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Gaffney Aran was an incredibly skilled Jedi Knight. He started when he was just ten. On his home planet, Orth, he realized he was Force-sensitive. He was aware of the Jedi and practiced his skills with a homemade fake saber. When the Darth Charon came to invade he saw the potential he had. He tried to seduce him into the dark side but Seth Skywalker came just in time to rescue him. Ever since then he has been training nearly non-stop. By the age of thirteen he managed to beat even the revived General Grievous. When he became sixteen, he dueled Darth Pluto and got an injury to his chest. However, he was saved thanks to an infinitor crystal that was fused into him. This crystal not only kept him alive but enhanced his force abilities. But it also makes the seduction of the dark side for him stronger Then, when he became twenty he became arrogant and tried to stop the Sith. This only lead to him being consumed by the dark side. Just like Anakin and Obi-wan, Gaffney and Seth dueled on Mustafar. He also lost but fell into the lava. Because of his Orth heritage, his skin was fireproof, but to some extent. The only thing keeping him alive was his crystal. He managed to get out and the Sith Lord, Darth Ludachrist, rebuilt almost all of his body.


Early life

Gaffney was born on the paradise planet Orth. He was raised in an average family. One day while he was playing in the lava mines he discovered he could move rocks around with his mind. He then realized he was Force-sensitive. He made himself a fake lightsaber and trained. By the time he was nine he was incredibly skilled. Then, the Sith invaded. Families were killed, fields were burnt but Gaffney survived. Darth Charon was slaughtering families when he saw something. He was about to kill Gaffney but suddenly the force pushed him. Darth Seth realized an opportunity to obtain an apprentice but luckily Seth Skywalker and Erik Solo came to the rescue. The Jedi and the clone army drove back the Sith. Seth saw how skilled Gaffney was and took him back to Coruscant. Back at Coruscant Seth taught him everything he knew in the Jedi arts and soon he became his apprentice in the Jedi Council. By the time he was thirteen, he constructed his own lightsaber. It was unique since it was very heavy and wide but he managed to win many duels with it.

First Mission

He was finally given a mission to go to Arias to kill the revived General Grievous. He arrived and tried to negotiate but Grievous ambushed him. The soldiers attack but he killed all of them. Grievous took off his cape and grew six arms. Six lightsabers later appeared. With his brain now acting like a super-computer, he could calculate every move Gaffney was going to make. He never missed and it seemed he was skilled in almost all forms of lightsaber dueling. Gaffney used the force to push him back and then he sliced off one of his arms. They continued to duel Gaffney became injured. Suddenly a bunch of clone troopers arrived to help fend off Grievous' soldiers. This provided a distraction for Gaffney to run to a safer location. After a series of chasing they continued to fight on a giant terrace. Gaffney sliced off another one of Grievous' arms but two still wasn't enough. He decided to move unpredictably. By moving in a way he didn't even think off Grievous couldn't predict his moves and got 2 of his arms cut off. Gaffney then lifted a tower but Grievous dodged just barely. However, Gaffney's true intentions were to damage his brain which he did. With a damaged brain he couldn't make full proof strategies. Another arm got cut off and Gaffney managed to sweep away his last saber. Grievous still had his strength and lifted him and tried to throw him off them terrace. Gaffney tried to hang on but Grievous grabbed an electro staff and prepared to strike the final blow. Gaffney used the Force to activate Grievous saber and made it plunge through his stomach He then used his own light saber and cut off his entire upper body.

Love at First Sight

With General Grievous gone most of the Sith plans were delayed. Gaffney was then sent to his home planet Orth to assist the senate base their in their next actions. As he arrived the planet appeared as if someone had recreated it. More flowers were planted and most of the polluting buildings were gone. The unspoiled planet just got greener, literally. As he went in the Senate building he met up with the leader. By his side was his daughter, Sarai Skywalker. Turns out Padme's family started a Senate branch at Orth. Gaffney instantly became in love. Sarai returned those feelings but he knew that they could not be together because of the Jedi code. After assisting the Senate he was allowed some time off on the planet. He invited Sarai for a day with him and the two had the most fun ever. They played moosorfs and took a river ride. They enjoyed a sunset on a hill of flowers and had dinner together. They knew they had to be together but Gaffney was not allowed. However, they decided it could be a secret, just the two of them.

