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The Food and Spice Administration, abbreviated FSA, was a government-sponsored organization dedicated to regulating the quality and safety of foods and medicinal drugs, also known as spice, throughout the Galactic Republic. They were not restricted to enforcing laws exclusively to the food and spice sector; they also enforced sanitation requirements on interplanetary travel and control of disease on products ranging from certain household pets to sperm donation for assisted reproduction. This agency was run through the Republic Health Department. The organization was proposed and created by Magnum Rockwater in 27 BBY.


The FSA was an agency within the Galactic Republic Department of Health and Sentient Services responsible for protecting and promoting the galaxy's public health. The FSA was headquartered in Coruscant with 20,223 field offices supported by thirteen hundred laboratories located throughout the Republic's territories.

The Office of Regulatory Affairs, ORA, was considered the "eyes and ears" of the agency, conducting the vast majority of the field work for the agency. Consumer Safety Officers, more commonly called Investigators, were the individuals who inspected production and warehousing facilities, investigated complaints, illnesses, or outbreaks, and reviewed documentation in the case of medical devices, spice, biological products, and other items where it may have been difficult to conduct a physical examination or take a physical sample of the product. The Office of Regulatory Affairs was divided into five regions, which were further divided into thirteen sectors. Sectors were based roughly on the cosmographic divisions of the Judicial System. Each sector comprised a main office, and a number of Resident Posts, which were FSA offices located away from the sector office to serve a particular area. ORA also included the Agency's network of laboratories, which analyzed any physical samples taken. Though samples were usually food-related, some laboratories were equipped to analyze spice, cosmetics, and radiation-emitting devices.

The Office of Criminal Investigations was established one year later in 26 BBY to investigate criminal cases. Unlike ORA Investigators, OCI Special Agents were armed, and were not focused on the technical aspects of the regulated industries. OCI agents pursued and developd cases where criminal actions had occurred, such as fraudulent claims, or knowingly and willfully shipping known adulterated goods in intergalactic commerce. OCI often worked closely with the Republic Defense Space Force do to their sometimes overlapping duties and jurisdictions. In many cases, OCI pursued cases where major violations occurred (e.g. conspiracy, false statements, wire fraud, holo fraud). OCI Special Agents were often recruited from other criminal investigations backgrounds. They worked closely with Republic Intelligence, Republic Assistant Attorney Generals, and especially the RDSF. OCI received cases from a variety of sources: including ORA, local agencies and Republic Intelligence. They collaborated with mainline ORA investigators to develop the technical and science-based aspects of a case. OCI was a smaller branch, comprising of about thirty-five thousand agents galactically.

The FSA frequently worked in conjunction with other federal agencies including the Department of Galactic Agriculture, RDSF, Customs and Orbit Protection, and Consumer Product Safety Commission. Frequently local sector and planetary government agencies worked in cooperation with the FSA to provide regulatory inspections and enforcement action.

Scope and funding

The FSA regulated more than one quintillion credits worth of consumer goods, about 25% of consumer expenditures in the Republic. This included 466 quadrillion in food sales, 275 quadrillion in spice, sixty quadrillion in cosmetics and eighteen quadrillion in vitamin supplements. Much of the expenditures were for goods imported into the Republic from outside markets in the Outer Rim and near the Rishi Maze; the FSA was responsible for monitoring a third of all imports.

When the bill was passed by Chancellor Orasco, the FSA was funded by the government with around 330 quadrillion credits the Republic instituted an increase of funding by 12.5% annually to cope with the increasing size of the population and consumer production/needs.


Senate Bill

The FSA was first put to flimsi and proposed by then-Senator Magnum Rockwater in 27 BBY to help combat the growing smuggling and piracy problems on Coruscant and many other Republic systems. This was the second organization to be proposed that year; along with the—already created by the bill's proposal—Republic Defense Space Force which was a more active and militant form of the FSA.

The bill passed by an underwhelming majority of 52% because of the possible corruption in the Senate that had a hand in the smuggling/spice trade. Several Senators said it was a show of Magnum Rockwater's influence on the Senate that it even passed.


The Organization was given 330 quadrillion credits to build its foundations with. The FSA built its Headquarters near its superior department, the Department of Health, and hired 35,000 agents to investigate and regulate food and spice products. Due to rampant violations and major problems, the FSA established the Office of Criminal Investigations to assist the stretched RDSF forces in apprehending criminals and seizing illegal spice and food. Arrests and shut down operations improved by better then 200% the following year.

Funding went up by twelve and a half percent, what would become an annual trend, and costs went down by three percent that same year. Smuggling and spice-related crimes decreased by two-thirds thanks to the efforts of the RDSF and FSA.


The FSA was dissolved, along with many other Republic bills and organizations, when the Human Imperium took control of the majority of the known galaxy. The ruler later said that he disbanded the FSA to promote vice and corruption against many of the possible threats to his regime in the galaxy. It also prevented aware and powerful beings from taking any action and kept the general public ignorant of his actions and laws. It was meant to keep the "galaxy under his control and under his will."

Behind the scenes

The Food and Spice Administration was directly influenced and based on the United States's own food and drug regulation organization, the Food and Drug Administration, abbreviated FDA for short. Food and Spice Administration was runner-up for "Best Organization" in the Seventh Wiki Awards.

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