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Force Exile V: Warrior is the fifth novel of the Force Exile Series and the seventh overall Force Exile work written by Atarumaster88. It is set during an era of galactic tumult and details the continuing story of Selusda Kraen and the Force exiles on Yanibar.


Welcome, my friend, to a galaxy far, far away. Enter the realm of Jedi and bounty hunters, soldiers and droids, rulers and beggars, alien and human. From Stackpole’s Corellians to Traviss's Mandalorians, come to a universe with the exotica of Zahn, the wit of Allston, the grimness of Stover, the daring of Ostrander, the imagery of Luceno, the detail of Wallace, and most importantly, the vision of George Lucas, to whom we owe it all. And if you listen close enough, you’ll hear the sweet sounds of John Williams’ score in the background. Welcome to Star Wars.

Author's summary

In the darkest hours of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Force exiles of Yanibar must walk a fine line between intervening to help in the war effort and risking discovery by a foe virulently opposed to all Force-users and technology. Ryion Kraen, the son of Selu and Milya Kraen, serves on the front line of the Force exiles' covert opposition, but he and his team have no idea of the cost of their struggle. While members of the Yanibar refuge wrestle with their role in the greater galactic conflict, Selu and Cassi must seek out strange and unforeseen alliances if they hope to create a better future. Time is of the essence for the Yanibar Guard will soon find itself confronted with mysterious visions, betrayal, leading up to a titanic clash against an implacable foe on an alien world that will threaten the very existence of Yanibar itself.


Ryion woke with a start, the sheets falling away from his bare chest as he sat up quickly. His eyes darted around the room, seeking out the disturbance that had interrupted his rest. Then he saw her, the same ghostly blue outline of a woman that he’d seen many times over the last few weeks, in his dreams, sometimes waking him up, sometimes even when he was awake. Just as before, she was dressed like a Jedi, her dark hair in braided loops around her head. She turned and looked at him with a serene expression, then started to walk off.

Immediately, Ryion got out of bed, trying to reach out to her with his mental senses. He wasn’t exactly sure why the apparition had visited him, but her repeated appearances had only stiffened his resolve to decipher her identity and purpose. The woman paid him no heed, but simply kept walking away.

Ryion swept up a cloak from the dresser, threw it over his shoulders and followed her out from his apartment. She led away from his quad of apartments in the Jedi enclave, across the courtyard and away onto one of the winding paths intertwined throughout the vicinity. He followed her for nearly a quarter kilometer, seeing no one else, down to a secluded circular garden marked by a ring of stones and shrubberies surrounding a small bubbling pool. The moons’ light shone off the stones, illuminating the circle with an eerie glow and casting silver sparkles on the water. Ryion was unsure if the woman would vanish, as she often did, but she finally stopped to float by the edge of the pool, her head down as if gazing into its depths.

“Who are you?” he asked as he too came to a stop a few meters away from her.

She turned back to look at him mournfully.

“I am She Who Damned Herself,” she told him.

Dramatis personae

New Republic

Yanibar Guard

Yanibar residents

Yuuzhan Vong



Plot summary

Following the fall of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong in 27 ABY, New Republic officers Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu decide to reclaim Borleias and defend it while the New Republic regroups. On Socorro, a team of young Yanibar Elite Guardians, Ryion Kraen, Qedai Sherum, Zeyn Kraen, and Ariada Cerulaen, eliminates a collaborationist Peace Brigade cell working with the Yuuzhan Vong to subvert the planetary government. Meanwhile on Ord Pardron, Cassi Trealus Kraen is coordinating efforts at a refugee camp when she experiences a vision of Yanibar's destruction.

When the Elite Guardians return home, they discuss the role of the Yanibar Guard in the war, but while Ariada vocally supports escalation against the Yuuzhan Vong, she is overruled by Ryion's father, Selu Kraen, who along with the rest of the Governing Council has no desire for open conflict. Ryion attempts to assuage Ariada, with whom he is romantically involved, and tells her of a new mission to stop a Dark Jedi. They journey to Naboo and deal with a Gotal Dark Jedi, whose files are extracted for analysis and whose last words reveal the existence of other Dark Jedi to Ariada.