Battle with Darth Charon

Upon returning to Corucant their was a breach at the lowest temples of the Jedi temple. They couldn't understand who could have gotten past security but they found out it was Darth Charon. He was trying to steal Jedi information but Gaffney and Seth managed to block them. They all drew their lightsaber but Charon's trident shaped saber was challenging. Charon was facing two opponents but he swatted them away like they were flies. Seth managed to hold his ground. The two sabers clashed but Charon's special shaped saber wedged Seth's and disposed of it. Charon was then using force lightning and Seth didn't have his lightsaber to block it. Gaffney came in and tried to sneak attack him but Charon sensed him. The two dueled but Charon used his force lightning. Since he didn't receive the special training to block it he was defenseless. However, he used the force to lift a pillar. Charon was too busy shocking him that he didn't sense the incoming pillar. It struck him and Gaffney delivered the final blow. But before he died Charon stabbed Gaffney in the chest. Seth quickly rose and realized Gaffney was trying to stay alive with the force. He was quickly rushed to the medical droids but they couldn't save him. Seth then realized they had an infinitor crystal. It's pure light properties could counter the wound the Sith gave Gaffney. It was dangerous because that crystal was unstable but they had to try. They cut off a piece and attached it to a crystal amplifier and attached that to Gaffneys wound. Fortunately, it revived him. Not only that, it strengthened his force powers. However, Seth warned him that the crystal also makes the user more easy to be seduced by the dark side.


After four years it became really quiet. With some peace Gaffney and Sarai could finally conceive a child. The next day Gaffney heard some sounds in the conference room. He went in and found the Sith Lord Darth Ludachrist and Gren Klinker dueling. Gren was apparently winning but Ludachrist shot force lightning. Gren was blocking it and then called Gaffney for help. Ludachrist did the same. With conflicting forces in his mind he didn't know what to do. But the jewel in his chest made him choose the dark path and made him kill Gren. Regretting what he did Ludachrist came to him and told him the Jedi is gaining too much power. We must do what the great Darth Sidious did and purge the Jedi. You shall be known as Darth Saturn. And with that, his jewel turned jet black.

