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This article is about the spy organization. You may be looking for the space station of the same name.

The Flying Eyeballs was a little "informant" organization, a mini spy network gathering intel and relaying it to Republic officials. They worked closely with the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service during the Clone Wars. They were not an organization set up for combat, but they could assist in emergency evacuations and medical needs.

Their uniforms, insignia, and even their droids wore orange. The color orange was a symbol of the Flying Eyeballs. The organization's logo was a "winged eyeball", which was orange, white, and sometimes black.


It was originally formed in 32 BBY to help track down information regarding the possible reemergence of the Sith because of the sudden appearance of Darth Maul. It was formed by Chalyssa Sev'ven and Muc'cib Etan and approved by the Senate. Though the name sounded somewhat ridiculous to some in the Senate, it was fitting, considering they spied and observed many things (eyeball) mostly from their mobile space station (flying). So "Flying" "Eyeballs" seemed to be a good name for it.

A decade later, during the Clone Wars, the organization provided intel on not only the Sith, but the Separatists as well. An organization like that came in quite handy for the Republic in the time of war. The Eyeballs assisted MI5 on the mission to Nadiem a few months after the Battle of Geonosis.

Known members

Behind the scenes

The Flying Eyeballs organization was actually named after a team in an amateur ice hockey league in California, USA. Creator Dubya Scott is a former member of that team and won a championship with them in the Fall of 2010. (See also: User:Dubya Scott/Hockey)


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