On Chalacta, a volunteer force led by Hobbie Klivian and Anja Gallandro extracts several thousand Chalactans from the Yuuzhan Vong-held world, including the viceroy and his daughter Shara. Their desperate flight leads them to Rishi, where the governor welcomes the refugees hospitably. In response, Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Tsavong Lah dispatches one of his commanders, Tsaruuk, to hunt down the refugees.

In space, a freighter piloted by Jasika Kraen Knrr and carrying two longtime allies of Yanibar, Jorge and Annita Knrr, is caught by Yuuzhan Vong ships. Jasika flees, but the Yuuzhan Vong follow and board her ship. Jorge and Annita are severely injured in her defense, while Jasika is harshly interrogated. A nearby Yanibar Guard ship rescues them, but the near-death experience incites Jasika to join the Yanibar Guard without the approval of her husband Bryndar, a Yanibar Guard commando who has just survived a harrowing mission of his own. The decision puts a rift into their marriage.

On Yanibar, Ariada is frustrated at not being allowed to access the Dark Jedi’s computer files, which contain Sith weapons that could be used against the Yuuzhan Vong. Ryion attempts to mollify her, but is distracted by the Force ghost of a Chalactan Jedi Master, Depa Billaba. Ariada eventually breaks into a data center and accesses the files. Ryion notices her missing and reports her absence, which leads to a confrontation between Ariada and the leader of Yanibar’s Elite Guardians, Morgedh clan Kel’nerh. Morgedh defeats her and she is stripped of her rank and imprisoned in a special facility for Force users in Yanibar’s polar regions. Ryion is grief-stricken by her actions and his hurt is compounded when Ariada breaks up with him after her sentencing.

Ryion’s parents help him with his grief, and the ghost of Depa Billaba beseeches him to help her people. Learning of the plight of the Chalactan refugees on Rishi, Ryion takes the remainder of his team and Morgedh to Rishi to investigate. While incognito, he meets the Chalactan viceroy and Shara as well as Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn and intelligence agent Jan Ors. He is also visited by Depa Billaba’s apparition again, who begins teaching him the lost lightsaber form of Vaapad.

For her part, Cassi Trealus Kraen is on Ord Pardron helping at a refugee camp when she begins to receive disturbing visions of a strange man and the devastation of Yanibar. Shortly thereafter, she is approached by the man from her visions, a Shaper of Kro Var named Mithunir, who asks for help in searching for a lost planet. Busy with her work, she rebuffs his attention, but the refugee camp is found and attacked by ships under the command of Yiu Shac, Tsaruuk’s wife. Mithunir and her droid J7-A0 help Cassi escape, but many of the refugees are killed or taken prisoner. In response to their distress call, Selu leads a large portion of the Yanibar Guard fleet to Ord Pardron. Among the fleet is Jasika, who was recently accepted into the elite Paladin Squadron. They arrive at Ord Pardron and defeat the small Yuuzhan Vong force there. Cassi and Mithunir are rescued, and Cassi agrees to go with him to seek out the legendary planet he has been searching for. Milya, Jorge, and Annita also join the expedition.

Ryion discovers a Yuuzhan Vong kidnapping attempt aimed at Shara and intervenes, but is severely injured. Shara has him conveyed to the governor’s palace for medical treatment. While the Yanibar Guard fleet and many Force-users are away, Ariada escapes her prison, fleeing in a bomber she had pre-positioned. Having learned of the Chalactan refugees’ location, Tsaruuk sends a small force ahead to Rishi while the bulk of his fleet journeys to Ord Pardron, but Selu has sent the rescue force to Rishi already after hearing of Ryion’s predicament while he returned to Yanibar to start the hunt for Ariada.

While Ryion convalesces, Shara shields him from inquiries, but privately pleads him to help her people after the Yanibar Guard force smashes through the Yuuzhan Vong cordon in order to extract him and his team. Tsaruuk recovers Yiu Shac from Ord Pardron and takes his full force towards Rishi. Having spotted Cassi and her expedition leaving, Yiu Shac takes a smaller ship and follows them, hoping Cassi will lead her back to the refuge of the Force-users.