Duel on Mustafar

With a Sith Lord in the Jedi Temple everyone trusted Gaffney. Nine months later, because of him the clone army turned to the dark side and then, during the night the army attacked Corucant. Gaffney entered the temple and quickly killed the Jedi in there. He was then assigned to go to Mustafar and kill anyone there and then to take control of the lava mining. As he arrived he did just as he was told. Sarai secretly followed him along with Seth to try and restore him. As they arrived they saw Gaffney. Sarai tried to convince him to turn back because of the coming child but Gaffney refused. He was completely loyal to Darth Ludachrist. He then Force choked her. Seth then came out. He remembered this was the exact spot where obi-wan and Anakin dueled so he thought they must do the same. They drew out their lightsabers. They quickly clashed and then ran to the mining station. They were then dueling their way into the entrance. While in the main control room they were damaging the force field generator. The lava can now damage the station and soon it will plunge into the lava river. While their lightsabers were trying to push each other back they tried to Force push each other. It was a tie and they pushed each other back. They got outside and continued to fight. However they realized that the station was being destroyed by the heat and the cords started to break which will make the station fall into the lava. They realized too late and the station was already halfway in the stream. Seth managed to jump onto a flying platform. Gaffney stayed behind which made Seth think he was dead. But in fact he survived and he jumped onto another flying platform. They met up and continued to duel. Seth did what obi-wan did and jumped onto ground. Gaffney then claimed he would not make the same mistake Anakin did and he jumped as well but Seth still cut off his left arm and his legs.. Seth took his lightsaber and watched as he burnt up. He didn't want him to be restored just as Darth Vader was. His hair started to burn right off and his skin was getting charred. His species of Humans on Orth had fireproof skin to some extent. Gaffney then started to slip and he fell into the lava. His skin wasn't that strong so he immediately got incinerated. His scream of pain would haunt Seth forever. He was getting swept down stream and he was still alive but his skin just made the pain last longer. Seth took Sarai and went on the ship to go back to Coruscant. Meanwhile, Darth Ludachrist and a crew of clones and droids came to find Gaffney. They saw him weakly crawling out of the lava, nearly burnt black. If it wasn't for his crystal and his dark side powers he would be dead. He was horribly burnt. Most of his skeleton was showing and the only flesh left was parts of his skin, His eyeballs, and his innards. Darth Ludachrist ordered a medical droid immediately. Meanwhile, Sarai was giving birth. Just like Leia, she lost the will to live and she gave birth to twins. Meanwhile, Gaffney was being introduced to a horribly painful operation to save him. His missing skin and flesh was replaced with machine parts. They left the skin because his dark side powers would slowly regenerate him. They repaired the heart and lungs with support systems to to regulate his breathing. His missing limbs were replaced with light cybernetic arms. His damaged vertebrae were replaced with mechanical parts. To increase maneuverability they implanted cybernetic wings on his back that could also double as a cape and his head was fitted with a helmet. His voice changed but lacked the wheezing sound. Ludachrist reassured him that he would eventually heal. Meanwhile, Sarai gave birth to twins, Jason and Theresa. Jason was sent to Tatooine. Theresa was sent to Orth. She asked for them to destroy the empire just like her descendants. Darth Saturn asked what happened to Leia. Ludachrist answered that she was killed. He was in fact right but she forced herself back to life because she was giving birth. He yelled and destroyed everything around him. He tried to kill Ludachrist but he wasn't use to his armor. It was lighter than Vader's but it still needed some adjustment. They looked out the window to watch the construction of the eighth Death Star.

Rule over the Empire

After twenty years Darth Saturn has placed fear into many souls. The construction of the eighth Death Star has been complete. After hearing that Theresa managed to send the Death Star blue prints to the rebel base he killed a worker and interrogated Theresa. After finding out nothing he decided to destroy Orth. However, even after destruction she didn't give anything away. Then they suddenly hear about a breach. Jason and Erik and Seth broke in. They split up, Seth went to disable to the weapon system and tractor beam and Jason went to save Theresa. Seth succeeded but Darth Saturn caught up with him. They dueled but Seth decided to do what Obi-Wan did, to sacrifice himself. After escaping they decided to enter the rebel base. After carefully examining the blueprints they found out that the station runs on an actual planet core for power. If they destroy it the entire station will blow up. They sent many ships to the Death Star. Most of them got in but actually getting to the core was the hard part. Most of the rebel ships were destroyed and Jason was the last one. Darth Saturn was right behind him but Jason managed to shoot a laser into the core. With the explosion starting he quickly evacuated. Unfortunately, Darth Saturn survived.

Duel on Sitron

Darth Saturn followed Theresa, Jason and Erik. He forced them to land on the planet, Sitron. They both landed on a floating monument to the ancients. Jason decided to get rid of him once and for all. They drew their lightsabers and prepared to duel. Saturn had the advantage since he could fly. With his quick movements Jason was already losing. However, he got back his strength and slashed off Saturn's wings. Now that he evened the playing field he actually had a chance of winning. However, Saturn's style of charging and beating down the opponent was too much. He then realized that his chest still hasn't fully recovered from his battle on Mustafar. He tried to destroy his crystal but Saturn drove him back to a statue. Saturn then told Jason that he is his father. Completely broken down by the truth, Jason could not kill his father. Erik and Theresa tried to encourage him by saying that his father is already dead if he is in the dark side. Determined, Jason slashed his gem. He continuously slashed his crystal sending Saturn tremendous pain. With one final strike, Jason plunged his crystal through Saturn's chest. He fell off the platform until he hit the surface of Sitron, which no one ever saw. Convinced he was dead they all fled to the rebel base. Unknown to them, the surface of Sitron is covered with the crystal, omegas. After many hours Darth Ludachrist found him. Now glowing with radioactive energy, Ludachrist decided to make use of the omegas. He ordered medical droids to bring back Saturn and storm troopers to collect some omegas. They have begun his second transformation. They integrated the omegas into his armor which for some reason transformed the armor itself. It restored the missing armor and added new functions. They enhanced his wings and gave him a tail. They tried to restore his chest but since they couldn't completely they covered it with a thick layer of chest armor. They also gave him an omegas armor generator. When he gets to damaged the generator would activate and give more power. Though his armor is more heavy he could still fly and his force powers are now even more powerful. And with that he observed the construction of the ninth Death Star.

