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Force Legend I: The Trials of the Jedi is an upcoming fan fiction novel written by author Dalton Wylind. Developed from as early as 2008, it will be the first novel written in the Force Legend series, which is set toward the end of the Jedi Civil War in the Old Republic era, and follows young Jedi Knight Keese Somar on his unsanctioned mission to avenge the death of one of his companions at the hands of a fallen Jedi. The novel was previously published on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, although Wylind removed the incomplete novel in 2012 and began a major rewrite in 2013. Currently, no release date has been set for the novel.

Opening crawl

Force Legend I:
The Trials of the Jedi
Four thousand years before the rise of the
Empire, the GALACTIC REPUBLIC continues
its devastating war against the
gruesome SITH EMPIRE in a desperate
attempt for galactic dominance. Assisting
the Republic, the tattered JEDI ORDER is
struggling to combat the evil forces of
the dark side.

In a daring attempt to deceive the Sith,
the Republic launches a desperate invasion
of the Sith-occupied planet of Ronen in hopes
of drawing the bulk of the Sith armada away
from the distant Star Forge, the secret weapon
of the Dark Lord Malak, and leave it vulnerable
to a final attack.

With fire still in the skies and devastation
lingering in the air, young Jedi Knight
KEESE SOMAR awakens in a hidden Republic
base on the war-torn world of Ronen after
an unimaginable betrayal....

Behind the scenes


Development of the Force Legend series began as early as 2008,[1] with the original title being Force Legend I: Investigations. Release of the novel's original draft began in December 2008 and was cancelled in February the following year but was abandoned in favor of a second draft, which was subtitled Convictions and differed greatly in terms of story and characters. The second draft saw a much more positive reception than the first, which had been panned by reviewers for its lack of coherence, grammatical errors, and other issues pertaining to writing quality.[2] While writing Convictions, author Dalton Wylind penned several short stories also set within the Force Legend universe, and developed a story arc consisting of five novels and more than a dozen short stories. Despite the more positive reviews, Wylind remained largely unsatisfied with the story and, after releasing several chapters, scrapped and removed the entire series on September 22, 2012. Although he planned to quickly replace the novel with an improved third draft, he instead went ahead with canceling the series in its entirety and began working on other projects, claiming loss of interest.[1]

An announcement of the third and final version of the novel first came on July 18, 2013 in a post from Wylind's official blog on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. In the post, Wylind stated that development on the novel's third draft had begun several weeks prior and that an overall story arc had already been conceived, with the writing of the first novel well underway.[1] The "opening crawl" of the novel was revealed on March 23, 2014.[3] The subtitle The Trials of the Jedi was unveiled on January 1, 2020.[4]

Notes and references

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