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long time ago in a galaxy far away... some powerful force users called starkillers were in un matchable power, and now alas a young Thirty six year old Galen Marek thinks hes the only starkiller there ever was hes about to find out why thats not true....


Dream sequenceEdit

heard the voice of the emperor" Lord Vader is a broken Shadow of his former self take his place at my side" and then hearing a not familiar voice "What is a Jedi what is a Sith i could come out of a fight with either still with my ship intact", Familiar Voice " A expectation to amount to greatness with a power that have a so great levels i'm glad severing you M-... a the voices faded as he felt himself drift in to sleep. "i have heard voices they were-" another voice came " i never wanted this for you i never wanted any of this for i'm sorry son" he gave a gasp a voice almost like his except with mechanical dialect to it "Jedi you will never escape me". he stood in the center of a room and saw 5 people looking at him asking for orders. He awoken to see Juno giving him a look wondering if he was OK handing him a energy bar he took it and ate it he hasn't eaten in days well how could he with what just happen on Kamino 2 days ago a person came over the comm saying " Dantooine base picking you up welcome General Kota Captain eclipse and Starkiller, please bring the Prisoner to processing....

Chapter oneEdit

Seeing Vader enter a arch way into a processing room made him feel good he could leave Dantooine and not be stalked by Vader or his forces, he met many rebel leaders and even met Luke skywalker and obi wan. he knew everything was okay and then the alarm sounded and a person in a black hood with a red light saber came in with 4 terror troopers and Boba Fett, Obi wan drew his lightsaber and fought Fett Luke reached for his father's blade and started fight as well the dark figure dueled the Starkiller and Kota , he cut off Kota's left hand Starkiller got really angry and start slice after the warrior and Kota tossed him his weapon he duel wielded them to fight Vader, Obi wan fought Boba Fett and the troopers and they were defeated the Hooded Figure drew out a probe Droid it found Vader gave him a new hand and a Lightsaber, Vader came Closer to Starkiller and obi-wan and Luke stepped saying take care care of him if we capture them both its a victory for us.....

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