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—A GRA8 demonstrating its grasp of mathematics

The GRA8 mathematics droid was an educational droid produced by Tryuin Industries a few hundred years before the Battle of Yavin. It was designed to assist in the teaching of mathematics in schools and other learning institutes across the galaxy. Unfortunately, due to the installation of faulty intelligence chips, it was a miserable failure and Tryuin Industries faced several massive backlashes and lawsuits. Some of these precedings went on for decades and in response, Tryuin issued a recall and replaced the faulty intelligence chips. This resulted in some GRA8s having amazing mathematical capability, but due to its terrible reputation, the new GRA8s did not sell particularly well and the line was ultimately canceled. Unlike it's competitor's long, encrypted, and misunderstandable error log, it's error log is simply "error! the following error is xxx, and shoud be fixed by doing/using/removing/adding xxx (and then doing/using/removing/adding xxx.)"

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