray uniform as well as their rank insignia plack. They also served as senior technicians to technician teams.[1]
    • Junior Commander—Junior Commanders were the juniors to Senior Commanders as well as serving on an Imperial-class Star Destroyer they are sent to and serve as either Chief Weapons Officer, Chief Communications Officer, or Chief Engine Room Officer. They were recognizable by their dark gray uniforms and rank insignia plack.[1]
    • Captain—Captains were the Starfighter Corps officers onboard Eclipse Navy warships in charge of starfighter corps wings and squadrons. They wore uniforms of gray with their rank insignia plack on their uniform as well. Unlike their Imperial Navy counterparts, these ranks were used to identify officers in charge of starfighter detachments.[1]
    • Senior Lieutenant—Senior Lieutenants were Chief of Army troops onboard Eclipse warships as well as either one of the Chief positions within a warship of the Navy. They wore the same uniform as Captains but different rank insignia plack.[1]
    • Junior Lieutenant—Junior Lieutenants served as assistants to Senior Lieutenants onboard Eclipse Navy warships. They wore the same uniform as their senior counterparts but a different rank insignia plack.[1]
    • Ensign—Ensigns were the lowest rank in the Navy, they filled in numerous roles within Eclipse Navy warships, starships and battlestations. They wore an all black uniform with an all blue rank insignia plack.[1]
Starfighter Corps
  • Flight officer ranks
    • General of Starfighter Command—General of Starfighter Command was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the Starfighter Corps and leader of Starfighter Command.[1]
    • Colonel—Colonels served in Starfighter Command as assistants to the General of Starfighter Command as well as seniors to the Majors and filling in various roles within the Command branch. One Colonel normally was placed as Chief of the Starfighter Corps as well as another being placed as Chief of the Senior Starfighter Staff.[1]
    • Major—Majors served the Starfighter Command as either advisers to Wing Commanders, Chief Communications Officer, Chief of Radar Scanning, or Chief of the Junior Starfighter Staff. The Chief of the Junior Staff was part of the Joint Chiefs of the Starfighter Corps.[1]
    • Wing Commander—Wing Commander was a rank used by the Starfighter Corps to identify an officer in charge of a starfighter Wing, consisting of two Groups.[1]
    • Group Captain—Group Captain was a rank used by the Starfighter Corps to signify the leader of a starfighter Group, which would consist of three Squadrons.[1]
    • Squadron Leader—Squadron Leader was a rank used by almost every Starfighter Corps. As it name implies, whoever held this rank was the leader of a squadron. Each squadron would contain three flights.[1]
  • Flight branch ranks
    • Flight Lieutenant—Flight Lieutenants were the second-in-command of squadrons, as the wingmate below Squadron Leader. In the event of the Squadron Leader's death, the Flight Lieutenant would be given command over the Squadron.[1]
    • Flying officer—Flying officer was the third rank, right above Sergeant, of the Starfighter Corps and usually would command a flight, containing two elements.[1]
    • Sergeant—Sergeant was the second rank obtained within the Starfighter Corps and were usually the leader of Starfighter elements, commanding a pilot.[1]
    • Pilot—Pilot, usually a position, was the lowest rank any pilot would receive upon joining the Starfighter Corps, they helped fill in spaces of Starfighter elements, flights, squadrons, groups and wings.[1]

Behind the scenes

Based on the Eclipse Empire, though not all information is primarily based on the Eclipse Empire. Some of the branches are based on the Eclipse Empire such as the Presidency Council, High Council, High Command, Army and Naval Commands, including several others. While others, such as the Senate of the Eclipse Empire, is based on those with the Galactic Empire in Star Wars Legends.


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