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Gabe was a Human male mercenary soldier employed by the Republic Military as a private military contractor and later the FarSpace Mercenaries. Gabe originally was a family man and had a wife and child, their murders would lead Gabe to disavowing his family name and becoming a full time mercanary. Gabe feats as a soldier were critical to the success of Mu Squad.

Personality and traits

Gabe was defined by is occupation as a mercenary, Gabe would do anything for the right price or if he believed it would be to his advantage. This utilitarian point of view is best shown by Gabe's treatment of his squadmates. Gabe once passed on disarming a bomb believing that with less squad members that he would get paid more but also kept medpacs for use in battle saving them in order to make it more likely for him to survive the fight. Gabe was also very aggressive demonstrated by his preference of for destroying targets as opposed to capture. Gabe also had a violent temper such as when he executed an attacker for interrupting his time at the bar or when he assaulted a greeter at a spaceport in Mos Eisley out of sheer boredom. Gabe had a When not on the job Gabe would spend his time using his earnings on his vices of drinking and gambling.

Equipment and Armor

Gabe was outfitted with experimental ARC trooper armor that could operate in a host of different environments. Gabe's armor had the option to attach wingsuit to it making it possible to base jump into a hostile territory.

Gabe was a master with the DC-15S and after acquiring a second one effectively dual wielded them on missions. Gabe had a Vibrobayonet that could be attached to his rifle for close quarter combat. Gabe kept an assortment of grenades including frag grenades, ion grenades and thermal detonators. In the event that a squadmate was injured had the training to use the medpacs he carried.

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