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Foerost... closest to Coruscant and my military's fortress world. It will be the place where most of my armies and fleets will be produced at. Weapons, equipment, armour, drones, droids, androids, walkers, vehicles, aircraft, starfighters, freighters, transports, starships, and warships. Protected by the largest fleet and army Angel could assemble, Foerost will be un-penetrable.
—Written sentence about Foerost[src]

Foerost was a planet located in the Core Worlds just south of Coruscant, and north of Ruan.[1] Originally the oldest and largest shipyards of the Old Republic, Sith Empire, Techno Union, and Confederacy of Independent Systems, Foerost was used as a starship and warship production planet for these governments and organizations.[1]

By the time of the Old Empire, Foerost was abandoned and the shipyards were still in use but by no government.[1] However, after the formation of the Galactic Eclipse Empire in 4 ABY, the planet was used as a military fortress world by 7 ABY, using its surface to construct the many war machines of the New Empire as well as its orbital shipyards for its massive amount of warship constructions.[1]

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