Upon his return, Selu consults with the Governing Council. The security risk Ariada poses to Yanibar cause Selu to narrowly win approval to fight the Jedi-hating Yuuzhan Vong in force over Rishi in order to weaken them with a new weapon developed by Sarth before they can attack Yanibar. He takes the majority of the Yanibar Guard Fleet to Rishi, arriving just in time to save the rescue force from utter annihilation by Tsaruuk. Commander Tsaruuk narrowly escapes the inadvertent ambush, leaving the two forces at approximate parity in space after the New Republic volunteers aid the Yanibar Guard. On the ground, Kyle Katarn and the Yanibar Guard team hold off the Yuuzhan Vong until Yanibar Guard reinforcements arrive. In the ensuing fight, Qedai’s mother Daara is slain. Along with the relief force from Yanibar are a number of medical volunteers, including Akleyn Kraen, the embittered son of Sarth and Cassi Kraen. The Yanibar Guard, New Republic volunteers, and local defense forces quickly forge a hasty alliance to defend the world against Tsaruuk, and Selu persuades Hobbie to obtain tactical data from Wedge Antilles on Borleias, despite an unpleasant history between the Yanibar Guard and Antilles.

Cassi’s expedition leads them to Socorro, where Jorge tells them of a desert phenomenon called min min lights, which they discover to be a manifestation of subterranean Force-powered crystals. Investigating leads them into a perilous underground trek that reveals the path to the legendary world of Atlaradis. Following the course through a remote system originally discovered by Sarth’s and Selu’s parents, they find Atlaradis deep in the Unknown Regions, almost inaccessible.

Meanwhile, Ariada locates the other Dark Jedi mentioned, and they torture her to determine her veracity. Having won some trust with her endurance, she is ordered to compromise the Yanibar refuge as a show of loyalty. She takes them to the ancient Force nexus of Revan’s Tower, where Sarth and the newly-repaired J7-A0 are setting up a defensive network. J7 strands himself on the remote world in a sacrificial effort that allows Sarth to escape and cuts off the nexus so the Dark Jedi cannot use it. The Dark Jedi then command Ariada to conceal their ship with the Force and take them to Yanibar.

The Yuuzhan Vong threaten a nearby town and the Yanibar Guard evacuate its populace, but dozens of soldiers are taken prisoner and brought to Tsaruuk. Akleyn helps treat the wounded, but Anja Gallandro confronts him over his emotional wounds. Anja and Akleyn also stop a despondent Qedai from killing herself and in doing so Akleyn recognizes his own catatonic emotional state.

Cassi, Milya, Jorge, Annita, and Mithunir reach a space station over Atlaradis and are greeted by its kindly caretakers. However, Yiu Shac and her group of warriors attack, slaying Mithunir and severely injuring Jorge and Annita before the Yuuzhan Vong are all killed. Cassi and Milya visit Atlaradis and find both a paradise world and a very strong nexus in the Force, to the point where they can communicate with the dead. With a limited window before the hyperroute closes, Cassi and Milya return to Yanibar while Jorge and Annita recover, knowing it will be another ten years before anyone can arrive at the planet.

Feeling responsible for the prisoners, Ryion and Zeyn board Tsaruuk’s flagship on an unauthorized mission even as the two fleets clash in space and the Yuuzhan Vong attack on the ground. The Yanibar Guard splits the Yuuzhan Vong fleet and defeats it, but the Yuuzhan Vong overrun a refugee camp and threaten to wipe out the Yanibar Guard Army and their allies. Jasika is shot down, but is rescued by Bryndar and other Yanibar Guard units. The near-death experience rekindles their love for each other.

Ryion and Zeyn fight through to reach the prisoners, but Tsaruuk traps them. Only the surprise intervention of Kyle Katarn, who had sneaked aboard with them with Selu’s approval, saves them. Ryion confronts Tsaruuk as the Yanibar Guard and Yuuzhan Vong threaten to wipe each other out—the Yanibar Guard victorious in space, but losing on the ground. Tsaruuk also refuses to give up the prisoners, preferring to kill them and the intruders. Ryion negotiates a truce with Tsaruuk, which the Yuuzhan Vong honors even after learning of Yiu Shac’s death. The Yuuzhan Vong then withdraw from Rishi, having killed many of the Chalactans they were chasing.

