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Not to be confused with Galactic Alliance

Galen Marek the Founder of the Galactic Alliance of Free Planets.

The Galactic Alliance is the galactic government directly following the Rebel Alliance. Incorporating most of the known galaxy, the Galactic Alliance was the first government to achieve this since the Galactic Empire. It was formed a mere month after 0 ABY, it included the CIS, the Rebel Alliance, Cloners from Kamino, and the remains of the old Galactic Republic.


Early goingsEdit

The Galactic Alliance was formed a month after the destruction of the Death Star, with the deaths of Darth Vader and The Emperor. A few months afterword, with assistance from a CIS Remmnant and the few thosands of troops they had, recaptured Coruscant. After another three months, scattered Jedi were scouted and returned to the Temple. Only a short few weeks after the Jedi Order was restablished and Luke Skywalker was made Grand Master of the revived Jedi Order. Within 6 months after the formation of the Alliance, they had restored it to the near state of the Republic before 19 BBY, with remmnants of the old Galactic Empire joining the Alliance.

The Galactic Civil War ContinuesEdit

Nearly 5 years after the defeat of the Empire, The Imperial Remmmnant, re-emerged into the Galaxy, declaring war on the fledgeding Alliance, automaticly getting half the galaxy behind them. Within months the Empire was well at war with the Alliance, with many of the Jedi such as Galen Marek being made Jedi Masters, due to having a limited amount from the Clone Wars

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