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Friiv Agnur was a scientist and right-hand man of Erk Grekins.

He was born on Humbarine, but he and his family fled to Ord Tessebok during the Clone Wars. This proved their salvation, for Humbarine was soon devastated by General Grievous.

As a young man, Friiv developed an affinity for science, but did not care about its consequences. This was exploited by the Galactic Empire. After working for the Empire, now-Doctor Agnur grew to hate anyone he believed was trying to destroy or disrupt his research and inventions. Of course, his Imperial employers blamed such insolence on the Rebel Alliance. As such, he also taught himself how to lead battles against the Rebels, and became a Captain in the Imperial Navy.

The splintering of the Empire frustrated Captain Agnur, as the chaos prevented him from finishing any significant scientific projects. He and his small team developed most of the designs for the Conqueror-class and Despot-class Star Destroyers in isolation. Years later, the rogue Admiral Erk Grekins approached the scientist, and offered the opportunity to put the research to use.

Friiv Agnur eagerly accepted, and was made Grekins's Captain of New Technology. He served as second-in-command against the New Republic in the Grekins campaign, but was killed along with his superior in the Battle of Magrex.

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