Ariada brings the Dark Jedi to Yanibar and they are detected by Morgedh clan Kel’nerh, who returned to hunt her. However, without Ariada’s knowledge, the Dark Jedi made an alliance with Tsaruuk and a Yuuzhan Vong ship drops a dovin basal on Yanibar to pull one of its moons onto a collision course. Morgedh kills two of the Dark Jedi, but before he can destroy their ship with himself on it, Ariada tells him of the Yuuzhan Vong threat, which distracts him and allows her and one other Dark Jedi to escape. Sarth and Morgedh find the dovin basal but Yanibar has only a decade before the moon’s altered orbit devastates it. The Yanibar Guard then withdraws from Rishi and many of the Chalactans go to Yanibar with them, including Shara, who has developed feelings for Ryion. Tsaruuk returns to occupied Coruscant, only to be executed for his disgrace and failure to completely conquer Rishi. The New Republic forces under Wedge Antilles have also cost the Yuuzhan Vong heavily in their defense of Borleias and the two costly battles help tilt the war against the alien invaders. With Yanibar doomed, the refuge begins preparation for evacuation even as the Governing Council forbids any more offworld activity. Meanwhile, Ariada plots her revenge.

Behind the scenes


Force Exile V: Warrior was released in February 2012 as the sixth entry in the Force Exile Series and the fifth with regards to in-universe chronology. At approximately 232,000 words, it is the longest of the Force Exile novels.[1] Warrior is the only novel to be set in the New Jedi Order era, decades after the original movie trilogy.

Force Exile V: Warrior was always intended to be a protracted war story set during the Yuuzhan Vong War, though its original iterations and concepts varied significantly from the written novel. The first incarnation of Force Exile featured the protagonist defending Chalacta and later wiping out a Yuuzhan Vong fleet, and the seeds of the former event formed the core of Warrior. In one early outline, Atarumaster88 planned to use an Imperial attack on Yanibar orchestrated by Admiral Daala as part of Colonel Cronus’ diversionary assaults in 12 ABY. The novel would begin on one of the Star Destroyers involved in the assault, and then show Milya being severely injured by the bombardment. A subsequent scene would flash forward to Ryion Kraen eliminating Daala. The re-introduction of Daala in the canonical Legacy of the Force novels, as well as the lack of significance of her inclusion to the overall Yuuzhan Vong War-focused plot led to the removal of that plot arc. This early outline also included Callista Ming, the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom treaty, and several time jumps. As the storyline was all but incoherent, large portions of it were discarded in favor of streamlining the novel around the involvement of the Yanibar Guard over Chalacta. Also, it was written prior to Force Exile I: Fugitive being finished and was mostly obsolete based on events during that and future works.

By the time Atarumaster88 had finished Force Exile IV: Guardian, he had developed a more coherent storyline, adding plot arcs for Cassi and Milya, while expanding on the idea of Ryion Kraen and his companions, particularly Ariada, as a result of Champion of Yanibar. While this draft featured heavier involvement of the Pathfinder pilots and their Avatar walkers, they were later reduced to a mere cameo in the novel and earned a separate short story, Blaze of Glory, as a spinoff to develop those characters. Another change was the addition of Bryndar and Jasika Knrr, as Atarumaster88 felt they had been under-used thus far. Finally, one last story arc was introduced to provide further exposition to Akleyn Kraen. While Atarumaster88 had originally intended for Akleyn to settle down with Callista Ming as a result of the short story Redemption’s Call, the post-hoc references to Callista’s death in the canonical Fate of the Jedi series led to an alteration of his story. Another shift sparked by canon was the release of The Essential Atlas showing that Chalacta had been under Yuuzhan Vong control in 27 ABY. This resulted in the shift of the main battle against the Yuuzhan Vong to Rishi. Finally, the second and third drafts of Force Exile V featured Selu confronting the character eventually known as Tsaruuk in a prolonged sequence that had them both stranded on a stricken Yuuzhan Vong ship, alternately debating, fighting each other, and struggling to survive. This outcome was ultimately rejected, as Atarumaster88 could not find a way to make the pacing work with the rest of the novel and wanted to put more attention on Ryion.

The fourth draft of Warrior was the ‘working’ draft and introduced concepts like the involvement of the Dark Jedi, the character of Yiu Shac, and all the changes that were made to the third draft. The character of Mithunir was also introduced as the catalyst for getting Cassi and Milya to search for Atlaradis. Numerous alterations were made to this draft during the writing process, but none that significantly affected the overall resolution of the novel. At one point, Atarumaster88 wrote considerably more about Selu and Milya’s thoughts on the mission to Myrkr described in Star by Star, but later excised it after realizing that it was extraneous and reflected too much of his own point of view. In addition, the last two segments were re-outlined shortly before being written in order to streamline the novel’s conclusion.

