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A Force agency was any group of Force-sensitive individuals that served either the Jedi or the Sith, but were not themselves considered one of the two though operated to the same capacity.

Notable Force agencies

  • Order of the Dark Acolytes, comprising former Jedi who later joined Count Dooku and began practicing the Dark Side. Most Dark Acolytes operated as assassins, spies, or battlefield commanders. They were overseen by the Master of the Acolytes, a title held by Dooku himself and later Sora Bulq.
  • Jedi Auxiliaries were agents of the Jedi Order who, although Force-sensitive, did not meet the prerequisites to become inducted into the Order (either they were too old by the time of their discovery or had a family history of mental disorder). Most Jedi Auxiliaries operated as deputies to Jedi Sentinels or independent agents that operated as investigators. They were not permitted entry into any Jedi temple or enclave and were not granted access to any of the Jedi Order's many archives, though in exchange for their limited rights were allowed to resign from their position at any time they chose.
  • Inquisitorius was the Galactic Empire's main Force agency, and comprised of former Jedi or Dark Acolytes (as well as non-Force-sensitive soldiers augmented with artificial Force powers). Imperial Inquisitors hunted down Jedi that survived Order 66 as well as non-Jedi who had access to Force-related information and retrieved holocrons or other Force artifacts.
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