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Force stonestorm was a powerful Force power capable of ripping apart an entire planet. It was discovered during the force war on Quary. After destroying the planet's surface. It was forbidden by the Jedi Order on Urum but one Jedi didn't obey this command. This Jedi made a deal with his Apprentice that if he´d teach him the power the Apprentice would teach it to his apprentice and so on. It was a risky way for the power to stay known but it worked.

The power had a few stages. In stage one it would just be stones being pulled out of the ground and starting to fly around the user. In stage two the stones would rise to a higher height and start to form a storm. In the third stage the storm would grow and rip more stone out of the ground resulting in a destroyed surface, like on Quary. In this stage the storm could become uncontrollable if it became to large. For Fourth stage the dark side was needed because the user would lightning the storm to come more powerful, if this was done the storm could grow rapidly and cover the entire planet, totally ripping it apart. After ripping it apart the storm would stop and explode destroying everything in its path.

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