When writing Tsaruuk, Atarumaster88 set out to create a deeper, more involved antagonist than had been shown in previous Force Exile novels as well as in the New Jedi Order series, where most of the Yuuzhan Vong characters had very little depth. As such, it became necessary to include a romantic interest for him, as well as create some scenes for him to interact with other characters and reveal his character. Atarumaster88 was pleased when his beta-reader said he felt sad about how Tsaruuk's storyline was resolved. Writing Ariada proved to be difficult and several of her scenes had to be altered to reduce the graphic nature of the violence in them. Cassi and Milya at one point also had a scene written on Socorro where they helped some miners after a workplace accident, but it was cut after being deemed extraneous. Another facet of the story not determined until well into the writing process was whether or not both Daara and Qedai would perish. Ultimately, Atarumaster88 chose to keep Qedai alive for inclusion in Force Exile VI, as well as a possible love interest for Akleyn.

Force Exile V was first announced in July 2009 after the completion of Force Exile IV: Guardian. The novel’s details were slowly revealed on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki over the next year, with the first segment finished and posted in July 2010. As part of the promotional effort, Atarumaster88 created a video to advertise the novel and commissioned a teaser poster from Solus that was similar in style to promotional artwork for Halo: Reach with the tagline “The end of Yanibar begins 2010.” The novel was originally slated for a complete release before year’s end 2011 but the actual writing process was not finished until January 2012.


As is common in Force Exile stories, Atarumaster88 used a number of references to both canonical works and other media. Force Exile V drew heavily from the New Jedi Order series, particularly the novels Star by Star, Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream, and Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand. The inclusion of Wedge and Tycho was inspired by the latter two books and numerous references to the events in them are included in the novel. Some of the dialogue between Wedge and Tycho was inspired by conversations in the novels I, Jedi, Starfighters of Adumar, and Solo Command. Selu's first conversations with the Governing Council also heavily reference Star by Star. Hobbie's use of an X-wing on Yuuzhan Vong infantry was also a reference to Rebel Stand, while his bargaining with Selu mirrors similar comments made to Wedge Antilles in Rebel Dream. Shara's final words to Ryion before he attempted to board the Yuuzhan Vong ship are similar to the last words spoken by Tahiri Veila to Anakin Solo in Star by Star.

The description of sabacc in Chapter 4 drew heavily from the Adventures of Lando Calrissian and the Han Solo Trilogy. The exchange between Bryndar and Jasika where Bryndar asks if Jasika thinks he's a traitor to flying is a reference to a similar exchange between Wedge Antilles and Jaina Solo in Betrayal. Zeyn's alias of "Lord Morri" is a reference to a "Lady Morri" mentioned in Starfighters of Adumar. Jasika's dialogue of "They're not getting me without a fight" is a nod to Han Solo's remark in A New Hope, while Ryion's declaration "I am a Jedi, like my father before me," is nod to Luke Skywalker's identical statement in Return of the Jedi. Hobbie's remark about Rishi being sparsely populated echoes a similar line in The Phantom Menace. Depa Billaba's appearance and actions drew heavily from her last major canonical appearance, Shatterpoint, as is Ryion's comment to Tsaruuk about Vaapad. Tsaruuk's use of "We spring the trap" is a reference to an identical line uttered in Revenge of the Sith. Lumiya's use of Force projections in the Legacy of the Force series inspired Milya's use of a similar power.

Cassi's remark of "Then that is our fate" is also a nod to Revenge of the Sith, and Ariada's quick incapacitation of the two guards mirrors a similar action by Yoda in the same movie, as is the banter between Zeyn and Ryion while boarding Bloodthirster. Ariada's mocking of the Yanibar Guard also reflects a line spoken by Grand Moff Tarkin in A New Hope. Selu's and Milya's remarks about Ariada's escape being impossible, although she was trained to accomplish the impossible, are homage to similar lines spoken about grand admirals in The Last Command. Other repeated lines from canon are "The Force be with us" and "we're gonna need it." The latter line was spoken by Han Solo in A New Hope. The torture used on Ariada is a reference to a similar technique mentioned by Booster Terrik in I, Jedi. Tsaruuk also references Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones when he tells the Jalsinnare that he has fought bravely. Annita's call of "Punch it!" to Jorge recalls Han Solo's similar line in A New Hope, while the numerous mentions of "traps" are nods to the iconic line spoken by Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi.

