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The Galactic Alliance was an interplanetary militia formed during the reign of Emperor Vorsetous as a form of paramilitary reserves to aid the Vorsetous Empire in times of war. Due to the Emperor's initial distaste for militia in any form, the Maderos kept the Alliance a secret from Vorsetous until the Last Battle of Mandalore- the Alliance's first open military incursion.


After the near destruction of Theed by Darth Pravus' Dark Forces, Aura and Sado Madero counselled with leaders of various Vorsetous-friendly systems to devise a way to prevent such a catastrophe from occurring in the future. Recognizing the strength of the Empire's military forces, the secret council also noted the seemingly slothful pace at which the Empire could respond to small-scaled incursions.

Following much debate, plans were set in motion to create an inter-planetary militia to aid the Empire as well as respond swiftly to smaller planetary military needs. Galactic Alliance leaders, such as Adrian Yohanan, expressed desires to present the new plans to Emperor Vorsetous, but the Maderos resisted, knowing that such a secret and potentially criminal act would only be supported by Vorsetous once he saw the Alliance's prowess as well as its personal benefit to himself.


As the Galactic Alliance planted its roots in the Yavin System, volunteers came quickly from the participating systems. In fact, the Alliance soon faced a dilemma when the number of militiamen became greater than the number of weapons or ships to put in their hands. Alliance leaders feared that, should they begin purchasing munitions at too high a rate, the Empire would notice the arms flow and shut down the militia before they had proven themselves. Such an Imperial action would also put the Alliance soldiers at risk should the Emperor deem the formation of the militia a criminal act.

Aura Madero, as the Galactic Alliance's main general, would make secret visits with Sado to Yavin IV to inspect the growth of the Alliance and supervise the troops' training. Members of the Alliance Council began to grow anxious as the Empire began searching for the remnants of Pravus' forces throughout the Galaxy and moved to take immediate action. Afraid of the repercussions of military action while still low on arms, Aura was able to calm the Council, and the Alliance began purchasing starships and star cruisers at an accelerated pace to prepare for the moment that the Galaxy would need them to show their faces.

Deployment - Last Battle of Mandalore

With the final defeat of Darth Pravus on Dathomir, many Alliance members began questioning the necessity of the Galactic Alliance, and dissensions arose among the leaders. Once the Order came from Aura to assemble the fleet, however, all the petty disputes were put aside. Finally, it seemed, all of the Alliance's preparations would mean something. Finally, there would be a cause for them to fight for.

Aura and Sado oversaw the militia's final preparations and contacted Vorsetous, informing him of both the Alliance's existence and readiness to come to his aid. Enraged but with little time to react, Vorsetous put his felling aside. Alongside the Vorsetous Empire, the Galactic Alliance headed to the Mandalore System after Admiral Willium Voggin mutinied and took over the Empire's Death Star.

Upon seeing the surprise of the Alliance Fleet, Voggin ordered his TIE squadrons to attack the "new terrorists." Little time passed, however, before the Imperial pilots recognized the Emperor's ship and turned their attacks back to the Death Star at his command. As the Imperial Fleet began to arrive, the combined navies, led by Aura Madero, began their attack on the Death Star's automatic turrets. After Vorsetous used the Super Star Destroyer Valkyrie as a self-propelled missile against the space station, the Galactic Alliance's Red and Rogue Squadrons escorted the Emperor to one of the Death Star's hangars. The attack continued until Sado Madero and Rogue Squadron disabled the Death Star's last reactor from inside, shutting down the station completely.

Following Voggin's escape, the Alliance pursued the remaining Mandalorian Terrorist Forces until the eventual death of Admiral Voggin at the hands of Selene Oderus and Sado Madero in the Mandalore Asteroid Ruins.

Subsequent Leadership

Following the Last Battle of Mandalore, the Galactic Alliance was integrated into the Vorsetous Empire as official militia reserve forces. Over time, nearly all systems in the Vorsetous Empire joined the Alliance. The old Imperial Forces didn't take too kindly to the Alliance's inclusion at first, for the most part. Seen by many as a bunch of paramilitary scoundrels, many of the Empire's top leaders questioned the Emperor in his decision to authorize the militia's continuation.

However, by the end of Aura Madero's leadership over the Alliance, the organization gained a reputation as a well-organized force that could seemingly spring up out of nowhere when needed. Following the death of Madero, five years after the Last Battle of Mandalore, Alliance leadership was passed on to Adrian Yohanan, with continual participation from Sado Madero on the Alliance Executive Council.

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