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Commanders, the time has come. Execute Order 66.
—The Emperor to all units in the galaxy

The Fourth Jedi Purge referred to the efforts initiated by the Confederation of Free Planets to eradicate the New Jedi Order after Order 66 in 8 ABY. It resulted in the near-annihilation of the Jedi, as it had been with the First Jedi Purge that occurred after the Jedi Civil War in 3,956 BBY. The purge officially began with Order 66, which declared the Jedi enemies of the Confederation and ordered the Confederate Army to turn on them. Shortly after the attack on the Jedi Temple and Order 66, the CFP was turned into the New Galactic Empire, who continued the CFP's efforts to hunt down the Jedi and their supporters.

Order 66Edit

The Confederation of Free Planets ordered the Confederate Army to execute Order 66—the total annihilation of all Jedi "traitors" throughout the entire galaxy as a sign that the age of the Jedi had ended. Another reason cited for wiping out the order was the argument that they were complicit in starting the Second Yuuzhan Vong Invasion to destabilize the galaxy and overthrow the government. Facts stated in support of this argument included the Jedi involvement in initiating a rebellion against the Confederation.

Assault on the Jedi TempleEdit

I saw thousands of troops attack the Jedi Temple. It's the end of the New Jedi Order.
Senator Padmé Amidala

Simultaneously, the Confederation dispatched the Coruscant Guard, the 52nd Star Corps, Delta Squadron, Alpha Company and the 42nd Assault Squad, the 212th Attack Battalion and the 501st Legion to eradicate all the Jedi in their Temple on Coruscant. The Confederation justified its purge with a conspiracy of the Jedi Order's attempt to take control of the Confederation by assassinating the head of government.


Afterwards, the Jedi who survived the attack on the Temple and Order 66 went on and formed the Jedi Holdouts. After several initial victories, they lost, and most of the Jedi who survived went into hiding, while others were killed. The Remnant to Restore the Republic was formed, but was also destroyed.

Second Jedi RebellionEdit

The Second Jedi Rebellion started when a group of surviving Jedi attacked the Empire. There were several battles in the war. The Emperor was a traitor and was on the Jedi side.

Assault on the New Jedi TempleEdit

In 12 ABY the Empire attacked the New Jedi Temple while it was under construction by the Jedi Remnant and the Remnant to Restore the Republic. The attack was led by CC-2009, Draco Malfoy, CC-1010, and CM-9797. It was an Imperial victory and the temple was destroyed. During the battle, it was discovered that the Galactic Emperor was a traitor and was dealing with the Jedi. He was found and killed during the battle.

Jedi victimsEdit

Known Jedi survivorsEdit

Confederate casualtiesEdit