Outside of canon, Wedge Antilles' line of "How did it come to this?" is a reference to a similar line spoken by Théoden in the film adaptation of The Two Towers. Mithunir's name is a portmanteau of the names "Mithranidir" and "Curunír" from the Lord of the Rings as well, while Tsaruuk's challenge to the Jalsinnare leader Staroth reflects similar words spoken by Gimli in The Two Towers. Morgedh's advice about the weaknesses of vonduun crab armor is both canonical and a reference to a line by Legolas also in The Two Towers.

Tsaruuk's sawing off of the Jalsinnare warrior's head is an effort also displayed in mechanical form by Optimus Prime in Transformers. Akleyn Kraen's character was heavily influenced by Dr. House from the medical drama House, along with some traits borrowed from Leroy Gibbs from NCIS. The character of the Minddrinker and the description of his predations also was inspired by characters in Christopher Nolan's Batman films. Commodore Arystek's encouragement of "Courage and Honor" is homage to the battlecry used in Gladiator. Zeyn's comment about Ryion using a "nifty trick" is similar to a line spoken by Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

The initial scene on Chalacta was also influenced by an opening cinematic for Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance. Hobbie's line of "They'll pay for that, too," is an homage to the Halo series, as is Milya's line at the end of the novel about reclaiming memory to receive truth and reconcilation. Mithunir's declaration of "This is the way your world ends" is also a reference to Halo, as is Ariada's comment about not making promises that have no hope of being kept. The computer announcing multiple hyperspace reversions was also inspired by a similar occurrence in Halo: Reach. Milya's statement that "memory is the key" is also a tie-in to the Halo machinima series Red vs Blue.

The Chalactan character names as well as their culture, drew heavily from Indian culture just as their canonical descriptions did. The "pannien" sandwiches that Zeyn and Ariada order on Naboo are closely-related to real-life panini sandwiches. The music played at the ball on Rishi was intended to sound similar to a composition by the group Break of Reality. Selu's authentication code of "Aurek-Mern Eighty-Eight" is a reference to the author's pseudonym, Atarumaster88, while the "grid 007, mark 6" is a nod to Star Wars Fanon user Jedi Master 76. Qedai's remark about how Psykith's security was 'amusing' and took under minutes to defeat is homage to Artemis Fowl II: The Arctic Incident. The description of Tsavong Lah staring at Tsaruuk with "unmitigated rancor" is a turn of speech also used in Much Ado About Nothing.

The planet name of Atlaradis is also a portmanteau of the words "paradise" and "Atlantis." The different scenes and clues found by Cassi, Milya, and Mithunir are representative of the four 'elements' of earth, air, fire, and water. The Hope Strike weapons were influenced by fuel-air bombs and other similar thermobaric weapons, including the Massive Ordnance Air Burst bomb employed by the United States Air Force, while her command to "not give up the ship" honors the last words of American naval Captain James Lawrence during the War of 1812. The name of the Needle's Eye space station over Atlaradis is a biblical allusion. When Yiu Shac attempts to kill Milya, her dialogue is similar to words spoken in a Western book called The Rawhiders.

Recognition and reception

Force Exile V: Warrior currently has no awards or featured work status.

Cover image

The cover for Warrior was designed by Solus using images provided by the author. The cover features, from left to right and from top to bottom, the characters Shara Berecca, Selusda Kraen, Ryion Kraen, and Bryndar Knrr.


This work aims to not conflict with canon, as established by Lucasfilm, Ltd. As with all Force Exile works, all terms copyrighted by Lucasfilm, Ltd. are their sole intellectual property, and the author does not seek to infringe on those copyrights. All comments should be left on the author's talk page or on the novel's talk page. Also, edits to the novel should be confined to spelling and grammar corrections. This work contains sci-fi action violence, mild profanity, some implied sexuality, and scenes that may not be appropriate for children. User discretion is advised.

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