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Foron, often mistaken as Fonor, was a planet located in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. The planet was a continental world which soon grew out to become an ecumenopolis. Foron served as the headquarters for Foronian Space Faring, a minor shipyard established during Foron's expansion era. The shipyards would later be sold to Cybe Drives, a major shipwright located on Cybe

During the days of the Galactic Republic, Foron suffered due to the Republic's neglectance of the planet, leading to a growing secessionist movement on the planet, although the movement was destroyed during the battle of Foron in 19 BBY.

Under Imperial rule, Foron flourished as it had received special treatment due to its status as ecumenopolis. It became a trade center in the Outer Rim.

When the Emperor died in 4 ABY, admiral Elgar Finn returned to his homeworld of Foron and declared its independence, establishing the Foronian Governance. Elgar governed the planet between 4 ABY and 10 ABY, and then again from 12 ABY to 17 ABY, after which the planet became part of the New Republic.

Foron became the capital of the Federation of Free Planets following the sacking of Coruscant.



A planet in the Outer Rim, Foron was riddled with smugglers and criminals, as its remote location far away from authority provided secrecy. This however proved a debacle for the Foronian Naval College, as while the planet was singled out to have a college, its location made it very complicated to enlist in the Republic Navy and many graduates would fail to enter service until the Empire. Despite this however, many people from nearby systems would go to Foron to study, most often finding a job in Foronian Space Faring.

The planet had an orbiting shipyard, in service of Foronian Space Faring, Foron's own small shipwright.

During Republic days, Foron often suffered starvation as it was neglected by the Republic, and had a hard time trading with other planets for the quantity of food required.


Being an ecumenopolis, the planet bore resemblance to Coruscant. Foron featured the same sprawling skyscrapers but in addition, also featured more green areas than its counterpart in the Core Worlds. Unlike Coruscant however, Foron had no lower levels, and the poorer people would instead often live outside of the larger cities.


Before the Clone Wars

Before becoming an ecumenopolis, Foron was a temperate world with a lot of green covering the surface, and during the Old Republic days it was a farm world.

The period between 30 BBY and 20 BBY was marked as the Foron Expansion Era, as during this time period Foron saw much expansion and became a rich planet due to the investment of the two brothers, James and Jarno Finn, who took a special interest in the planet and funded the establishment of Foronian Space Faring as well.

Clone Wars

Foron (2)

Foron during the Clone Wars.

During the Clone Wars, Foron was a Republic world. Due to its location, the planet was neglected by the Republic and suffered a variety of issues as a result. With Foron's increasing population, meeting the food demand had become impossible, as none of its neighbours produced enough food to supply Foron with.

Foron was not represented in the Senate and thus the majority of its issues would never come to light. To make matters worse, there was a growing secessionist movement on Foron which wanted to secede from the Republic and join the Confederacy instead.

In 19 BBY, the Confederacy made a desperate attempt to take the planet, to no avail as the planet was secured by rear admiral Norven Loyaler. The secessionist movement that had once been a scourge on the planet had largely been destroyed during the battle, and remaining elements would flee.

Imperial era

Under the Empire, Foron would flourish again. The planet enjoyed a status as ecumenopolis, which means it received special attention from the Empire, restoring its flailing economy and resolving the food crisis. During this time, Foron would become the epicenter of a large trade network between its neighbours, and the investment of the two Finn brothers had paid off.

Admiral Elgar Finn hailed from the planet, and entered service with the Imperial Navy in 19 BBY.

However, as time progressed, Foron lost its mark, and while its economy would stay afloat regardless, it would no longer receive the special care it once enjoyed. Still, Foron flourished and maintained a vast trade network.


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Upon the Emperor's death in 4 ABY, Foron became independent territory at the behest of admiral Finn. Elgar proclaimed the planet's independence, refusing to see it fall with the Empire.


Foron as independent territory.

Elgar promised to introduce more liberal rule, in contrast to Imperial rule. As a result, the most of the people of Foron were content with his rule.

However, Foron played host to many Imperial factions following its secession from the Empire. Many longed for the Imperial rule Elgar had sworn to eradicate, who instead attempted to provide more liberal policies to Foron. These Imperial factions plotted several coups between 4 and 10 ABY, all of which were prevented due to close cooperation between loyalist citizens, Elgar and the Foronian Special Forces.

Unfortunate but unavoidable, Foron's economy stagged, as the system had entered isolation when it was quickly surrounded by the New Republic. At this time, Elgar refused to enter a trade agreement with the New Republic, both to appease the Imperials and out of his own distrust towards them.

In an attempt to stand out from Imperial rule, little money would be spent into the military, which would soon fall into disrepair. By 6 ABY, the Foronian Governance Navy was made up primarily out of Venator-class Star Destroyers and other outdated warships. Elgar made his personal flotilla part of the Navy, with the Right to Rule serving as its flagship.

Zero Command


The Foronian Governance Navy flies out into battle against Blitzer Harrsk.

Yet Foron would remain safe from any external invasion until 10 ABY, when Lord High Admiral led his fleet in rapid succession from Abregado-rae to Foron in an attempt to capture the planet as part of Operation Shadow Hand. Elgar's policies left him ill-prepared for invasion, and Blitzer struck another victory, forcing Elgar to retreat to the Deep Core.

Blitzer occupied the planet and stationed his captain, Kelisea Knight over it, placing her in charge of its defence. While Foron was occupied, the Foronian Governance remained an active state on other bodies in the Foron system.

Since Blitzer's take-over, Foron suffered much instability, as both citizens loyal to the governance and the Imperial factions opposed Harrsk's rule, both demanding independence. The Imperial factions orchestrated several coups, all of which were defeated by Harrsk's forces.

Independence and New Republic

Two years later, in 12 ABY, the New Republic liberated the planet. However, occupied with their ongoing war with the other warlords failed to establish a garrison force, and the planet was retaken by admiral Finn.

The next five years were five of relative peace and prosperity. The majority of the Imperial factions that had once riddled the planet had either been destroyed by Harrsk or had been persecuted by the New Republic earlier that year. Elgar had become more accepting to the New Republic, having convinced himself the Empire had lost, and opened up negotiations with the New Republic and signing a trade treaty with them, believing this saved him from a new invasion.

In 17 ABY, Elgar decreed his loyalty to the newly-established Imperial Remnant and promising his participation in the Imperial Skirmishes. This proved to be a fatal mistake, as Elgar was forced to flee with a small remainder of his fleet following the final battle of Foron.


Foron as capital of the Federation.

The Foronian Governance was then established as a New Republic vassal state. And it would continue to be until 143 ABY.

In 143 ABY, Foron was formally annexed by the Federation of Free Planets and, following the sacking of Coruscant, became its new capital.


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