Final mission

It has been three years and the death star was already almost complete.The Rebel Alliance decided to not only destroy the Death Star but to kill Darth Ludachrist. They sent the entire Rebel Alliance to the Death Star. They emperor and Darth Saturn was aware of this and had the weapon systems completed first. With the incoming fleet, they sent out all their star fighters to defend the Death Star. Jason was sent to personally kill Saturn himself but he knew that there was still good inside of him so he wanted to bring him back to the light side. With a tremendous battle taking place, it created a distraction for Jason to enter. He entered Ludachrist's room and planned to kill him but Saturn flew in. Jason was astonished to see him alive. In fact, he wasn't sure Saturn was even alive in that suit. Saturn drew his lightsaber and struck. Jason defended himself but he felt the force in that attack. He was clearly outmatched but he realized that his chest hasn't fully healed from their last battle. Taking advantage of this he decided to strike his chest but his armor protected it. He tried to use the Force to pull out his chest armor but that didn't work. The battle continued and Jason kept trying to slash open his chest armor but it didn't work. Jason saw it weakening so he then tried the Force again. It worked and he slashed Saturn's chest several times. But suddenly, the omegas generator activated. Not only he was now protected he was even more powerful. Saturn force pushed him with amazing power. He was clearly outmatched but then he tried to damage his neck. He succeeded and now the omegas armor was weakened. He pried it open and slashed his armor again. Ludachrist realized he was giving in to the dark side and tried to persuaded him into killing Saturn. He would be his new apprentice. But Jason calmed down and knew he couldn't kill his father. Outraged, Ludachrist shot force lightning. Slowly being killed, he pleaded Gaffney to help. Gaffney suddenly came to his senses and carried Ludachrist and threw him down the Death Stars generator. With the Emperor killed he told Jason to go to the computer near the edge and activate the self-destruction system. He did as he was told as tried to carry his father out but he denied. He told Jason to lift his helmet so that he may look at his face with his own eyes. Jason lifted his helmet and what he saw was horrible. His scars from Mustafar haven't completely healed. Some of his flesh was still missing and he was completely bald. He was dying but he had returned to the light side. He then faded to become one with the Force. Jason took his armor and fled the Death Star. It exploded and the rebel alliance won the war. His armor was then cremated and was recognized as both a hero and a skilled Jedi master. His chest crystal was also passed down his family. For the next centuries he had his own statue on almost every civilized planet.

Lightsaber Training.

Gaffney had excellent lightsaber skills when he was young. He created a wood saber to practice with and when he joined the Jedi Council he created a rather heavy lightsaber but later on he made a light one. He preferred spins and quick slashes but this changed after his transformation. He charged at his opponent and continuously beat down his opponent. His original lightsaber was later passed down his family.

Force abilities

He was excellent at using the Force. He used the Force push and lifting objects was also his favorite. He could deflect and reflect dark side abilities, a skill that was rare. When he obtained his chest crystal his Force powers were enhanced. Giving him abilities that were rare for other Jedi, he was quickly respected. When he turned to the dark side he obtained Force lightning and then he favored the Force choke. When he was omegas enhanced, his powers were increased to their limit. He was also given brand new force abilities.

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