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I hate this miserable, wet, rocky little planet. But hey! It's giving me billions of credits a week, so I might as well hold onto it.
Unit 8311

Fyir Xan was a remote world used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars to build battle droids. After the war, it would become deserted for a time, although it would later be used by the powerful crime syndicate known as the Steel Legion.


Fyir Xan had little to no native life, apart from primitive plants and rudimentary animals that were prehistoric by galactic standards. Due to volcanic emissions from areas of the planet, parts of it were permanently overcast. Surface water was only to be found in oases in the various rocky plains and deserts covering the planet, or the rudimentary ice sheets

However, the planet was rich in minerals and resources, and due to its obscurity and the fact that its system was filled with asteroids, it was not exploited in any way for thousands of years.


At about 40 BBY, the planet was discovered by the Trade Federation, which immediately began construction on vast mines and extraction pits.

However, after the Naboo Crisis, the Trade Federation had to abandon the planet to pay off the losses from the catastrophic invasion, and the mines fell into disrepair. Fyir Xan again slipped into obscurity.

Ten years later, however, as the Clone Wars began, the Trade Federation returned to the planet and established a droid factory there, which began churning out droids for the CIS. Due to its obscurity and sly intelligence, the Republic remained unaware of Fyir Xan until the last year of the war. Then, it launched a large attack on the planet, expecting to smash the somewhat meager CIS forces there, but amazingly they were repulsed. Republic commanders sent in reports of a strange droid which had single-handedly decimated the taskforce.

The Republic instead decided to lay siege to Fyir Xan with constant orbital bombardment, but were completely driven away by the Separatists.

However, a few months later, the war was over. The droids on Fyir were deactivated and the Neimoidians running the base there fled. Fyir was again rendered uninhabited, and it seemed as if it would stay that way as the Empire had it not shown on any official charts.

A few smugglers and criminals would make operations there, and the Steel Legion would take over some of the old mines and factories there to gain income. Upon the Legion's collapse shortly before Yavin, however, it's operations there collapsed, and when it reformed after Endor, it did not return to Fyir.

The Imperial Remnant would set up a base on Fyir, and during the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Vong would terraform the planet into a grassland world.


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