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Galactic Apocalypse series
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The Galactic Apocalypse series was a AU fanfiction series that takes place shortly after Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and brings about the return of Exar Kun from the dead after he was roused from his dormant state with the death of Galen Marek exploded across the Galaxy in the Force, the Typhojem must all gather together to return the true Sith Order to the Galaxy and rule as a Sith Empire, the Sith Deities are reborn in the modern day and they seek to convert all the Jedi they can get their hands upon.

During Season one, the Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun returns to life using a new body and learns the truth of his destiny: he was actually one of the Typhojem, the Deities of the Sith Empire and the Dark side's equivalent of the Chosen One, Kun soon learns that there are five others like him out there and each are strong in the Dark side with one goal in mind: conquering the Galaxy.

During Season two, the Yuuzhan Vong enter the Galaxy and it was to be up to both the New Republic and Sith Infinite Empire to fight back the invading Empire from their territories, meanwhile Darth Abadeon learns of a powerful Rakatan Relic that had been rebuilt by Darth Malgus, one of many relics that could turn the tide in a chaotic war of philosophies.

During Season three,

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